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message 1: by Tahleen (new)

Tahleen Hi all,

This upcoming semester I'm going to do an independent project on vampire lit for teens, and I was wondering if you had any suggestions? I've got a long list already but it can't hurt to get more opinions. I've read all the Twilight books (not my favorite), and I'm going to look at Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, Melissa de la Cruz's Blue Bloods series, the House of Night series, Scott Westerfield's Peeps, Charlie Huston's Already Dead, Annette Klause's Silver Kiss, and Ellen Schreiber's Vampire Kisses series. What do you all think?

message 2: by Veronica (last edited Jan 10, 2009 05:34PM) (new)

Veronica City of Bones and City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare - New York vampire hunters.
Life Sucks by Jessica Abel is an AMAZING graphic novel, maybe more crossover than strictly young adult.
There is also one I haven't read but have seen at work called The Exorsista, can't recall the correct spelling so I can't find it but the title is a portmanteau of Exorcist and sister.

I feel there are others which I am forgetting, if they come to me later I will post more!

message 3: by Tahleen (new)

Tahleen Thanks! I've never heard of those, so this is great. :)

message 4: by Maureen (last edited Jan 10, 2009 07:46PM) (new)

Maureen Brunner (maureenbrunner) | 6 comments Tahleen wrote: "Thanks! I've never heard of those, so this is great. :)"

Vampire Kisses is a novel and a graphic novel series and is very popular with my teens at school.

Younger teens (middle school) really like the Cirque Du Freak series.

Blue Bloods is the first in a new series that is becoming very popular.

Peeps, and the companion book Last Days by Scott Westerfeld are sci-fi vampire books. A little bit of a different twist and Peeps is excellent!

Most of my kids are pretty crazy about the Anne Rice novels, but might not work for you if you are primary looking for novels with teen protagonists.

I have an advisory created by my teens at school, so I can post those on Monday.

I think there are recent articles in School Library Journal and in VOYA that concentrate on this genre with a bibliography to follow. I will see if I can find that for you as well.

message 5: by Patty (new)

Patty | 4 comments The Vampire Academy series is popular in my high school library and is written for a YA audience with a teenage protagonist.

message 6: by Tahleen (new)

Tahleen Awesome, thanks! I've actually read Peeps already, and really liked it. Very different indeed! I recommended it to my friend who is a biochem major.

message 7: by Mahina (new)

Mahina I love urban fiction and vampire books in general. As a teen librarian in a public library I go through a lot of teen vamp my opinions on some books you listed:
Twilight books - I enjoyed these up through the 3rd book; more a romance with vampires than a vampire romance (know what I mean?)

Amelia Atwater-Rhodes - read her other series and she is a great fantasy writer; not as popular with the average teen but the sci-fi/fantasy lover will enjoy her

Melissa de la Cruz's Blue Bloods series - Love this; a great series that I love to recommend to my anti-Gossip Girl readers

House of Night series - Love it; the characters are well drawn and the House of Night universe is so interesting. PC Cast is favorite of mine in general.

Scott Westerfield's Peeps - Awesome! Read this for a book club and even the kids that weren't convinced on this book loved it in the end and couldn't stop talking about the parasite chapters.

Charlie Huston's Already Dead - Haven't read this

Annette Klause's Silver Kiss - This book disappointed me; I'd heard so much about it but it left me feeling like it was lacking. Especially since Blood & Chocolate is one of my favorite books of all time.

Ellen Schreiber's Vampire Kisses series - This series is pretty good; I don't love it but it's pretty popular with my teens.

The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod (two books so far)
Suck It Up - Funny and unique
Sucks to Be Me: The All-True Confessions of Mina Hamilton, Teen Vampire (maybe) - LOVED This!
Got Fangs & Circus of the Darned by Katie Maxwell - She also writes as Katie MacAlister; very funny books

message 8: by Tahleen (new)

Tahleen Mahina- aha, I'm SO glad Blue Bloods is anti-Gossip Girl. And I literally just started the first House of Night novel a minute before I came here, and it starts off great. Thanks for the feedback/tips! I like funny, so I might look into the Katie Maxwell/MacAlister books.

message 9: by Maureen (new)

Maureen Brunner (maureenbrunner) | 6 comments If you like urban fantasy, then the Leandros Brothers series, (the first one is Nighlife), by Rob Thurman is really great. It has a prominent character that is a vampire. I think that comes out in the first novel, but I can't remember... The main character Cal, is an older teen.

Also, my kids really like Jim Butcher's Dresden files series. Again, a good guy supporting character (eventually) and lots of bad guys are vamps. Not a "YA" book in that no main characters are teens.

message 10: by Mahina (new)

Mahina Tahleen wrote: "Mahina- aha, I'm SO glad Blue Bloods is anti-Gossip Girl. And I literally just started the first House of Night novel a minute before I came here, and it starts off great. Thanks for the feedback/t..."

Hey Tahleen,
Katie Maxwell's books are literally LOL funny. Reading them in public always gets me funny looks :o)

message 11: by Tahleen (new)

Tahleen That's how I like 'em. :)

message 12: by Maureen (new)

Maureen Brunner (maureenbrunner) | 6 comments Recommended by my students (less Twilight and many of the ones already mentioned)

The Silver Kiss, by Annette Curtis Klause
Suck it Up, by Brian Meehl
Boys that Bite, by Mari Mancusi
The Historian, by Elizabeth Kostova
Vampire High, by Douglas Rees
Vampire Knight, by Matsuri Hino (graphic novel)
Shattered Mirror, by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
Generation Dead, by Daniel Waters

message 13: by Tahleen (new)

Tahleen Thanks Maureen! I think I've seen Vampire High at the bookstore... and I've read the first half of Atwater-Rhodes' Den of Shadows series, I really like it so far.

message 14: by Megan (new)

Megan Lyons | 4 comments Tahleen wrote: "Silver Kiss"

Just thought I would second taking a look at The Silver Kiss b/c I really liked it as a young teen. Sorry I can't be more help. Sounds like an interesting topic!

message 15: by Megan (new)

Megan Lyons | 4 comments Mahina wrote: Silver Kiss"

I preferred Blood and Chocolate to Silver Kiss as well, though as time has passed they have sort of melded in my brain into one novel.

message 16: by Megan (new)

Megan Lyons | 4 comments Oh, i can't believe i forgot about this one,

"The Darkangle Trilogy" by Meredith Ann Pierce

is a very different take on Vampires from what you have some far on your list.

message 17: by nancy (new)

nancy (The Ravenous Reader) (theravenousreader) The Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead also rocks. I love that series...Rose and Dimitri *sigh*

message 18: by Tahleen (new)

Tahleen Thanks! Megan, I'm going to look into Darkangel... I was surprised and very pleased to see it was published so long ago. I couldn't find anything before 1990.

And Nancy, I am about to read Vampire Academy! I heard it was pretty good... much better than I would have thought (another girl doing the project with me read it, said it was good and let me borrow it).

message 19: by Tahleen (new)

Tahleen Thanks to everyone who made suggestions, if you want to check out my website that will eventually be the culmination of my studies, here's the url:

It's nowhere near being finished, but I'd appreciate hits so it will show up on search engines :)

message 20: by Serena (new)

Serena | 1 comments hey if your still open for suggestions, i would suggest the night world series by l.j. smith. It has 9 books and they are great. I also read the silver kiss, twilight, started house of night, and read most of the vampire diaries. So just putting that suggestion out there. Its not strictly about vampires, but it includes vampires, werewolves, witches, and shapeshifters .. it mainly has vampires tho ... im pretty sure ull enjoy them ..... hope i helped

message 21: by evie (new)

evie (evie_1992) | 2 comments Try dracula, that was definatly 1990s

message 22: by evie (new)

evie (evie_1992) | 2 comments I mean pre 1990's

message 23: by Varun (new)

Varun Gupta | 1 comments The Twilight Saga and Vampire Diaries

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