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Sherri (naturlich1) | 9 comments I'm excited to start this challenge! I was tempted to join the group with the 100 book/year challenge but I think it's best to set more realistic least as I'm starting out in a forum like this.

I don't think I've kept a tally of my books since "Battle of the Books" (aka BOB...did anyone else do this?) in grade school, which was a blast. Happy reading, everyone!

1) [image error]
I gave "Iron Kissed" by Patricia Briggs 5-stars without hesitation. I love and highly recommend the whole series to anyone who enjoys the paranormal genre. I am eagerly awaiting the release of the fourth installment in February.

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Sherri (naturlich1) | 9 comments 5) The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
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Amazing...I read really quickly, so I frequent the library an alarming amount and don't usually purchase books. I'm going to purchase a copy of this one.

6) Bone Crossed
Bone Crossed (Mercedes Thompson, Book #4) by Patricia Briggs

Mercy is one of the coolest heroines I've ever encountered, and very unique among other chicks in paranormal literature. I actually bought the other 3 books in the series, and will buy this one as soon as it's available in paperback. The whole series is top-notch.

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Sherri (naturlich1) | 9 comments 7) Vampire Academy
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While this book is definitely geared towards the imaginative, adventurously romantic young adult with an interest in the paranormal, it was hard for me to put down, and I enjoyed it. I've already placed a hold on the second book in the series!

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Sherri (naturlich1) | 9 comments 8) Frostbite
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I'm hooked on this series. I read this book in about 4 hours and it was impossible to put down.

As I noted in my comment on Vampire Academy, the books are definitely geared more towards a young adult audience. However, while clearly fictional, the books seem to be more relatable than a lot out there today as they address real issues facing teenagers today (self-harm such as cutting, premarital sex, absent parents, underage drinking, etc.) and aren't just out to give the reader warm-fuzzies.

I'm picking up "Shadow Kiss" today and am stoked to read it.

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Sherri (naturlich1) | 9 comments 9) Shadow Kiss (Vampire Academy, Book 3)
Shadow Kiss (Vampire Academy, Book 3)  by Richelle Mead

Entirely awesome. Powerful ending. I'm excited for August when the 4th book comes out!

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Aprile (aprileb) Sherri wrote: "7) Vampire Academy
[bc:Vampire Academy|345627|Vampire Academy ..."

I am about 1/2 way through, and I am not loving it. Does it get better?

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Sherri (naturlich1) | 9 comments Aprile wrote: "Sherri wrote: "7) Vampire Academy
[bc:Vampire Academy|345627|..."

I do think the book gets better as you get closer to the end; it's worth finishing, especially since it's such an easy read. I thought the 2nd and 3rd books were better than the first, though. They seem to get increasingly better.

With these books, I think what it comes down to is preference...IMO there wasn't anything particularly spectacular about this other than the fact that it's addicting and I was impressed, especially in the succeeding books, by the fresh, more realistic take on addressing YA readers. I couldn't put it down and I got caught up in the characters and storyline, which isn't unusual for me given my extremely active imagination, but it's a far cry from being a timeless masterpiece that's sure to blow everyone away. Let me know what you think when you finish!

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Aprile (aprileb) Thanks! I did like the end better, and if you think the 2nd and 3rd are better, I might give them a try :)

Thanks again!

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Sherri (naturlich1) | 9 comments 10) Hunted

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This series is addicting; the characters are well-developed, the storyline is really original (the ties to Native American lore are great), and I find the books impossible to put down. The only reason I give it 4 stars is because I absolutely can't stand conventional errors - there's no excuse for them in a published work edited by professionals - and phrases like "omg I heart [noun:]" "your [sic:] seriously the bestest" (even though this is a YA book and those phrases are common...can't help it).

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Mary Todd (marytodd) | 924 comments whoohoo on 10!

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