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your favorite cure songs!!!!

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since you love the cure, you are obviously really awesome! so what's your favorite song by the cure?

Pokątnik Złowieszczek | 1 comments "Plainsong", "One Hundred Years", "If Only Tonight We Could Sleep", "Last Day Of Summer".

message 3: by QuotetheRaven (new)

QuotetheRaven | 1 comments I love almost any Cure song but um here are some off the top of my head. "Spiderman", "Friday I'm in love", "Just like Heaven", "A letter to Elise", "Love Cats", "LoveSong", "Pictures of you", "Us or Them", and I really love the song Robert Smith did "Not in Love". <3

message 4: by Ian (new)

Ian (IanDivision) | 1 comments Pretty much every song thats The Cure.

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