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Debbie I have read many books on the revolutionary period but not one touched on the incident with any detail. this book opens up a whole new area of revolutionary interest and was probably his best book. Loved it.

Donna Herrick You might like Ron Chernow's biography of "Hamilton". I found it to be almost as captivating as "Whiskey Rebels".

Linda Graham I enjoyed Whiskey Rebels, although Liss lost me a bit in the intricacies of the stock trading scheme. I’m looking forward to reading A Conspiracy of Paper – it’s in one of these piles decorating my floor.

But Chernow’s Alexander Hamilton! Wow! I’m almost finished and am spellbound! Nothing dry about it, which surprised me.

Elli I liked Conspiracy of Paper, too. One thing I like about David Liss is that he does take something like details of economic crime which could for me be devastatingly dull, and then do something with it that catches my attention....

Eileen Iciek I finished this book a little while ago. It annoyed me at first with all the talking by the two POV characters, which seemed pointless. I almost stopped reading it but based on reviews on Amazon, I persevered and ended up really loving it. And all the talking at the start did matter and brought the whole book together.

I had never read anything by this author before, but I will read more of his books after this.

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