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((start here))

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Angela got off the camp bus smiling

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Laya bounced off the bus, happy to be back. Number one reason she loved the summer: camp.

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Angela saw the pile of duffels and staarted to get her's out of it

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Laya reached her arm into the huge pile of luggage and grabbed her worn out bag. She saw someone else. "Hey! I haven't seen you around here before."

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Angela looked up, "It's my first year here." she said

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Laya grinned. "Great! I'll show you around! I'm Laya."

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"Angela. But you can call me Ang." she said

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"Well, Ang, great to have you at camp! Everyone needs to go to the mess hall first. It's this way."

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"Okay." Ang said following her

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Laya all but ran to the mess hall where she hugged the camp director, then sat down at a table.

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"You seem to know the camp director well." Ang said sitting next to her

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Laya grinned. "I do... It's my third year here."

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"Wow." Ang said, "That's a long time."

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Laya laughed a little. "Eh, when I like something, I do everything I can to get it again... Thus the camp. I think my parents send me mainly to get time alone." She laughed again.

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Ang laughed. "Guess we're on the same boat then." she said

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"Well, depending on whether or not you like nature and talking to people, you'll love it here!"

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Ang smiled, "Well I guess i will love it." she siad

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Laya laughed. "Yay! Oh, she's starting to talk about cabin assignments..."

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Ang paid attention

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Laya listened. She was assigned with two girls who she forgot immediately, and...

"We're in a cabin!" Laya smiled at Ang.

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Ang smiled, "That's awsome." she said

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Laya nodded in agreement.

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Ang grinned, "Do you know the other girls at all?" she asked

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Laya shrugged. "I know a few, but there's new people each year."

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"Right." Ang said

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Laya gathered her stuff. "Right, well, to our cabin!"

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Ang nodded and got her stuff

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((OK, what's gonna happen?))

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((no idea))

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((ne 1 rp here"?))

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((Only us, and we have no idea what will happen... Whoa! It's been two months!!))

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((i know))

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Silver ((What kind of camp is this?))

Cecilia walked through rather high grass in a dark blue dress, her long brown hair flowing past her shoulders.

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((lol, no specific kind, I guess))

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Silver ((hmm... Cecilia should play an instrument... guess I'm stuck with violin. she can carry it around with her (I don't think they'd have any pianos there... would they?) and I know all about it, so...))

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Silver ((anyway...))

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Anna was new and walked into camp

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Angela was in her cabin

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Anna had the same cabin as Angela she walked in"hi"said Anna

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"Hi." Ang said looking up, "I'm Angela."

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"i am Anna"she said

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"Nice to meet you." she said

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"nice to meet you to"she said when her brother Will walked in to ask if she was okay

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Will looked at the girl and smiled"hey"he said

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Angela smiled, "Hey." she said

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"what is your name"he asked

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"I'm Angela." she said, "And you?"

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