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A few days before I found Goodreads, I posted this article on

In Your Hands, Dear Reader

The print-on-demand (POD) technology empowers individual thinkers to judge whether a book is worthy to be read. Unknown and struggling, a self-published author is faced with the challenge of reaching potential readers.

Reason Reigns is a self-published, POD novel of three parts: Faith and Reason, Greed for the Unearned, and Achievement of Heaven on Earth. Its back cover contains the theme and plot summary, to wit:

“Heaven on Earth can be achieved when reason reigns.”

Independent thinkers cannot be ruled, so die they must.

Inventor Tony Connor is tied to the stake. Hugo, a healer, faces death. By decree, Governor Rod Gullio Sr. and Rudi Yani imprison innovator Leo Thomas. Builder and publisher Ron Balian is hunted.

The most unexpected of saviors, young beau ideals, rise up.

The thinkers escape to a godforsaken island. Full of conviction that to rule a human being is abhorrent, they enshrine individual rights. They live by the code that a moral man does not rule, nor can he be ruled by men.

But the power-hungry pursue them fiercely. Chief Hunsec unleashes the full might of his empire upon the island. Head-Warlord Imman Kann and the Hunsec armada advance.

The small country, impregnable due to its technology, suffers an unthinkable betrayal. The Hunsec moles exult as the adult islanders lie fallen!

The green of young growth fend off the invaders.

Ruled by reason, the proud, happy, productive heroes achieve heaven on Earth.

But the island is now a dark, backward hole. Mystery surrounds the fate of the heroes and their wondrous creations. The hunt is on. For the truth. For the heroes’ treasures.

Alisa Connor, Ari Hugo, Frank Thomas, and young Ron Balian endeavor to rise. But great is the wrath of the destroyers. Between tyrants who crave to rule and thinkers who cannot be ruled, once again, the battle is joined.

On the book’s front cover is a sculpture of a naked woman triumphantly raising a torch, arms stretched high above her head, body straight and proud, feet firmly atop a skull over a thick book. Showing man’s goodness and efficacy, the sculpture represents the values depicted in Reason Reigns. The woman’s exalted pose is a salute to man’s intellectual and creative power. The sculpture is entitled: The Power of Science over Death. The sculptor, Dr. Jose Rizal, a polymath and polyglot, was executed by tyrants at age 35.

Reason Reigns starts with an oath to uphold the Constitution enshrining the principle that the only purpose of law and of government is the protection of individual rights. The revelry that follows is a total departure from the nation’s tradition of honoring humility, sacrifice, and suffering. Seething with self-righteousness and envy, cabal members scheme to cut down the proud, happy, independent thinkers with one blow, and then seize the legendary heroes’ treasures.

Alisa Connor acts on her convictions at the risk of her life. But defeating evil is not the most difficult battle in Part 1. Young Ron Balian, who thinks reason and faith can coexist, parallel to each other, in the same man, chooses a perfect life of probity over his own life, a child’s, and his beloved’s. To save his daughter, as well as Alisa and Ron, Dr. Ari Hugo must race against time in unraveling the secrets of the underground chambers, a mystery confounding searchers over the decades.

I am the author of Reason Reigns.

My cousin bought ten copies and wrote this review: “Excellently written. One of the best books I have read in years. The story is good and the underlying messages challenge the mind. An excellent book for all ages.”

Independent thinkers do not buy books based on reviews. Yet, I greatly appreciate my readers’ reviews. They give me pride and joy, not only in my own accomplishment, but in my readers’ intellect and integrity.

Just like my cousin’s, the following reviews from family members pleasure me:

“A novel of ideas. Sustained thrill from the first page until the last.”

“Inspiring. Admirable.”

“Ilyn Ross provokes her reader to think along with her heroes until the end. Extremely satisfying, brainy adventure. Reason Reigns beautifully demonstrates the power of the mind and the strength of reason.”

“Wonderful. Exciting and absorbing. A potent force that impels the reader to finish the story in one reading. Reason Reigns portrays knowledge and the youth as vital to a culture. Most of all: love and reason reign.”

“Reason Reigns features people of very strong character, particularly youngsters of fine mettle. It showcases the power of reason, especially in the fight between good and evil. Reason Reigns inspires the young to strive and achieve.”

“Reason Reigns is a purposeful writing which inspires man to be cognizant of the triumph of reason as the vanguard of life, truth, justice, and freedom. It is a strong book which lays down simple as well as serious reasons debunking the tyranny of false values. By Ilyn Ross, Reason Reigns is written in heaven's name.”

The POD technology renders self-publishing inexpensive, but the book pricey. Distributors, other than the author, do not accept returns. Refusing to deal directly with self-published authors, retailers do not to carry POD books on their shelves.

With the retailers’ policy disempowering individual thinkers in deciding what to read, once again, technology comes to the rescue. Kudos to the World Wide Web! Reason Reigns is now available for purchase online in 15 countries (

What books do most readers want? What recently published books are popular? The media very extensively reported on O.J. Simpson’s If I Did It, and Rita Cosby’s Blonde Ambition. To date, these are the New York Times Paperback Trade Fiction Best Sellers:

1. The Shack

The Shack wrestles with the timeless question, Where is God in a world so filled with unspeakable pain?”

2. Water for Elephants

Review from Publishers Weekly: “… Gruen skillfully humanizes the midgets, drunks, rubes and freaks who populate her book.”

4. The Friday Night Knitting Club

Review from Publishers Weekly: “… Jacobs surveys the knitters' histories, and the novel's pace crawls as the novel lurches between past and present, the latter largely occupied by munching on baked goods, sipping coffee and watching the knitters size each other up. Club members' troubles don't intersect so much as build on common themes of domestic woes and betrayal. …”

On May 19, 2008, Ms. Jacobs wrote in a blog: “Comfort Food – my new novel about a new cast of characters -- just arrived in stores and USA Today gave it a wonderful review! The novel picks up on my love of food television and is a lighthearted, behind-the-scenes look at a cooking show.”

Dear reader, thank you for your time. The culture is in your hands.

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Mark David Gan (markdavidgan) This POD technology does revolutionize the book industry. It's a great development :)

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Ilyn Ross (Ilyn_Ross) | 175 comments Mod
Hi David.

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Ilyn Ross (Ilyn_Ross) | 175 comments Mod
Howard Roark makes a case against Barack Obama

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