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message 1: by Zunpip (new)

Zunpip ok... no people from the book, but you can make your own here is the outline

can they fly:

message 2: by Zunpip (new)

Zunpip Am i missing any thing?

message 3: by Darkerling (new)

Darkerling the Necromancer | 88 comments Perhaps have Race for Creature made from star dust (ei. Mermaid ,Fairy ,other mythical creature)

message 4: by Bubbles (new)

Bubbles | 28 comments Mod
((I know that Molly Aster has no siblings, but is it OK?))

Name:Travis Aster
Powers from star dust:non
Personality:Annoying to Molly,does strange things,wants to be involved in the action and thinks he should be in the action
Appearance:Blond hair, green eyes, and short
Other:Molly Aster's little brother

message 5: by Cassie (new)

Cassie (cstar12) Ilike the idea of a little brother for Molly. He could be one of the lost boys or somthing!

message 6: by Aurora (new)

Aurora the Roman Goddess of the Dawn | 72 comments Name:Peep (is what everyone calls him)
Powers from star dust: Can make everyone fly if they have a happy thought
Personality:? I don't know yet.
Appearance:6" tall and Blond hair and blue eyes
Other: Is friend's with one of the lost boy

message 7: by Cassie (new)

Cassie (cstar12) i like that

message 8: by Bubbles (new)

Bubbles | 28 comments Mod
you guys need to make a character so we can start to role play, OK.

message 9: by Cassie (new)

Cassie (cstar12) I'm leaving

message 10: by Zunpip (last edited Mar 18, 2009 07:27PM) (new)

Zunpip Name: Shay
Age: 15
gender: girl
can they fly: Yes!
Personality: shes nice and caring but does not really like dudes
Appearance:skinny blond hair green eyes wears lots of green and brown
stardust power: fly all the time heals fast flexible

message 11: by Bubbles (last edited Mar 02, 2009 03:15PM) (new)

Bubbles | 28 comments Mod
Zoeee is your character a human who lives in London and lives close to the Aster's? Or is she a fairy who lives in Never Land?

message 12: by Zunpip (new)

Zunpip Never Land

message 13: by Darkerling (new)

Darkerling the Necromancer | 88 comments Name: None (he doesn't know his name)
Age: 8 months
Gender: Male
Can they fly: Sort of. (He can fly and move though solid objects.)
Personality: Nice but confused at times, very smart
Appearance: Silvery glow, look like a shadow when in the light and gives off light when in the dark.
Stardust power: He is mostly made out of stardust so I'm not sure.
Description: He is part of Ombra's shadow and got changed by the stardust and was made a different being, He wants to find out his past and he feels alone. He is currently in London.

message 14: by Kota (last edited Mar 17, 2009 04:50PM) (new)

Kota Name: Ayla

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Appearance: She wears male clothing, prefering her usual brown trousers over frilly dresses. She has soft black hair to the middle of her back and piercing brown-almost-black eyes. She has tannish pale skin and not a lot of freckles. She also has a slivery scar on her left cheek from a fight with one of the Others.

Species: Star Catcher

Effects of Dust: The ability to move without making a single sound.

Descripition: She has been working for the starcatchers since she was seven and is considereda Senior Starcatcher. She has had many run ins with Others and one particular one of which she doesn't like to talk about. In fact, she not a very talkative person at all. Her withdrawledness, dust inforced ability and the fact that she can disappear easily within a crowd makes her very mysterious. Some don't know whether to trust her or not, but those who know her story would trust her with their life.

message 15: by Darkerling (new)

Darkerling the Necromancer | 88 comments ((one question about your character, Kota, do they know Travis Aster?))

message 16: by Kota (new)

Kota ((Um...should she?))

message 17: by Darkerling (new)

Darkerling the Necromancer | 88 comments ((doesn't matter to me, but she'll need to join up with the other character at some point))

message 18: by Kota (new)

Kota ((Ok. I guess not then. Where are the others now???))

message 19: by Darkerling (new)

Darkerling the Necromancer | 88 comments ((well me and bubbles are in London and the other 2 are are in neverland))

message 20: by Aurora (new)

Aurora the Roman Goddess of the Dawn | 72 comments Name:Sally
Powers from star dust: non
Personality: is every type of person she needs to be. Is a great actress.
Appearance:5'7" tall and Black hair and blue eyes
Other: Is one of the Others but no ones knows, except the Others. Is friends with Molly Aster.

message 21: by Claire (new)

Claire (starwarsgrl2187) Name: Samantha
Gender Female
Powers from star dust: Doesn't know it but can heal really fast and fly
Personality: Nice to people she can trust, kinda quiet
Appearance: 5'8" long blond hair and brown eye
Other: She know about the two groups and is friends with Molly Aster

message 22: by Aurora (new)

Aurora the Roman Goddess of the Dawn | 72 comments is Samantha friends with Sally?

message 23: by Darkerling (new)

Darkerling the Necromancer | 88 comments ((good question))

message 24: by Claire (new)

Claire (starwarsgrl2187) Yeah I guess

message 25: by xXRossiya AruXx (new)

xXRossiya AruXx (biggestanimegeek) | 14 comments Name:Tiia
can they fly:yupp
Appearance: Rena
from stardust: doesn't get older, can fly

message 26: by Darkerling (new)

Darkerling the Necromancer | 88 comments character sound ok

message 27: by xXRossiya AruXx (new)

xXRossiya AruXx (biggestanimegeek) | 14 comments yah

message 28: by Nita (new)

Nita Pan (nitapanwrites) | 2 comments Name: Allegra Cassidy

Age: 15

Gender: female

Power from Starstuff: not sure yet, but she was affected

Personality: sarcastic yet deadly loyal


Other: She has made it her goal to never let any Starstuff fall into the Shadow Thieves clutches.

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