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message 1: by Tyler (new)

Tyler | 21 comments Mod
Mistborn: The Final Empire

The book of the month for January 09 is Mistborn: The final empire. This is the first in the Mistborn series written by Brandon Sanderson, a young novelist who's first book, Elantris, won critical acclaim.

Sanderson was selected by the wife of the late James Rigney (a.k.a. Robert Jordan) to complete the 12th and last book in the Wheel of Time series, [i:]A Memory of Light.[/i:] Mrs. Rigney stated that the Mistborn series inspired her to hire Sanderson to complete what has arguably been referred to as the greatest work of Fantasy since Tolkien's the Lord of the Rings.

As I'm a little late getting this out this month, we'll have to grab it and read fast. Next month, Colleen will be in charge of making a suggestion and selecting the Book of the Month.

Discuss your thoughts about the book and related subjects below!

message 2: by Corvidae (new)

Corvidae | 15 comments Just got it, started barreling through it. Easy, smooth prose, clear action, interesting characters, kind of took me a while to get into the plot but im slowly getting more intrigued.

message 3: by Corvidae (new)

Corvidae | 15 comments Wow, so, my momentum on the book increased exponentially after I posted that. I actually was up until 3 am last night finishing it. I haven't done that with a book in a very long time. XD Everyone else finish so we can discuss?

On that note, HOW are we gonna discuss? Maybe we should plan a night on Vent. Maybe we can even make a raid-night out of it, like we used to do Comedy Kara. It could be Book Club Naxx.

Which means i should get to 80.... >.>

message 4: by Askavi (new)

Askavi (courtney47) | 21 comments As much as I'd like to have Naxx *anything*, not everyone would be able to participate in a book discussion while raiding. =(

message 5: by Tyler (new)

Tyler | 21 comments Mod
Feel free to post up here. I won't be finished until the end of the month, but once I am finished I planned on discussing here on this thread . . . but an evening on vent would work too!

message 6: by Irie (new)

Irie (irie_k) | 8 comments I'd be up for an evening in vent. The plot just got moving, so yeah. =))

message 7: by Darsinus (new)

Darsinus | 1 comments Got it last week, and finished it today...lemme know where we're gonna meet!

message 8: by Irie (new)

Irie (irie_k) | 8 comments Just finished it. I'll admit, I cried. Can't wait to discuss it w/ ya'll!

message 9: by Askavi (new)

Askavi (courtney47) | 21 comments Wow, there've only ever been 2-3 books that made me cry. I'm even more curious now! Must... get... books!

message 10: by Irie (new)

Irie (irie_k) | 8 comments Haha, don't take me as a marker...I cry a lot during books...everything from Where the Red Fern Grows to the Amber Spyglass. ^.^

message 11: by Tyler (new)

Tyler | 21 comments Mod
A discussion time on vent is incoming this week . . .

message 12: by Corvidae (new)

Corvidae | 15 comments Omg i SOBBED at the end of the His Dark Materials trilogy. It moved me like books did when I was a kid, and I read it when I was 21.

message 13: by Irie (new)

Irie (irie_k) | 8 comments Do we have a fixed time yet? ^.^

message 14: by Katyana (new)

Katyana | 6 comments Well, it took forever to arrive via Amazon... I don't know if they were back-ordered or what. But I just finished crying my way through the ending.

WTB non-crying books. I feel trapped in a chain of books with all my favorite characters dying lately ...

message 15: by Askavi (new)

Askavi (courtney47) | 21 comments Good shit. Didn't cry, but a very satisfying story. Wrote more in my review. Were we going to discuss the story sometime, or wait a bit more? Or did the discussion already happen?

Maybe in the future we could just have two threads on this website for the book of the month to clear up problems of trying to organize a discussion time: one for people who haven't read it/are reading it (with no plot spoilers) and then one for people who've already read the book - which could maybe just be started at the end of the month when the most people will have likely read it.

message 16: by Tyler (new)

Tyler | 21 comments Mod
Yes, I like your idea Askavi. It's been hard for me to find time to discuss, so I think a forum discussion would be great. I'll set something up.

message 17: by Askavi (new)

Askavi (courtney47) | 21 comments So Andrew and I decided that the Lord Ruler must live in Baltimore. He's pretty sure he saw a Soothing station on the way back into the city last night.

message 18: by Knecht (new)

Knecht | 3 comments If the Lord Ruler lives in Baltimore, then the atium mines must be located somewhere near Bethesda...

...ZOMG!!! RO1 research grants = atium!!! I need to get my labmate to break into my PI's office, eat the contents of the drawer labeled "Grants," and tell me when I'll be able to graduate!

message 19: by Askavi (new)

Askavi (courtney47) | 21 comments ROFL Knecht.

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