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*SAMANTHA* | 86 comments Mod
Boyfriend:none but looking
apperence:dirty blond hair,brown eyes,fair skin,beutiful
personality:spunky,outgoing,really fun to be around
extra:looking for a boyfriend

..Ticket To My Heart.. Name:Carly Ann Olso
boyfriend/girlfriend:none but would prefur a horse but would agree to a BF
apperence:tall thin muscular blonde hair with turquoise streaks
personality:head strong,out going,like her way
extra:RICH!!!boys always want her because she has MONEY!!!!!!!loves HORSES!!!!!!!!!

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Soumya Name: Keannah
Age: 17
Gender: Femal
Appearance: Blonde hair, light blue eyes, 5'7
Personality: Smart, brave, into many sports like tennis, horse back riding, etc. friendly, helpful, straightforward.
Boyfriend: None so far
extra: is adopted.

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ooohhh i like keannah

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Soumya thanks!

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Apperence:blond hair,blue eyes,5'8,a.k.a hes hot

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Soumya He he he, cool!

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Soumya rp?

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u got it!

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name: Angela
age: 17
gender: F
appearance: long, wavy, light brown hair, green eyes, asian and caucasion mix, 5'4, slim, has rlly light skin
bf: none yet but looking
personality: funny, nice, caring, smart, sporty, strong
extra: loves to draw and do animation, manga freak

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Name: Kitty
Age: 17
Apperance: average hieght, skinny, nice body, hip length brown hair, big brown eyes.
Bf: none, but looking...likes Jason!!
Personality: Hyper, gulible, forgetful, likes tennis, running(mostly mile) and discus..
extra: also likes drawing and writing.. Optimistic, loves animals, very pretty and friendly...

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~Name: Melenie
~age: 14, though she's a senior because she skipped 3 grades.
~Gender: female
~boyfriend: none but likes austin. (though she doesn't understand why there isn't a guy that isn't blonde and blue eyed at this school.)
~appearance: Long (elbow length) dark brown wavy/curly hair, big brown eyes, medium skin, looks 17, tall for her age but not for her grade, really pretty
~personality: nice, sarcastic, smart, funny, fun, outgoing, optimistic, likes bright things, can be argumentative, confident, sticks up for people, loud and can get annoying with her loudness.
~extra: hate drawing and horses and anime and stuff that most people are obsessed with, loves reading and math

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name: Jason
age: 17
gender: male
GF: likes kitty
personality: funny, nice, outgoing
other: hi!

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*SAMANTHA* | 86 comments Mod
Cool i like him!

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*SAMANTHA* | 86 comments Mod
apperence:dirty blonde,crystal blue eyes,tan,hot
personality:funny,outgoing,super nice
other:really wants a gf

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I like Jason alsos

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*SAMANTHA* | 86 comments Mod
i know isnt he cool!

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*SAMANTHA* | 86 comments Mod
hey does anyone have a girl for austin?????PLEASE

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um me.

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*SAMANTHA* | 86 comments Mod
ok r u on hs roleplay?

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*SAMANTHA* | 86 comments Mod
I have a boy for ashley!

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*SAMANTHA* | 86 comments Mod
Apperence:brown hair,green eyes
personality:fun.nice,outgoing,fun to be around
girlfriend:none but looking

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