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What do you think of the two Narnia movies so far? Do you like them? Why or why not.

message 2: by Deanna (new)

Deanna | 5 comments The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe: yes, I overall liked it, I think they adapted it pretty faithfully.
Prince Caspian: not so much, it doesn't bother me as much that they changed the story details, but they also changed the perception of some characters, especially Peter, making him seem a bit jealous, immature, and more doubting, when in the book he was steadfast and faithful.
I am still interested to see what they do with The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, so I haven't given up on them yet.

message 3: by Dottie (last edited Jan 11, 2009 12:12PM) (new)

Dottie  (oxymoronid) | 9 comments Interesting. I've only this morning picked up The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and re-read it in about two hours -- partially because I recently fell into watching the film though I had intended not to do so until I did a re-read. Anyway, I found myself pleasantly surprised at how faithful to the book they had made the film.

I've also seen the ads for the second film and plan to pick it up at the first opportunity. I have the book on the shelf by the chair to read tomorrow morning. It will be the first read for this one and for the remaining volumes as I got sidetracked after reading the first book many years ago. Didn't read these when I was a child so the viewpoint may put a twist on the series but I think I'll enjoy them. I'm a huge fan of Lewis other writings for adults certainly.

message 4: by Dottie (new)

Dottie  (oxymoronid) | 9 comments Now I'm ready for the second film -- finished the book yesterday morning and read half of the next one in the evening. I'm looking forward to comparing this second film with the book definitely.

message 5: by Deanna (new)

Deanna | 5 comments And I am looking forward to hearing your evaluation :)

message 6: by TC (new)

TC (terah) | 12 comments Anna wrote: "What do you think of the two Narnia movies so far? Do you like them? Why or why not."

Anna, I really liked both films, but if I had to choose a favorite, it would be the L,W&W. I don't think that the adaptation of Prince Caspian to film was as good as the first book-film, and I'm not sure why. Perhaps it's my own poor judgment. I did like the movie very much, but it wasn't nearly as "magical" as the first. That being said, it was very nearly close to pitch perfect.

message 7: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (cHi_ka) | 1 comments I like the movies although they are little different from the novels...
I like Prince Caspian the most

message 8: by Rachel (new)

Rachel I absolutely loved the movie adaption of The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. I actually finished reading the book the day before the movie came out, so all the details were very fresh in my mind. I was so happy to go see the movie and find that they stayed very close to the book.

While Prince Caspian was a good movie, I didn't like how they messed with the timeline of events.

But, all in all, they're very good representations of the books. :)

message 9: by Emma (new)

Emma Laird (valiantmj) I loved the movies! They're not the books, but I still adore them!
LWW: I really enjoyed this one and felt that it was probably the closet to the books.
PC: I loved this movie and it's probably my favorite of the three they've made so far. I think that the changes they made in the order of things were totally fine but I really wasn't happy with the whole Susan/Caspian thing. It's weird. I was really fine with the way Peter was although they could've toned it down a bit.
VOTD: This one was ok but veeeerrrryyyy different from the book. The mist was just... I wasn't fond of that. Other than that I could live with it.

message 10: by Michael (new)

Michael Jones | 5 comments I loved the voyage of the Dawn Treader just because I love the book so much. I was worried that they had left out the part with Eustice getting rid of his dragon scales because they mixed up the order; I think they didn't do the descaling process justice, but overall I still loved it.

message 11: by Nancy (new)

Nancy (fannabelle) | 8 comments I preferred Lion, Witch and Wardrobe the best. Even though it strayed from the book, it wasn't objectionable. I really appreciated the opening scene of the London bombings, which gave a clue to Edmund's character, and how the damaged photograph of the Pevensie's father prefigured the destroyed picture of Mr. Tumnus' father.
The old PBS version of theses same 3 books plus The Silver Chair are very true to the books, although some of the acting is questionable, and the special effects, are not so special in this era of green screen. Still, they are quite charming and worth a watch.

message 12: by [deleted user] (new)

I loved all three Movies. It was great watching them. But most of all I loved the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe more...

message 13: by Wm. Scott (new)

Wm. Scott Conway (wsconway) | 10 comments This thread has a 5 year gap. Wow!

I hated the Narnia movies, but I admit I am a purist. It was a very bad translation. And I never even felt like I was looking into Narnia the way I felt like I was peering into Middle-Earth in the LotR movies.

message 14: by Cleo (new)

Cleo (cleopatra18) | 5 comments Jennifer Louise wrote: "The special effects were neat but it was very disappointing. Parts of the movie's strayed far from the original story. Very sad."

Yes, I've heard that some of the movies strayed so far that they completely missed the point of the books. If one misses what is intrinsically valuable about a story, one may as well just create a new one. I guess I'm just a purist. :-)

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I've enjoyed all the films simply as good movies. But I go into them realizing they will not be the books (which are my favorite stories of all time). And even with all the changes, some of which are dictated by the medium of film vs book, they do, at least in my opinion, retain the spirit of Lewis and the real Narnia. That same flavor, aroma, or sense of wonder, genuine goodness, and _life_ is still there. At least it is for me. It was _very_ poweful and present in the first film. I don't know if Lewis would've liked them. Probably not. But he'd at least have to give props for the Aslan that was created for the screen.

We live in a highly cynical age and I've heard much negativity about these films. I understand part of it. But I'm just grateful someone is bothering to make them. Some people, perhaps many, will go directly to Lewis who may never have because of these films. I realize some will just say, Well, I've seen that... and never bother with the books. But those types probably never would have anyway. It's the curious person whose sense of longing will be stirred and shaken by the films - by Aslan himself - who will want to go deeper. And what they will find has the power to change them forever.

message 16: by Nancy (new)

Nancy (fannabelle) | 8 comments well said

message 17: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Lieberman I find it hard to enjoy any movie that's based on a book I love. Everything is so different from the way I imagined it. I'm even afraid that when I go back to reread the book, the movie images will "taint" the original pictures in my head. I'm an extreme case though. I don't even like illustrations in most books for the same reason (Winnie-the-Pooh is a notable exception, though).

message 18: by Ivan (new)

Ivan For the most part the books are short, so I don't know why the filmmakers don't simply trust the material and film the book instead adding material and changing the focus and characters. This has never made sense to me. The extra battles in PRINCE CASPIAN were unnecessary, and let's not get started about DAWN TREADER.

message 19: by Mark (new)

Mark Acker (markacker) | 8 comments After growing up with the Chuck E. Cheese looking BBC Narnia films, I'll take the Disney version and all the trade offs any day! If for no other reason, it's introducing a whole new generation to these stories. And many of these new fans will also become avid C.S. Lewis readers as they mature. And that's a great thing!

message 20: by Ivan (new)

Ivan I loved the first film - and I liked the other two (I own them on DVD) - I never saw those BBC films.

message 21: by Emmy (new)

Emmy Prewitt | 3 comments I don't care for the newer Narnia movies. I love the older Wonderworks movies of Narnia. They showed the love Aslan had for the children. The relationship is much nicer than in the newer version.

message 22: by Emmy (new)

Emmy Prewitt | 3 comments Also I don't like that the newer version strayed from the book so much.

message 23: by Michael (new)

Michael Mcdaid | 2 comments Really like TLWW a lot. Prince Caspian was good, and the Dawn Treader was probably the worst of the bunch. I haven't seen the BBC versions. Hollywood is going to try to do Silver Chair next.

message 24: by Emmy (new)

Emmy Prewitt | 3 comments Is it the Wonder Works? Those were great! I wished they had done The Magician's Nephew. I love that series.

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