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Hi everyone,

I just copied the original WB book list into a word document and ruled out/underlined what I had already read, what the group had read an what I had read with the group.
Then I counted how many books we have left.
There are still 99 unread books which means 8,25 years with one book a month or about 4 years of 2 books a month.
Just thought you might find that interesting, too : )
Oh, and if anyone wants to have the word document, tell me so and I'll send you an email. You might have to edit my personal readings, but the ruling out of what the group already read is valid nevertheless.

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whichwaydidshego | 1996 comments Mod
I've offered it in excel before, but with it posted in the nominations thread, it's easy for people to access it now.

As for how many we're reading a month, I'm sure it will fluctuate over time as it has in the past. Having been here from the very start of this group, it has changed greatly on so many levels, including the age and temperaments of the active members. But I love the fluidity of our group. In that ebbing and flowing, we are at a place that one book it what we need/want. Like I said, I'm sure it will flow (or is it ebb?) again!

Anyway, thanks, Marion. Always fun to see how things are!

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