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Number the Stars

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message 1: by Denise (last edited Aug 25, 2016 02:12PM) (new)

Denise | 2 comments I was amazed these past 2 weeks listening to my 11 year old praise this book while reading it. He has been a big HP fan for the past year, prior to that not much of a reader at all. Now that he had read a few HP, I was wondering if we would find another type of book that might spur him. He went on and on everyday for those two weeks about how Number the Stars was the best book he has ever read. Thanks Ms. Lowry!

message 2: by Leslie (new)

Leslie You might try books by the author, Gloria Whelan. She has a little series following a family from their involvement with the Tsar in Russia to living through the fall of Communism. There are four books in this series. She also has some other books that were interesting.

message 3: by Debbie (new)

Debbie | 1 comments Number the Stars was the first real introduction for my children, to the horrors of Nazi Germany and, in a broader sense, the evils of discrimination. It spawned a burning interest in all things WWII in 2 of my kids. Read it with your child and watch their eyes open!

message 4: by Sierra (new)

Sierra | 2 comments I read constantly so don't worry about me. Whose ever read 'Cheat the Moon'? That book made me bawl like a newborn baby.

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