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kite Runner.

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Maria | 4 comments 1. How did Baba try to redeemed himself?
Baba tried to redeem himself on his failure of denying his son in many ways.
Firstly his built an orphanage in Kabul, and he helps the people who were less fortunate. Stood up to a Russian soldier for a woman he never knew. Also he treats Hassan fairly as he did to Amir.
2. How sanuabar accepted her bad ways and tried to redeem himself.
Sanuabar accepted her bad ways by coming to see Hassan even though she was badly injured. She redeems herself by taking care of Sohrab and having a good relation with Hassan.
2. How Amir begins his catharsis towards redemption.
Amir began to redeem himself by asking Hassan to hit him with the pomegranate will he was hit Hassan with some.
3. How religion played a role in the aspect of Amir’s redemption.
Religion played a role in Amir’s redemption because told his God what he had done and begs for Sohrab’s life.

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Maria | 4 comments A POEM OF MYSELF

I celebrate myself, I sing myself
I move seeing the perfection of God
Understanding the equality of nature

I walk admiring the beauty of nature
Listening to Mother Nature’s cry for equality

Dancing through the roses and daisies
Breathing the fresh scent of equality

Not knowing how it smells
But feeling it in me, igniting a sense of love in me
Knowing that from soil we came and so we shall go

I walk, cry, laugh, rejoice, and become sorrowfull and say
“What is the difference between me and a child?”

Once I asked myself walking down the street
“What is life and the essence of life?”

Some say Life is when you have a good time
But I don’t believe so
Take a walk around the world
Explore cultures and religions and you’ll know the meaning of Life.

Isolate yourself and listen to the voice in you
Listen to the voice of nature
And you will understand my fantasy.

I celebrate myself, I sing myself
Learning from my flaws and knowing I have achieved something

And you’ll understand the essence of Life
Open your mind and go wild
Then you’ll learn the respect of nature

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