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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

Hey! i just made a team emmett!!
any one can join!!

message 2: by Aaric (new)

Aaric | 38 comments Y?

message 3: by Ellen (new)

Ellen I think there is a team emmett for people to admire him and go 'oh swoon'.
Sorry about the sarcasm but thats all people do in these fourms!

message 4: by Aaric (new)

Aaric | 38 comments I have seen that, I have read through almost all of the topics.

message 5: by Ellen (new)

Ellen Lol. Did you have fun? =D

message 6: by Aaric (new)

Aaric | 38 comments No, it was torture, lol.

message 7: by Ellen (new)

Ellen Lol, I bet it was. At least you dont have a little sister who has books and hand-written posters of: I love edward, edward is my boyfriend, jasper and emmett are awesome.

message 9: by Ellen (new)

Ellen LMFAO!

message 10: by Aaric (new)

Aaric | 38 comments I am so butchering this group...

message 11: by Ellen (new)

Ellen Lol, Yes you are!

message 12: by Aaric (new)

Aaric | 38 comments I wonder what will happen when they all come and see what i've done...

message 13: by Ellen (last edited Jul 05, 2009 12:32AM) (new)

Ellen Haha, You better have a good hiding place I can tell you tell. My nine year old sister went estatic when I said robert pattinson isnt even cute in real life!

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