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message 1: by Yz the Whyz, Moderator (new)

Yz the Whyz (whyz) | 9327 comments When you finished a book in your list, drop by here and give a brief review of the book with your rating and recommendation. We will also use this as our basis in filling out our group bookshelf.

message 2: by ♥Tricia♥ (new)

♥Tricia♥ (siddie) | 407 comments Good idea! :D

message 3: by Yz the Whyz, Moderator (new)

Yz the Whyz (whyz) | 9327 comments Welcome Tricia. Thanks for joining.

Unapologetic_Bookaholic | 1986 comments When adding to the shelf the pop up window allows you to add info as well if yall want to help out that way as well. Not sure if the info goes to our group or GR tho. Anyone know what I am talking about?

message 5: by Yz the Whyz, Moderator (new)

Yz the Whyz (whyz) | 9327 comments I checked it out and I think in our case here, I think we should just leave the details blank and put the book under read. Just to simplify.

But for those groups that are doing a group read...I think it would be great to have those details..Just a thought...

What do you think, Kenjii?

Unapologetic_Bookaholic | 1986 comments to each her own? I don't always fill those out. but if i really liked a book i'll add it to a particular folder or add a little note. it is hard to keep all my groups separate! lol! but it doesn't have to be a must.

adding reviews and rating to a thread will be double the work. i get an email update with reviews from my friends, do yall? perhaps to have all the books we are reading as a group posted in one place.....hmmm...i dunno...I wouldn't posting my review twice. I guess it is up to others as well.

please forgive the tacky note taking style of writing. but i been up all night and just am i ad bit tired. but still want to reply =) i hope i am making sense

message 7: by Yz the Whyz, Moderator (new)

Yz the Whyz (whyz) | 9327 comments hmmm...good points...let me think more about it..I see the wisdom of not putting up reviews on a thread..when you have already attached a review on the book.

As for the group bookshelf, all I really want it to be is a shelf of all the books our group has read for our challenges..that's pretty much it.

Let me ponder more about this....

message 8: by ♥Tricia♥ (new)

♥Tricia♥ (siddie) | 407 comments Ya I like that idea, the bookshelf being all the books that the group has read/currently reading :)

Whatever you decide on the review thing is fine with me, I can start putting reviews on my books. Sometimes I do sometimes I dont.. depends on if I have the time when I mark it hehe.

message 9: by Yz the Whyz, Moderator (new)

Yz the Whyz (whyz) | 9327 comments I'm going to leave the review thread as optional...if you really feel like raving about a book you read in our challenge, you can post a review here or a link where your review can be found, either in goodreads or your own blog.

Unapologetic_Bookaholic | 1986 comments YZ: i think the link thing will work=)

Sarah ~Sehrenity~ | 367 comments I just finished The Pagan Stone by Nora Roberts this morning. I'd give it three stars. Without giving spoilers...

I'd say of the three books in this trilogy, I liked Fox's story in The Hollow best. Gage's story, while good and well-written, lacked the kind of romance I was hoping for. I'd say I had to get through at least 200 pages before I even felt like the romantic leads were starting to like one another, let alone love one another. So don't go into this one expecting sparks right away.

That being said, there were enough thrills, chills, and surprise twists to keep any romantic/paranormal/suspense reader entertained. I just didn't find myself as emotionally involved with the leads as I think I should've been.

message 12: by Lori (new)

Lori  (moderatrixlori) Yz, do you want us to go ahead and add the books that we've read this month to the bookshelf?

message 13: by Yz the Whyz, Moderator (new)

Yz the Whyz (whyz) | 9327 comments Sarah,

Well, I did like Fox's story a lot. It's just that I find Gage's character quite fascinating. Sorry to hear there wasnt that much romance angle, still I would still read it, just to know how the trilogy ended.

Sure, feel free to put in the group bookshelf the books you have read already and the ones you are currently reading. Just marked them appropriately as in read or currently reading.

Nichole (DirrtyH) (dirtyh) Sarah,
I had pretty much exactly the same reaction to The Pagan Stone. I liked Fox and Layla's story the best of the trilogy, in fact I think I gave that book 5 stars.
Pagan Stone was a good conclusion to the mystery/sci-fi aspect, although there were some things I didn't like. For example, the whole thing with Gage's blood? That was just weird, and it didn't seem like it ever really tied into anything. She could have left that part out entirely.
But the romance in this book was seriously lacking. I liked both Gage and Cybil as characters, but there was never much of a connection between them. It was a "just okay" book.

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