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Becca I am going to try to read one author a month this year, with the exception of the first book because I started that before 2008 ended.

January - James Patterson

1. The Tenth Case - Joseph Teller
2. Maximum Ride - The Angel Experiment
3. Maximum Ride - School's Out Forever
4. Maximum Ride - Saving the World
5. Big Bad Wolf
6. London Bridges
7. Maximum Ride - Final Warning

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Becca February - Lisa Jackson

8. The Night Before
9. The Morning After
10. Whispers

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Mary Todd (marytodd) | 924 comments ~shhhh....congrats on your first ten!~~~

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Becca Mary Todd wrote: "~shhhh....congrats on your first ten!~~~"


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Becca March - Jodi Pccoult

11. A Second Glance: A Novel
12. The Tenth Circle: A Novel
13. Nineteen Minutes: A Novel

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Becca April - John Saul

14. Shadows
15. Second Child
16. Devil’s Labyrinth
17. Perfect Nightmare

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you have two sixteens in April:

Becca wrote:
"16. Devil's Labyrinth
16. Perfect Nightmare"

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I wasn't saying that in a weird way

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Becca May is probably the hardest month I have had this year. If I finish my current book by then end of the month I am going to make June a month of "Free Reads". You know those books you want to read but don't fit into the pattern or are not in a series. Besides things are busy!!! for me this month so I need something good to relax me.

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