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Multicultural literature

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message 1: by Shaila (new)

Shaila (shailaabdullah) | 7 comments Mod
Friends, I have always been curious about one thing. What is it about multicultural literature that attracts you as a reader? Please share your thoughts.

Shaila Abdullah
Author of Saffron Dreams and Beyond the Cayenne Wall

message 2: by Darbyscloset (new)

Darbyscloset | 1 comments What interests me, are the ways of the different cultures. In a novel you learn about another cultures habits or traditions through the course of the story. Which to me is the best way to learn vs looking up a tradition in a text book.
Interesting question!

message 3: by Libby (new)

Libby (beefrabbit) | 2 comments I've obsessively studied multiculturalism and one day (when I get my act together) I hope to be working for a human rights organisation that supports and promotes it. That being said, having been raised in Texas with a British parent, I had my own kind of multicultural upbringing (British culture can, at times, be very different from Texas culture!). It may not be such a dramatic difference of cultures, but even I found it hard to fit in a box. So, I like reading multicultural stories to hear other people's struggles and triumphs with it, whether fictional or not. And I like reading non-fiction multicultural books to further understand the phenomenon, its inevitability with globalisation, its conflict with nationalism, and how it will shape the world.

...Plus, I just like interesting stories about interesting people.

message 4: by Shaila (new)

Shaila (shailaabdullah) | 7 comments Mod
I agree, Darby. I think the learning I did with the most retention was from reading books and learning about other cultures. Libby, I admire your ideas and thought and hope you do get into human rights. There is a large population of people hurting out there and they need more voices.

Shaila Abdullah

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