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Granit, Adalbert Stifter, read 1-10-09.

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Book 2: Immensee und andere Novellen, Theodor Storm.

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Book 3: Sport, Nationalism, and Globalization: European and North American Perspectives. By Alan Bainer

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Book 4: Romeo und Julia auf dem Dorfe. By Gottfried Keller.

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Book 5: Agnes Bernauer. By Friedrich Hebbel.

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Book 6: Gustav Adolfs Page. By Conrad Ferdinand Meyer.

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Book 7: Aquis submersus. By Theodor Storm.

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Book 8: Novels of Turkish German Settlement, Cosmopolite Fictions. By Tom Cheesman.

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Book 9: Imagined Communities. By Benedict Anderson.

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Book 10: Cosmopolitical Claims - Turkish-German Literatures from Nadolny to Pamuk. By B. Venkat Mani.

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Mary Todd (marytodd) | 924 comments Gazool (it's cheers in Albanian, but the closest I can get to Turkish!) on your first was it?

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Book 11: Martin Salandar. By Gottfried Keller.

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Book 12: Hürriyet Love Express. By Imran Ayata.

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Book 13: Theorie des bürgerlichen Realismus. Collected texts.

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Book 14: Effie Briest. By Theodor Fontane.

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Book 15: Chicano: The History of the Mexican American Civil Rights Movement. By F. Arturo Rosales.

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Book 16: Aztlán: Essays on the Chicano Homeland. Editors Rudolfo Anaya and Francisco Lomeli.

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Book 17: Youth, Identity, Power: The Chicano Movement. By Carlos Muñoz, Jr.

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Book 18: Erasure. By Percival Everett.

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Book 19: The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte. By Karl Marx.

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Book 20: German Film after Germany: Toward a transnational aesthetic. By Randall Halle.

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Book 21: Ulysses. By James Joyce.

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Book 22: What is history? By Edward Carr.

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Book 23: A Universal History of Iniquity. By Jorge Luis Borges.

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Book 24: Negro Anthology. By Nancy Cunard.

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Book 25: Three Guineas. By Virginia Woolf.

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Book 26: The Selected Poems of Federico García Lorca. By Federico García Lorca.

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Book 27: Sports Mania: Essays on Fandom and the Media in the 21st Century. Edited by Lawrence W. Hugenberg, Paul M. Haridakis, Adam C. Earnheardt.

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Book 28: Season of Migration to the North. By Tayeb Salih.

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Book 29: Sporting Nationalisms. Eds. Mike Cronin and David Mayall.

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Book 30: Disgrace. By J.M. Coetzee.

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Book 31: Snow. By Orhan Pamuk.

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Book 32: Franz Kafka and the Genealogy of Modern European Philosophy - from phenomenology to post-structuralism. By Neil Allan.

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Book 33: Critical Theories of Mass Media, Then and Now. By Paul A. Taylor and Jan LI. Harris.

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