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Courtney (bookedwithcourt) So..if your completely bored(like me) You can post book covers and quotes on here...blah.
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Eva (eva-la) | 57 comments Mod
i like th identical one

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is anyone gonna put tricks?

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Eva (eva-la) | 57 comments Mod
uh i guess

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Courtney (bookedwithcourt) IDK maybe when I feel like it..someday..far away..or you could post it..

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i don't kno how

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Eva (eva-la) | 57 comments Mod
i think some one already did;P

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Diana  (higura_natume) | 34 comments the quote that stuck with me was from identical:

"Little eyes that never saw the light
Little eyes that stalk me through the night"

creepy, but it stuck cuz it rhymed :)

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Eva (eva-la) | 57 comments Mod
(yes- i got that from archie comics)

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