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Cute touching romance

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Historical romances have that charming tension between the observance of societal imperatives and the search for true love. Long's story has this as well as the cute Pygmalion like story of transforming a mannerless girl into a lady. Gideon Cole's coming to love the thief Lily Masters whom he turns into a lady to make another lady jealous is entertaining to watch. There is also the adorable over the top romantic descriptions of physical attraction from Lily's viewpoint. I just wished that the resolution of Gideon's sister Helen's storyline had been given more play in the novel. Nonetheless, I am looking forward to reading Long's previous novel "The Runaway Duke".

Brenda Haven I recently read this book. I also enjoyed it and agree that Helen's story should have been given more expansion. Maybe, a future book? I haven't read "The Runaway Duke" yet. I am curious to see if there are any overlapping characters in that one who appeared in this one. It doesn't appear that either one of these stories belong to a series though.

Alicia Franklin I agree with both of you about Helen. Her plot was intriguing and heart-wrenching but left completely alone and told only through Gideon.

There was something really beautiful to this book. Lily and Gideon have got to be my favorite pairing I've ever read in romance novels. They had great chemistry.

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