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message 1: by Katie (new)

Katie Casey (ktcasey9) I just finished watching the Season 4 finale on abc.com just in time for the premiere in 10 days or so. Can't wait!

And all the literary references have been so fascinating. I'm glad I found this book club.

message 2: by Hilary "Fox" (new)

Hilary "Fox" (foxhill) Oh man, the premiere was intense, wasn't it?

message 3: by Tulara (new)

Tulara (iberostar) I know - I am still thinking about it! Daniel plays a bigger part than I originally thought. ...and I am glad to see Sawyer - I saw in an interview with him once that he said he'd like to play a part where he didn't have to take his shirt off. Maybe that's why he was looking for a shirt all the time...*grin*

message 4: by Hilary "Fox" (new)

Hilary "Fox" (foxhill) Janice wrote: "I know - I am still thinking about it! Daniel plays a bigger part than I originally thought. ...and I am glad to see Sawyer - I saw in an interview with him once that he said he'd like to play a ..."

I think we all are pretty pleased that his shirt remained off for the premiere.

And, YES! I was shocked at Daniel in the opening. I'm still not entirely clear on where they're taking him in it all, but wherever it is I'm pretty darn happy with it.

I'm glad they're taking the more physics ridden route with the show.. and I'm glad we're finally seeing a clear direction that they're heading.

I also have to say I'm glad that we're finally going to get some explanation in the way of Alpert. He's been quite the conundrum.

message 5: by Tulara (new)

Tulara (iberostar) I know - Richard's position seems odd - first he befriends Ben as a boy, then Ben kills everyone at the camp - Richard was the one who tested Locke - then he courts Locke, tells him about Sawyer and Locke's connection to him - well, you know - it goes on and on. I must say I did like the "hippie" Richard when he first met Ben in the jungle.

message 6: by Kate (new)

Kate Merriman (katemerriman) I haven't seen it yet, so am curious what you guys noticed as the new literary references (or just books as set decor) in it... anyone?

message 7: by Tulara (new)

Tulara (iberostar) No, I guess I ws too busy trying to figure out plots and such. I think I can watch it again online and maybe try to spot some book references as this is the reason for the group to begin with!

message 8: by Jeff (new)

Jeff | 4 comments I didn't see any book references either, but need to watch the episodes a second time and look for some.

Powell's bookstore website brings a guest blogger to recap every episode, J Wood. He is awesome! Go back and read some of last years posts. (He hasn't posted a recap of Season 5's opening episode yet, as of this post) He does a great, indepth, job at relating LOST to the Book world and the references in each episode. Check it out!


message 9: by Kate (new)

Kate Merriman (katemerriman) Very cool blog, Jeff - thanks!

message 10: by Zia (new)

Zia EEP! I loved the premier!

message 11: by Katie (new)

Katie Casey (ktcasey9) Ulysses by James Joyce

In last night's episode ("316"), Ben was reading Ulysses on the plane!

message 12: by Emilia (new)

Emilia P | 2 comments Also in "316"-- Hurley is reading _Y The Last Man_ in Spanish. Perfect shout-out to Brian K. Vaughn, who wrote the comic, and who has also written lots of LOST episodes.

ALSO-the new, off-island Dharma station is called the Lamp Post. I don't think it is stretching at all to connect this to the lamp post in the Narnia series. So great!

message 13: by Jeff (new)

Jeff | 4 comments Wow, what a great episode! Loved the way it shown with so many new questions (I'm sure they will be answered!) why was Ben beat up? What was Kate's deal? How were Sayid and Hurley convinced to get on the plane. OMG I can't concentrate on any new books because my head is wrapped up in this show !!!! I think I have stopped and started 5 books since the show started back!

message 14: by Tulara (new)

Tulara (iberostar) And Hurley was reading a comic book, Y The Last Man (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Y_The_Last_Man

message 15: by Tulara (new)

Tulara (iberostar) Did anyone see the book Sawyer was reading last night with his new man-glasses? I really liked the lady-glasses he had on the beach.

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