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message 1: by Anne Kat (new)

Anne Kat (anne-kat) Sorry, but I have this strange fascination with wands. So, I create a post about it!!!!

I found this awesome site a while back for wands and robes and other stuff: www.alivans.com

I actually have a wand from there that I got for Christmas last year: the vine-carved on there. I'd add a pic, but right now I'm having issues finding the button to press.

Soooo... post your favorite wands from the site or anywhere else, and if I ever find out how to add them to posts I'll tell you so pics of wands can be added.

Also, you favorite combinations of woods etc can be posted here.

message 2: by Sydney (new)

Sydney | 57 comments Mod
I like short wands.

message 3: by Anne Kat (new)

Anne Kat (anne-kat) I like long fancy carved wands. Like my 15" vine-carved plankton teak. I memorized the information on the Certificate of Authenticity Alivan's sent with the wand :D. And cherry wands, and wands with different wood in the handle....

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