The Billionaire's Vinegar: The Mystery of the World's Most Expensive Bottle of Wine The Billionaire's Vinegar discussion

Overall, enjoyable.

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Theo I really enjoyed this book almost from start to finish. It's filled with great information and a much broader story that I initially expected, however the ending I found to be really anti-climactic and it left me a little... unfulfilled.

Mellissa Okay, I feel better now after reading your review. I feel the same way, well written and interesting, but I'm not finding myself 'missing' it when I'm not reading. Though I do intend to finish it because of the information provided about wines.Nancy wrote: "I'm about half way through but I have learned so much about the wine business and vintage wines. It is not a book that you can't put down but if you love wine, it is a good read."

Janet It was not what I expected, and difficult to finish, but if you want to know about the wine business - in detail - it would be of interest.

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