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Andrea Kilin this was the first book i ever read! it was a christmas gift from my great-grandparents and i have been enjoying reading ever since.
i think it is important that we give quality novels to our kids to read, therefore it may lead to serious book-apreciation!

Heather Hear, hear!

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Millie i loved this book!

MizziQ I really disliked it. It really ticked me off how they were like "I'm going to study magic!" and "It's the magic." I found it really creepy. And the characters were very unlikable.

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Victini i loved it

Gerd I think it had a good start to it, but could have been considerably shorter.
I felt it to become rather repetitive towards the end, but maybe that's just how children books work.

MizziQ Maybe. I guess it's traditional for books to be long and descriptive. I think that now we're just too impatient for buildup. I just don't get how its a classic. ??? I really don't think it had good writing in the first place. Go figure? Won't be reading it again.

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Victini i think it was good,it was pretty cool how one thing led to another.

Sophie I loved this book as a child. I agree that children must be given quality books to read, and that's how I got into reading. Something else that encouraged me to read was the fact that my parents read to me, as with the Secret Garden, and so made books very important to me. I think it is sad if a child and their parents do not share that bond.

chinami Loved it. ♥

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Hina This is a lovely book, my granddad read this to me when I was a little girl and I've never been able to forget how wonderful it was.

Rebecca Jackson I thought it was a fantastic book to read as a child. But reading it as an adult, I started to get into analyzing things and just kept going. I think it would make a great reading group book. So much to discuss and some really deep issues to get into.

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Hina Yeah, I haven't read it since so it would be nice to pick it up again.

Paramita Ayu although it is a children's story, this book contains so many moral. LOVE THIS.

Caroline This book worried me as a young child because I had a too vivid imagination. But as I got older I read it and loved it. Have read it as an adult as well and I still loved it. A very special book for me and my sister

Brenda Clough Burnett was really good at writing books that get under your skin. Even when your head is saying, "But wait a minute, why doesn't he consult other doctors?" or "Can't he take Xanax and get over it?" or "Gee whiz, do all rich people in England have mental problems?" your heart is entirely caught.

Lauren Looking back on it, probably the best aspect of it was the dynamic main characters, Mary and Collin. The garden gave two spoiled, miserable brats a reason to enjoy life. Collin also emphasizes how easily perception of oneself is manipulated by what adults tell him or her as a child.

Caroline Also you don't realise as a child that books are only stories and what you read can become real in your head and you can think if someone has a lump on his back means you do too.

Brenda Clough The reason this book is important is it is one of the first ones where the children were not Perfect and Blond and Good. Instead Mary is ugly and crabby. Nevertheless she wins through to happiness. Which is why she speaks to all of us, who are (I assume) not perfect and good.

Lesley Arrowsmith I liked the book because Mary was unlikeable at the beginning - she was a horrible girl, but that was the point, as Brenda says above.

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