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message 1: by Alan (new)

Alan Baxter | 62 comments Sorry for the obvious and shameless self-promotion, but if anyone is interested, my first novel, RealmShift, has been released as an ebook through


message 2: by Lil (new)

Lil (LilMar) | 26 comments Alan wrote: "Sorry for the obvious and shameless self-promotion, but if anyone is interested, my first novel, RealmShift, has been released as an ebook through"

I will check it out! I'm always up for something new!

Thank you!

message 3: by Dee (new)

Dee Marie (dee_marie) | 52 comments Hey Alan,

This is exciting news. I too am going to check it out. Although, I generally enjoy snuggling up with a good book in bed, I did read Midnight Sun on the computer (and of course my own novel).

You sure can’t beat price!

A an author, how do your feel about putting your book "out there" as a PDF file? Do you have any concerns about your book being posted on other sites, or passed along via the Internet?

I only ask, as this has been a concern of mine, as to posting PDF versions of SOA.

Looking forward to learning about your online sales stats, if you care to share them with us :]

Wishing you a great week,
Dee Marie

message 4: by Jeffery (new)

Jeffery | 2 comments I have wondered about having a PDF file out there also. Let us know about any issues.


message 5: by Alan (new)

Alan Baxter | 62 comments Well, I see it like this - RealmShift has been out for a while and there's been released a new version along with the sequel, MageSign. The content is the same, but there's a new cover design and a lower price on the print version at Amazon, etc.

Giving away free stuff can do a lot to generate word of mouth, which is the prime mover in book sales. And people still like to curl up with a real book. So it's possible that if people enjoy the ebook, they'll buy the sequel - which is currently only available in print. They may buy the print version of RealmShift too if they'd like "the set". They may also buy it as presents for others (which would most likely be the print version) and if they recommend it to people those people will probably search Amazon, Booktopia, etc. or order it through their local bookstore.

It's all about getting the work and my name out there. Cory Doctorow is a good example of how giving stuff away can generate greater commercial success.

I'll let you all know how it goes.

In the meantime, go and buy the ebook, love it, then buy both the print books, tell all your friends and family and prove me right! :)

message 6: by Phyllis (new)

Phyllis Twombly (ScifiAliens) | 47 comments Hi everyone,

My publisher, iUniverse automatically puts out an ebook version. So far I'm unaware of any unauthorized copying of 'Been Blued' or 'Martian Blues.' Still, sometimes an unauthorized copy can bring in additional sales, or so I've heard...

I do think having an ebook increases your exposure. If you Google your title, it'll pop up on sellers you may have never heard of.

Phyllis K Twombly

message 7: by Dee (new)

Dee Marie (dee_marie) | 52 comments Hi Phyllis,

Hey I didn't know there was a Dawson Creek in cool is that :]

message 8: by Norm (last edited Jan 15, 2009 03:32PM) (new)

Norm (normcowie) | 26 comments
My books from the Adventures of Guy series (reviewers compare to Douglas Adams and Christopher Moore) are available as ebooks, but I find myself not really pushing this format.

As an author, I actually get a higher royalty for ebooks, but there really is nothing to stop someone from forwarding the book to someone else.

Plus, I can't offer autographed ones...(grin).

Still though, I post excerpts on my website, and I don't care if anyone forwards them.


message 9: by Alan (new)

Alan Baxter | 62 comments I have the first three chapters of both my novels on my website and the first novel as an ebook for US$3.50. To be honest, while I'd prefer people to buy it, I'm happy of they share it around. The more people that read it and talk about it, the more likely they are to buy the sequel, which is only available in print at the moment.

Besides, I'd rather my stuff was out there getting read and then it will stand on its own if its any good. Which it is, of course. It's bloody brilliant. :)

message 10: by Phyllis (new)

Phyllis Twombly (ScifiAliens) | 47 comments

Hey I didn't know there was a Dawson Creek in cool is that :]

Hi Dee,

uh, right now it's melting, so not cool at all which is great after the hypercold we've been put through. It's almost like the weather conspired to put us all in cryogenic we're waking up...bwahahaaa...

I don't actually live in Dawson, I'm in a village called Pouce Coupe (rhymes with loose Snoopy) six miles south. I do spend most of my waking hours in Dawson, which has two donut shops and a Walmart now. And yes, I'm bilingual--metric and standard.

I seem to have been born in the wrong country. My dad's parents were American, which better describes my personality and thinking. I do plan on moving 'home' hopefully in the next 5 to 10 years. The series should all be best-sellers by then... ;)

Phyllis K Twombly

message 11: by Broos (new)

Broos Campbell | 10 comments Like Norm and others, I get a higher royalty rate for electronic copies. I assume that's because with an e-book my publisher doesn't have to pay for things like printing, binding, and shipping, so it's pretty much free money for them and so they share. In the meantime I wouldn't worry too much about people passing copies around, as long as they're not selling them. It's good publicity, as Alan says, and they can always borrow it from the library anyway.

message 12: by Alan (new)

Alan Baxter | 62 comments That's true. For any author - however well known - there is never any harm in more people reading your stuff, however they get to read it. If someone else is selling your stuff on, that's a different story, but getting copies in circulation, in any format, is always good.

For example, I've bought a lot of CDs based on a burned copy that someone gave me. If I enjoyed the burn, I've often gone out and bought the next album that band makes. Without the burn I would never have known about them or if I liked them.

It's the same with books. Stand in Borders one day and turn in a slow circle and just really notice how many books there are on the shelves. Getting noticed in that sea of words, however good you are, is always going to be hard!

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