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The Wind Whispers War

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message 1: by K.G. (last edited Jan 11, 2009 05:17AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

K.G. Cummings hello, I'm kgcummings... Kathy, the author of the Wind Whispers War. I'd like to welcome any and all of your questions about this and my other books. My hardest challenge writing this novel, was setting the tone for the book, using slang of the era, and conversations on the level of 18 and 19 year old young adults in the 1960s. Having the reader watch this young couple's relationship grow as they both mature was one of my goals.
If you have read this book, please add comments here, or ask questions. I certainly hope that you have a few! Your friend, Kathy

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Mike I love the way you captured the youth in this book and the way it was written,How hard was it to get Vets to talk ?

K.G. Cummings Thank you Mike, and I know you are my biggest fan, as I am yours. In the beginning it was difficult to get Nam vets to open up and tell me their stories. Many didn't want to remember. But once one did, the word seemed to travel. I interviewed one man in Michigan, then another from his PTSD group wanted to talk. I interviewed him, both by tape recorder and with notes. His story is in Welcome... With Wrath. Online, after one gave me an interview, he must have said something to others in the "room" (chat room) that I was "ok" because, before long, men were asking to share their stories. I'd like to mention here that not all stories are blood and guts related. Many are funny, some are down right well... boring. But that's life isn't it? When writing, it can't be non stop action packed or the reader gets worn out. I like to give it a rest and add the everyday humdrum of life to make it more real. Hope I answered your question! Next?????
Smiles, Kathy

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