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SunHi Mistwalker (sunhimistwalker) | 9 comments I'm surprised no one mentioned the extraordinary book Snow Crash. Snow Crash is set in a future dystopian society where everyone lives their lives in the virtual world. One of my favorites. It's slated to be made into a movie. Here's a link to an article about it: http://www.geek.com/articles/geek-cet...

While this book is often referred to as "cyberpunk" and I'm sure it is, I still consider it dystopian because of it's portrayal of a bleak future. And that future is detailed and astounding.

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Jed (specklebang) | 38 comments Yeah, well, Snow Crash is a huge book and I remember reading it, liking it and wishing it could finally be over with. So, it should be pretty sad to see them condense 800 pages into a 2 hour movie. Look what they did to The Hunger Games. Fortunately, I don't remembr it that well so when they butcher it, I should be OK.

I like your work better to be honest with you. There's no humor in it and in a true dystopia, there won't be any 30 minute pizza delivery. Of course, I'm still waiting for the entire books of The Shelter and After The Darkness: Episode One so maybe you'll have an 1000 page doorstop.

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Snowcrash is a sartiracal dystopian novel- the inclusion of the Pizza Deliveryman and Eskimo as main story elements being indicators of satire.

The satire edges out the "noir' elements that tend to go into cyberpunk.

Seeing your post, reminds me that I need to read The Shelter.

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Donna (DonaNicole) | 108 comments Wool is set to become a movie and should be really good!

SunHi Mistwalker (sunhimistwalker) | 9 comments Thanks for the compliment Jed. I'm glad you like the books. :-) I guess it will be quite a struggle to adapt Snow Crash into a movie because of the length. Hopefully, skilled hands will handle the screenplay.

Russell, I didn't know Snow Crash was considered a satire. Funny thing is that I don't even remember the Eskimo. LOL I do remember the pizza deliveryman. It's been quite a while since I read the book.

Dnicole, I heard about Hugh's movie deal for Wool. I'm definitely looking forward to that. So far, I've enjoyed the series.

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