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Chloe (Girl In The Woods Reviews) | 2 comments So we can write anything we want? Ok then :)

Title: Between The Cracks
Genre: Non-fiction

Have you ever felt lost? I mean, so lost that you can't even find yourself. That you can't even do anything because when your heart's been torn out of your chest, being so viciously broken and threaded on?

Well, that's how I feel.

Right now, my brain is shutting down.
Right now, my heart is dying.
Right now, my lungs are sucked up.
Right now, my humanity is being torn away.

I don't know how to explain it, but one day you'll all feel it. You'll feel my pain. You'll feel my loss. You'll all feel how I felt. Right now. The days I've cried myself to sleep, is perhaps the only thing I can do. My heart's nowhere. It's gone. I tell myself time will heal. But I've been telling myself lies. Feeding myself with nonsense of some hope that I, myself couldn't even bring me to remember how to feel happy. Just a tiny smile would evaporate because I knew at the end of the day, nothing will change that fateful day when I killed my own brother.

That stupid day.

I remembered those days so vivid. So alive. I tell myself once you get over this grief, you'll forget that it ever happen. But how can I? When I was the one who caused my brother his accident. The car crash that ended his life. I see myself in mirrors. It's horrible. I'm a mess that no one can clean up. Not even someone who loves you.

Well, it doesn't matter because he broke up with me.

I gave my heart to him. He gave his. But he broke it and when I needed him the most he lashed out at me and told me to get away from him, to leave him alone, to stay away from him. I was so hurt. My eyes had watered all the way to my chin and now, I regret. I regret that I ignored him.

Mum and Dad have been avoiding me. They sent me away from here. From my home. I saw their faces on the last day. The faces had grief, sadness and loss but none spoke the truth that could register on both faces. I left them. I forgot about people and they forgot about me.

Now, I've come back. I've come back from the MPH. MPH stands for Mental People Hospital. It's a joke. Everyone looks at you, like you're some psycho guy that can't even stand on his own two feet.

But when they look at me, they see a killer.

A sad killer that can't pick up her own mistakes. But I avoid the looks of hostility and sometimes when I see those flashes of the accident. I cry and then I would just swallow and leave the rest of tears for tomorrow.

Like I said before nothing can change the day, I killed my brother.


Pls check the rest out :)

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Anthony Jr. (anthonymbriggsjr) | 42 comments The Chance of a Lifetime
by Anthony Briggs

(This is the story of what happened after Tom Hanks followed the mermaid into the sea at the end of the movie Splash.)

It was a spur of the moment decision, one of the worst kinds. Also based largely on mushy feelings, another strike against it. Big decisions based on mushy feelings rarely pan out well. And this turned out to be the biggest decision of his life.

That day Dr. Edison, filled with regret for exposing Madison to the world as a mermaid, had helped Mark break Madison out of the lab. They had to – she was dying in the lab from sorrow and lack of salt, among other things. Down to the beach they rushed, with a small army of military jeeps and humvees in tow chasing after them. Madison was groggily coming around and the smell of the ocean snapped her back to life.

“Mark,” she said. “Do you want to come with me?”

Madison was beautiful, the most gorgeous woman Mark had ever seen. He’d spent the last three weeks rediscovering the world with her as she showed child-like fascination over everything.

Plus she was hot. And liked to go around topless. Mark didn’t have much success with the other surface ladies, much less the hot ones. He’d never seen one topless before, not in real life anyway.

His heart was pounding. The army was arriving at the beach, shouting and spreading out. Nothing else mattered at that moment.

“Yes!” he cried.

“Mark, if you come with me, you can never go back.”

Dr. Edison looked alarmed and glanced quickly back and forth between them.

Now, in retrospect, that should’ve been a deal breaker right there. Never? But his adrenaline was racing, holding Madison in his arms, staring into her perfect sky-blue eyes with her soft hands touching his cheeks, feeling a few other things pressed close to him as well. Mark was on sensory overload and unable to process anything that she was saying in any meaningful way. This happens.

“I don’t care,” he declared. “I want to be with you!”

Madison smiled and kissed him and things began to change within him. Dr. Edison looked back at the beach filling up with troops setting up barricades.

“Uh, whatever you’re going to do, we really need to get going,” he said.

Indeed, the air began to burn Mark’s lungs and the smell of the ocean grew more enticing by the second. He splashed down into the water carrying Madison. The water drew back into an enormous wave that rushed forward and splashed over them both. Mark fell into it and inhaled deeply as if he’d been holding his breath for that past thirty seconds since Madison’s kiss.

He could breathe.

Madison grabbed him and with just a few powerful strokes of her tail towed him out to the deep beneath the waves. Mark was still in awe over what was happening. The sandy bottom was soon far below him. Terrible swimmer that he was, he would normally be terrified to go so far out, but he was breathing just fine – incredible.

Madison shook off the towels Dr. Edison had wrapped around her during the escape and was topless again much to Mark’s delight. He motioned with her to wait a moment and she let him go, figuring they were far enough out from the beach now. Mark ripped open his shirt, buttons popped off and floated down. He tossed his shirt aside, bursting with topless energy and prepared to kick his tail – only he had no tail.

Soon enough it should come together, he thought, looking at his legs. Madison motioned quickly for him to follow. Down, down deeper she led, but soon they had to stop as Mark was out of sea breath. He motioned for her to wait for a break. Instantly she went on alert mode, swimming in quick, darting bursts, looking in all directions while he rested and watched this rapid behavior.

“What have I gotten myself into,” he wondered. The water was too dark and blurry for him to see Madison’s face (or, sadly, anything else) clearly, but her movements indicated to him they were in a dangerous place.

“Is this the territory of some evil sea creature,” he mused. “Or, more likely, there could be trouble among the merfolk, some type of mer-war. I wonder will I upset a balance of sorts by my presence?”

Madison interrupted his speculations, tugging at his arm. They must go.

Down, further, darker and murkier the water. All he saw of Madison now was a dark, flipping form in front of him – and was she setting the pace! Soon, something huge and black loomed before him.

“This is it!” Mark said to himself nervously. “She’s taking me to the underwater sea palace of the mer-people!”

(We should pause here to mention the perils of watching television and believing it to be real. Having seen “The Little Mermaid”, he figured she was taking him to the well-lit, subsurface castle where merfolk royalty lived and enjoyed daily banquets, underwater concerts, synchronized swimming performances and the like. Of course none of that exists.)

As Mark squinted in awe, Madison was suddenly back at his side. She grabbed him by the waist and dragged him with great speed into a cave at the foot of the looming, mountainous shape.

“Ahhhhh-reeeeeeeeee,” she made a long sound once inside.

“The language of the merfolk!” said Mark to himself. Madison let him go, darted back to the entrance to look around, then came back in and slowly drifted down to rest on the floor of the cave.

And that was it.

For the next hour she didn’t move. Mark’s eyes slowly adjusted to the dimness, but not much. There were a few objects in the cave, only by running his hand over them could he tell what they were. A rusty pocket watch. A broken plate.

“Madison.” He floated his way over to her stretched out form – and she shooed him away! Much like someone who was dead tired and wanted rest.

“Sorry, I understand,” he said to himself. He too, was tired, but not so much that he needed sleep. “We must be hiding here before going to the palace,” he figured.

Still, it was awesome being able to breathe underwater, so he decided to go have a swim about, explore what undoubtedly must be part of his new domain. Pulling himself along, he made his way past Madison and almost got out the cave when something yanked him back inside so hard his arms shot forward.

Madison was holding him close again. He could feel her heart hammering faster than any normal person’s could, close to three beats per second.

“What the-?” he thought. She was pointing.

He hadn’t noticed that. A large dark form, torpedo shaped, good thirty feet in length. As it turned upwards he saw the white bottom of it. No, he hadn’t noticed that at all.

Madison went back to lie down.

Over the next couple days, Mark would come to find out the only transformation he would go through was gaining the ability to breathe underwater and losing the ability to breathe outside of it. No tail. This was a severe mobility disadvantage and a slight disappointment for him, the first of many, unfortunately.

He had no way of tracking how long they’d been in that cave. Madison got up eventually and motioned for him to stay put as she went out. For the first time he got to see how she could really move. She shot out and stopped for second, then disappeared.

“Whoa,” Mark said. She was back twenty minutes later with an armful of soft, pink flesh and seaweed.

“This will, uh, strengthen us for our journey,” Mark thought hopefully, “to the sea palace. Right?” Madison gave him some and they both forced it down. Mark gagged and even Madison lurched into the vomit position a few times. Three weeks of New York dining had damaged her in unseen ways, eroding much of her mermaid hardiness with flavorful cooked foods, hamburgers with ketchup, pepperoni pizza, grilled chicken sandwiches and such. Spice and fire are pretty hard to come by underwater.

After forcing down the meal, she went back to sleep.

It was several days of this before Mark and Madison saw another mermaid. By then truth was beginning to dawn like the sun on the morning of an execution day.

Indeed, discovering the cave was his new home was the first shattering of many misconceptions Mark had about merfolk. Turns out Sebastian was quite wrong, things were not at all better down where it’s wetter, and the merfolk did not rule happily under the sea. To the contrary, they hid in caves as bottom feeding hunters and gatherers, skulking about fearful of sharks, killer whales and other large predators.

The visitor mermaid was much thinner than Madison, but again, the depth was much too blurry for Mark to make out any real details. She chatted very briefly with Madison in strange merfolk screams and then darted away.

After the conversation, Madison motioned for Mark to follow. Ten minutes of swimming and they arrived at an enormous whale carcass being devoured by several mermaids and many other sea creatures. Mark could see resignation in Madison’s slumped shoulders, and with a shrug, she dug in. Above, a few mermen were swimming around on patrol. Distressed, Mark made the best of it and took a few bites before one of the mermen screamed a warning and all of them instantly disappeared. Madison grabbed him by the waist and whisked him back to the safety of the cave.

Through encounters like this, Mark came to understand some things. While the merfolk were not technically advanced, they surely had intelligence to rival man, which made them the most intelligent thing in the sea. It was impossible for man to catch them, hence they remained unknown. But they were totally content living off of clams, carcasses, seaweed, and occasionally a caught fish or eel. And they acted as though they knew full well about humans and knew a bit about him already.

Some of the older ones looked him over and screamed something casual in their indecipherable language that drew sad smiles. Mark had no way of knowing that most humans that came to their world wound up dying of suffocation on the beach as they desperately tried to return to the surface world.

The reasons to do so were stacking up.

Merfolk slept, a lot. For them, entertainment generally consisted of swimming around and around very fast. This, Mark could not do, lacking a strong tail. Even if he could, the novelty of it would have worn off after about two goes at it. After all, he was one who, as a boy, did things like, say, watch Star Wars.

Sleeping underwater presented a new challenge for Mark, one that he never quite mastered. So he was generally miserably tired all the time.

The facet of life that made him weep, however, was discovering the way merfolk reproduced. Basically, the female would lay an egg in some deep, dark cavern, and whichever male could find it went and squirted a bit on it to fertilize it and that was it. Mark lacked the tools, but the act was rooted in purpose that he had no interest in when he thought about reproduction – actual reproduction.

And so, years later, sitting in the cave Mark reflected on the chance of a lifetime that came his way. It seemed like a great idea at the time. Then reality hit. And reality can throw some pretty hard punches, too. Now Madison, thinned back down to normal mermaid proportions, had laid many eggs for him but he never found any of them. She was pretty disappointed about that. Mark was also useless at hunting, fish toyed with him, even going so far as nipping off pieces of his lip. This left Madison the task of bringing home the flounder. Unable to shave any more, Mark grew a huge, mold-infested beard that she wanted to rip off, he looked nothing like he did on the surface.

Yeah. The temptation for her to swim off and find a new cave was growing by the day.

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