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Josie (maid_marian) | 101 comments The boy was best friends with a girl, and they made up a saying that was something like 'and forever is a very long time'. The boy loved playing football, especially as his grandfather, who lived with him, used to play professionally. The boy wasn't that good at the game though. I think the boy's surname was Beno or something similar. He and the girl grow apart, especially when the girl starts dating the school bully. The main character plays Bill Sikes in the school's production of Oliver Twist, and on the night of the performance, he plays the part with a broken arm because the girl's boyfriend had bashed him up earlier. I think he hears that night that his grandfather's died. The girl secretly swaps the order for a statue of the mayor to an order for a statue of the boy's grandfather, the local football legend.

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Josie (maid_marian) | 101 comments I found this book - it's 'Never Walk Alone' by Gareth Owen, if anyone's interested!

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