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Abbey This book is awsome. A princess kisses a frog, and she turns into a frog. She goes on a long journey to find a witch who will turn her back into a princess.

noodles I love this book, it's such a cute and funny story. My favorite character is Fang, he's such a gentleman!

Michelle Randall My daughter picked up this book at the library, and she was 9 at the time. Each night before bed I would read two or three chapters aloud. She loved it! I enjoyed it even! We have since read the whole series, except for the last book, "A Prince Among Frogs" because the library has not yet gotten a copy.

It was alot of fun to read to my girls, my 7 year old ended up listening too, and the nightly reading i just something we have done for years with the kids.

Rebecca I read the whole serries. My favorite character was fang too, she should have put him in more books. By the way if you're daughter liked these she'd probably like dragon slippers by jessica day goerge.:)

Michelle Randall I'll have to look into that series.

Right now she is reading something called "The Dragon that Never Was", it's the second book, but she is reading it on her own because I didn't like the first book and just couldn't stand reading it.

I love to find things we both like so we can spend that time together.

Becky I read the first 4 books - got them out of the library. They were really good. But the library doesn't have any of the others so I can't get the rest of them. Are they worth reading? If so I may try to buy copies. Any idea where i can get them cheap?

Michelle Randall My daughter loved them, and since I read them with her, even I loved them. It was really good.

If you are looking for the res of the series, I would check the swap on here, there is also or ebay, also half-priced books, or if you have a local used book sore in your town would be a great place to find copies.

Becky Kl thanks, I can't do the swap on here as I live in UK.
Will try to track them down somewhere. :D

message 9: by SP (new) - rated it 5 stars

SP I LOVE THIS BOOKS! my fave character is... umm... thats hard!!!!! there are lots of very good characters in this book. i'd probably have to pick Emma only because she's the main character and the story is mostly about her.

message 10: by Suki (new) - rated it 3 stars

Suki its a really nice story. some different but familiar at the same time.

Emily Colby I liked the early books better than the later ones.

And Rebecca, I love Dragon Slippers! It's fantastic!

Courtney So apparently (I think I read it in the end credits) Disney based a little of their Princess & the Frog movie on this.
I remember going "Huh, that book sounds familiar... Oh yeah, that one!" :)

johanna Emily wrote: "I liked the early books better than the later ones.

And Rebecca, I love Dragon Slippers! It's fantastic!"

Same here ^-^

Cally Emily wrote: "I liked the early books better than the later ones.

And Rebecca, I love Dragon Slippers! It's fantastic!"

Awesome series. The first book was the best, Luka rocks!

message 15: by Agnes (new)

Agnes I have not read these books but i think they would be great and am definitely going to read. However, are they fit for the little ones - about 7yrs? Coz i read about cases of bestiality!

Michelle Randall They are written for kids. Sorta like fairy tales. They are a form of fairy tales because there is a meaning in the story. My daughter got these from her school library.

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