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☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆ (lilysokai) | 60 comments Mod
If you want more information about this RP, please look to the Plot/Information topic! ^^

God Parent:
»Inherited Talents:
Artifact: (Like Percy's Pen; include skills it grants if any)
»Mortal Form:
»Battle Form:

☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆ (lilysokai) | 60 comments Mod
Name: Kyle Dawson

»Nickname: Lil' Kai

Gender: Male

Age: 11

Kyle has an odd mixture of hair colors; the roots being black that fade to green, which turn to white at the tips. He claims he has no idea how that happened, but it probably has something to do with his poor grasp on magic. A pair of clear green eyes are hidden underneath the black blindfold he always wears, and his typical attire is a pure black overcoat with gloves. Kyle is actually rather short for his age; standing at 4' 11" with room to grow.

Personality: Though Kyle might have some quirky bits about him and a few mysterious qualities, he's a cheerful little camper who's friendly to everyone including those who seem like they'd kill somebody if they were talked to. He wasn't born with the natural ability to read the situation of a room and is likely to start singing Twinkle in the middle of a conversation about world devastation, if there ever was one. Though he's a boy, he likes skipping around camp. He loves getting to know people, enjoys the sense of touch (usually reaching up with his hands to feel people's faces, to "see" what they look like) and is often very clingy to those he likes. He never seems to sleep, and is often found sitting on the roof of his cabin; his head tilted back at the sky (since he can't see the stars), listening to the sounds of the night with a dreamy smile on his face. His personality makes him act about two or three years younger than he actually is, but don't be fooled; he's dangerous if you ever manage to get him angry.

Background: Kyle was born only a few miles from the campsite; living a peaceful life out in the countryside. His father raised him by himself, encouraging him to roll in mud and other roughhousing while home-schooling him. He was kept away from other children so that nobody would learn of his disabilities (or true abilities). At one point while he was growing up, though, he accidentally turned a snake to stone out of anger after it bit him; a feat that not many could have completed at such a young age. Afterwards, however, Kyle's father received a sign from Hecate, telling him to give Kyle a blindfold, and for him to never take it off.

After 10 years of living this secluded life, however, the camp contacted Kyle's father and notified him that it was time. Wordlessly, he packed a few of Kyle's things and drove him to camp. With one tearful goodbye from Kyle and a small wave from the father, Kyle has been at camp for over 6 months.

God Parent: Hecate
»Cabin: 20
»Inherited Talents:
-Minor magic (soon to be mastered)
-Sixth sense for the right decision
-Supernatural hearing (akin to sonar)

Artifact: Hinders his magical capabilities greatly, but has increased his endurance and stamina while using magic over time.
»Mortal Form: The blindfold
»Battle Form: Still a blindfold

Other: Loves the smell of lavender. Hates the taste of sour grapes.

☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆ (lilysokai) | 60 comments Mod
Name: Skyler Alexis Dmitri

»Nickname: Skye

Gender: Male

Age: 18


Skye has grassy green highlights that are mixed in his shaggy earth-brown mop of hair; a nice foliage color mixed in with a lime for his eyes. He has an elvish look about him with a naturally cautious disposition, but his outfits are usually colored in lax nature tones consisting of green and brown hues with the occasional pink, red, gold or white fringing. His shirts usually have large collars, long sleeves (with cuffs) and tail ends while his pants are typically comfortable brown corduroy trousers. Often times he will run around barefoot (he likes the feeling of dirt on his feet), but will otherwise wear leather hiking boots. He is around 6' 5", but is sensitive and rather awkward about his height.

Personality: Skyler is 50% Demigod, 25% Polish and 25% Russian. He has a very faint accent that he gets extremely defensive of, though he is easily able to forgive those who offend him. His European descent gives him fair skin that burns easily, but despite this, he loves to be outside no matter what the weather. Due to his extremely caring personality and extensive knowledge on herbs, he's a great nurse. He's also sensitive guy who's easily affected by pranks, jokes, harsh comments, criticism or any other form of cruel treatment. His heart is practically worn on his sleeve 24/7 (and Hermes kids love pulling pranks on him), though his hopeless romantic nature can't be helped.

Background: Skye was picked up from his old school while tending to the garden outside in the front; manicuring the flowers like he always did on sunny Wednesday afternoons. He had been living with his drunk father for the past 15 years and was sick of it but was still too young to get away. As soon as the demigods came to his doorstep and asked him to leave with them, he's never looked back on his past and prefers it if others leave the subject alone.

God Parent: Demeter
»Cabin: 4
»Inherited Talents:
-Green Thumb
-Knack for telling the Weather
-Ability to distinguish two almost identical things from the slightest detail
-Earth Manipulation (Growth, Movement, Plant Life)

Artifact: Present from an unknown sender (his mother) on his 13th birthday; hides and confuses his scent to protect from monsters.
»Mortal Form: Cuff Buttons (for his long sleeves) in the shape of blue-and-silver daisies.
»Battle Form: Dual hand-and-a-half swords.

Other: Would probably faint upon an encounter with a wild animal that's larger than a wolf.

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s•u•n•s•h•i•n•e «§KENZ§» | 307 comments Name: Typhus Balin
» Nickname: Ty, Typhus

Gender: male

Age: 17

Description: Typhus is a pretty muscular, dark-skinned boy that is nearing six feet and still growing. He has very intense, black eyes and a permanently guarded expression. Typically, he wears plain t-shirts and dark jeans; his closet has never seen a suit. His voice, when he's not yelling, is quiet, mid-ranged, and pleasant to listen to.

Personality: Typhus has some pretty big anger management issues. Beneath that, he is a creative, introverted boy who just wants the world to leave him alone. That seems unlikely to happen.

Background: His mom got into drugs when he was a kid. The state of New York removed him from her custody when he was five, and he spent eight years in a variety of foster homes. He's been through some rough times and has gotten in minor trouble with the law a few times. His father showed up the day before his thirteenth birthday and gave him a weird bracelet that he made him put on. Typhus spent the rest of the day trying to get rid of the stupid piece of jewelry, but every time he thought he succeeded, he found it back on his wrist. The next day, on his birthday, he was contacted by the camp and agreed to leave. He hasn't left the camp since. Since his arrival, his anger issues seem to have improved, though they are still quite prevalent.

God Parent: Hephaestus
» Cabin: 9
» Inherited Talents: can sense metal and traps; expert mechanic; pyrokinesis

Artifact: Makes him resistant to the effects of fire.
» Mortal Form: An inconspicuous brown thread bracelet (lined with metal) that glows red when he gets angry.
» Battle Form: An enormous blacksmith's hammer.

Skills: Innovative/resourceful thinker.

Other: Hates dealing with people.

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DragonDreamer ((It's RIKU!!! Sorry, big Kingdom Hearts fan here... couldn't contain myself >.<))

Name: Leon Phillips Spector
»Nickname:pretty much everyone calls him Leon so far.

Personality: Leon is a bit of a floater. He doesn't really seem to put a lot of effort into training and prefers to enjoy his time at camp by playing volleyball or relaxing by the lake or other such things. He likes to have fun and hardly takes anything or anyone seriously. He's never really dealt with monsters because he has been able to turn them away with his abilities or hide his scent with a charm given to him by his mother. He can be very flirty when he sees an attractive girl. He never deals invests himself in serious relationships, though, figuring he should enjoy being single and attractive while he can.

Background:Leon grew up in LA and hollywood, his father being a successful actor and director. He has traveled a lot of the world, visiting many extravagant locations. His childhood was pretty easy and he has little to complain about.
God Parent:Aphrodite
»Cabin: 10
»Inherited Talents:
-Highly attractive.
-Control over clothes, makeup, and jewelry.
-Love magic.
-Ability to change their physical features.
-The ability to speak fluent French.
-High social abilities and awareness.
Artifact: Silver necklace that helps hide his half-blood scent
»Mortal Form: A silver chain with a miniature sword hanging from it like arabian assassins used(the curvy cool ones).
»Battle Form: A usable sized sword like the one on the chain.

Other: He likes to take naps a lot. He also gets teased for being a son of Aphrodite by many of the other guys.

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DragonDreamer Name: Klara Ann Pipperson
»Nickname:Kip, Kippy

Personality:Klara is a gentle, loving child. She loves nature and going out to find healing herbs in the forest. She's not bad with a bow and arrow, picking it up quite quickly as the child of Apollo. She doesn't really acknowledge him much as a father figure though. She aspires to be more like her mother, a beautiful pianist from London. Klara only has a slight accent, having lived there for about 8 years before she moved to the US with her mother. Klara is kind and sweet, but very naive, trusting, and unsuspecting. She forgives easily, which is both a gift and a curse. She is kind to everyone she meets.

Background:She lived in London for 8 years, then moved to the US, in New York, where her mother works as a piano teacher and does shows for broadway(the orchestra) often. Klara has gotten to see a lot of these shows for free and has developed an appreciation of theater because of it.
God Parent:Apollo
»Inherited Talents:
-Medicinal talents
-Can play any instrument
Artifact: Hair clip
»Mortal Form: A silver curvy bow and arrow hair clip that she wears all the time.
»Battle Form:full sized bow and arrow that automatically has another arrow after the one before it is shot. When the battle is considered over by the bow's owner, the arrows will disappear.

Other: Not violent whatsoever. This makes for a bad warrior, but she never really wanted to be a warrior in the first place. She would shoot someone's shirt to a tree instead of shooting them.

Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (falls) | 116 comments Name: Anaxandra Thea Hemsworth
»Nickname: Xandra or Ax
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Personality: Ax is quiet, seemingly shy, but in reality just doesn't like talking. She loves being around people as long as they're okay with her. She loves throwing people off by dressing quite girlishly, when in reality she holds the power to beat people up.
Background: Ax doesn't remember this story, but when she was little, her mother did something to piss off Apollo, doing something to relate Xandra to the gods. Apollo, furious, took away her mortal sight. All she gets is light perception, and it's faint at that. She came to Camp Half Blood a few days ago, her mother having hidden her in a way that used her blindness to her advantage.
God Parent: Apollo
»Cabin: 7
»Inherited Talents: She is musically talented with everything she has ever tried to play, even though she can't see any of the keys or strings or holes. Every time she picks up an instrument, it feels... Familiar.
Ax can also receive premonitions, though they are rare, and that ability that I forgot the name of where you touch an object and get a past premonition. She is extremely persuasive and uses her disability(and her looks) to her advantage.
Artifact: A ring that increases her senses to compensate for her loss of sight. Almost Toph like.
»Mortal Form: A burnished gold ring that is made entirely out of delicate, intertwining chains.
»Battle Form: A bow whose infinite arrows find their own mark. It melts away from her finger and grows into a bow already in her hand.
Other: I did mention she was blind, I think that's it.

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s•u•n•s•h•i•n•e «§KENZ§» | 307 comments Name: Kathryn Jinx Beltran
» Nickname: Jinx

Gender: female

Age: 17

Jinx is a very pretty girl with red hair, pale skin, and vivid blue eyes. She takes after her mother much more than her father, though in more aspects than just image. 

Personality: Though highly competitive, Jinx is not as aggressive or fond of violence as most children of Ares. She has a small love for the arts, though she expresses it through combat more than through paint or similar things, like her mother. She comes across as tough and unemotional, but is far more sensitive than she appears.

Background: Jinx lived with her mother until she was twelve, when her father claimed her and she first came to Camp Half-Blood. Still, she spends the summers with her mom, and they have a very good relationship.

God Parent: Ares
» Cabin: 5
» Inherited Talents: enhanced strength, swiftness, and combat skills; expert war strategist; natural at using weapons

Artifact: Jinx's ring is like a warning device that misfunctions slightly. She is not her father's favorite child, and she sometimes blames it's cruel tendencies on that. It gives her a harmless shock of varying degrees when there is someone behind her that she hasn't noticed. While useful at times, it sometimes causes her to jump out of her skin for no apparent reason. It also tingles when someone is looking at her.
» Mortal Form: A pale gold ring with a small rose on the front of the band worn on her left middle finger. It can never be lost or removed. When she twists it so the rose faces the inside of her hand, it turns into her sword. She has gotten to where she only needs to use her thumb to turn the ring.
» Battle Form: A beautiful longsword made of celestial bronze. It never dulls.

Skills: Jinx has some natural ability in the arts (music, theatere, etc.), though she chooses to keep that side of her private and hidden.

Other: Very close to her mother. Quite intelligent.

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Name: Zabria Strohm

Nickname: Bree, Zay

Gender: Female

Age: 15


Personality: Loves music, and art. Is a great artist. Zabria is kind of an outsider, she likes her music, art, and learning more than she does being around other people. But once you get to know her she is really kind and fun to be around. Super smart and intuitive.

Background: Was 11 when she first came to camp, which was a huge relife since her father's wife hated her because she was an "affair child". Her father never stood up for her and her stepmother was very cruel and mentally abusive.

God Parent: Athena

Inherited Talents:
-Aptitud in Battle
--including battle stratigy
-Artistic Abilities
-Natural Archer
-Total fear of Spiders

Artifact: A chain charm bracelet with four charms. An owl, a fox, a bow & arrow, and a dagger. This was given to Zabria by Athena for her sixth birthday to "Help you when you are in need."
Mortal form: A silver bracelet with the four silver charms, (owl, fox, bow & arrow, dagger)
Battle Form: Depending on which charm she uses the Aftifact will transform Zabria into an owl or fox (accordingly) or the bracelet itself with transform into a bow and quiver with magical arrows, or a Celestial Bronze dagger.

Skills: Good with a bow & arrow. Quite fast, thinks great under pressure and on the move. Great artist.

Other: Hates her father for not standing up for her, lives at camp year round so that she doesn't have to face him anymore.

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Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (falls) | 116 comments Name: Evangelia Lux Knight(Poor girl... Her initials are ELK.)
»Nickname: Eve
Gender: Female
Age: 9 1/2
Appearance: http://data.whicdn.com/images/1102509...
Eve has almost too much blonde hair that falls around her, always in perfect waves. Her clear, blue eyes stand out from her blushing skin.
Personality: Eve... Definitely thinks she owns the place. She doesn't want to be in charge. Whoever is in charge gets blamed when things go wrong. Rather, she's best friends with the cabin leader and whatever that doesn't get her, she gets with adorableness.
God Parent: Aphrodite.
Cabin: 10
Inherited Talents: Well, obviously, she's adorable. She's excellent at any language, not just Greek and French. She's also a very talented rider, and has the ability(I don't remember what Charmspeak is, maybe this is it) to talk people into falling in love with others.
Artifact: A small figure of a dove made from pearl that allows her to never be lost.
Mortal Form: She hangs it around her neck like a necklace.
Battle Form: A pure white dagger made from celestial bronze coated in pearl. The dagger is all crooked, like this: http://halloweencostumes.costumestore... and the hilt looks kind of like dove wings.

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It was an idea I got from doning some resarch on Athena, I can change it if you like, it was just an idea.

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DragonDreamer Charm speak is like the ability to cast verbal spells or something. I looked it up a while ago when I made my aphrodite charrie but I don't remember it specifically

Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (falls) | 116 comments Yeah, I remember it in the Lost Hero, or whichever one I read, but I can't really remember it either. Oh well.

☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆ (lilysokai) | 60 comments Mod
SoccerBoss: Alright... I guess so. Approved.

Waterfall: Approved.

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DragonDreamer If I find the exact def. I will let you know

message 17: by DragonDreamer (new)

DragonDreamer So when is the RP going to be opened?

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Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (falls) | 116 comments Name: Jerico
»Nickname: Just Jerico.
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Appearance: http://cdnimg.visualizeus.com/thumbs/... (Left)
Personality: Jerico doesn't like talking. He likes listening. And being alone. When he gets angry, he practically explodes.
Background: Jerico and Cam lived a pretty normal life, up until they were claimed. They're only here during the summer, and when they found out they were born from Hades, they rebelled and got loads of tattoos. Since then, they've realised it's not all that bad, and that they're actually quite like their father. Jerico still hates how people treat him because of their parentage.
God Parent: Hades
»Cabin: 13
»Inherited Talents: Jerico can raise and quite effectively talk to the dead. He can Shadow Travel in extreme cases only.
Artifact: A small, black watch that increases his instincts.
»Mortal Form: A black watch.
»Battle Form: A stygian iron shield and a stygian iron dagger.
Skills: He's really good at working with Cam, and together they are practically unstoppable. He's good with daggers, but not swords. Better at defense than offense.

Name: Cameron
»Nickname: Cam
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Appearance: http://cdnimg.visualizeus.com/thumbs/... (Right)
Personality: Cam likes having fun. He doesn't care that they were born from the God of Death. He fights his inner depressing side constantly and tries to be friendly, though he does have his dark moments.
Background: Same as Jerico's. He's calmer than Jerico, and more lax.
God Parent: Hades
»Cabin: 13
»Inherited Talents: Cam can Shadow Travel and talk to the dead.
Artifact: A shard of black rock that holds his emotions in check.
»Mortal Form: A shard of black rock.
»Battle Form: A full blown stygian iron sword.
Skills: Great with swords and working with Jerico. He's also avidly good at hiding.

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Fwit | 151 comments Name: Tara Drake
»Nickname: Tiara (she rather likes this)
Gender: Female
Age: 10, but acts like a 6-8 year old. Occasionally she'll say something a 16 year old would say. But not really often.

Appearance: http://stuffpoint.com/anime-paradise/...
She has a slight, wispy build and barely clears 4'. Her eyes are never clouded, never sleepy, and she never shows signs of sleep deprivation. Her skin is very delicate and bruises easily, but everything heals quickly when she sleeps deeply. Though naturally pale, she will tan almost instantly and lose her tan if her skin doesn't see the sun very much. She never sunburns, and her hair is always caught in a low side ponytail. The veins on inside of her right wrist faintly outline an open eye, and on the inside of her left wrist is a closed eye.

Personality: Dislikes being alone, even if that means she has to be near complete strangers. Doesn't get angry very often, and when she does her mood is soon lifted. Finds watching people sleep fascinating. She hates hot chocolate and can drink espresso five minutes before sleeping and have dreams. She's very picky about her drinks, always refusing juice and only drinking water treated to her taste and only drinking certain types of tea. Looks and acts younger than she really is, but knows more and thinks differently than a ten year old should (though she hardly lets this show).

Background: Her mother is an ex-anesthesiologist who is now an interior designer and architect who works with purely ancient Greek designs. She grew up on Guam and often vacationed in Switzerland.

God Parent: Hypnos
»Cabin: 15
»Inherited Talents: Can put people to sleep or wake them up, preferably through skin contact. She can go indefinitely without sleep. Pitch dark and blinding light don't bother her eyes at all. Sleep deprivation is one thing she has never experienced.

Artifact: Katanuxis. On command, her weapons will either kill or put whoever touches them into a vegetative state. καθοδήγηση (her teddy bear)
»Mortal Form: Her headband (Katanuxis). Her teddy bear.
»Battle Form: Once taken off, her ribbon turns into a clear-handled whip with a tip that burns with Greek fire. Upon mental command, it will turn into a long, thin rapier that is also the same clear material as the handle. It never needs to be sharpened.
καθοδήγηση becomes a little ghost that is her protector and moral support, her comforter and friend in battle.

Skills: Is a pretty good cook, but likes eating too much to make foood. She knows that she can eat everything she makes, and she doesn't want to get fat.
Other: Whenever she sleeps, she has nightmares of being completely alone in a place full of swirling, red fog where she can't even see her hands if she holds her hands to her face.

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Lupine Estill (psychesp) | 20 comments Name: Cataline Nicola Tuviani
»Nickname: "Nico", "Lina" (by some outside camp)

Gender: Female

Age: Appears 18 (368)

Nico has thick, dark hair that never does as it is told, straying off into her face whenever she allows it to grow to a more respectable length. Due to this frustration, she generally keeps it cropped short and it is only ever as neat as the fellow Huntress holding the knife at the time cuts it. Her eyes are a brown just barely a shade lighter, and always entertain a hunger for the wild. Her figure is slim and muscled, her skin tanned from time spent traveling and she is rarely seen in bright clothing that might stand out against the forest. In accord with tradition, while at camp she always wears her Huntress tee.

Described in a word, wild. Her appearance is accented often by a knowing smile and an eager demeanor. Nico is never a girl to turn down a challenge or a chance for a new thrill. However, years of experience have taught her the difference between recklessness and bravery. When amongst her sisters, she knows enough restraint to maintain patience and through following Artemis, has learned to have great pride in herself and the life that she leads. She watched as women grew in society and whenever the authority of her goddess is challenged or her friends insulted, she is the first to leap to conclusions and assume an aggressive stance. Among the people of Camp Half-Blood, although she doesn't quite fit in, Nico is pleased to associate with any of the campers and carries little enthusiasm towards favoring her rambunctious siblings. Though she'd be unlikely to admit it, she does share quite a bit of their nature.

Nico was born in Naples in the year 1643. During her early life, she lived at home on her estate with her mother and her father, a nobleman, learning how to read, write, cook, sew, and possess all the qualities of a fine young woman. At age five her mother gave birth to a baby boy, her brother, and at age thirteen she was sent to the port city Barletta in order to visit a well-off suitor, later to be joined by her brother and parents. By this time, the plague known as the Black Death had begun to spread across Italy and the ship her family was due to arrive in, the Sant' Andrea was declared contaminated when it reached the port. Through the duration of the voyage, all three of her relatives had succumbed to the sickness and while the ship was prevented from docking, were unable to receive medical treatment and died. With so few other options available, Catalina chose to marry the duke to whom she was promised in 1657. With nothing to disguise her scent or presence as a demigod, it wasn't long before strange happenings ensued and her husband became convinced of her identity as a form of bad luck, even a witch. The two of them had lived fairly happily until the monster appearances grew so frequent he made the decision to take up another wife to replace her, expelling Cataline from his house with nowhere else to go. At the age of eighteen she found herself wandering the wilderness, full of anger and respite. When she was lucky enough to stumble upon the lady Artemis, she took her vows without a second thought.

God Parent: Hermes
»Cabin: 8 (Artemis)
»Inherited Talents:
-Pickpocketing, moving about unnoticed
-The art of bluff
-Content to spend her life on the road

Artifact: Arraffare (Italian for "snatch") A bag which can hold anything that can fit through it's opening and does not fatigue the wearer. Nico once fit a quiver of arrows, an unstrung bow, eight bags of drachma and denarii, three packs of gum, a day's rations, four celstial bronze daggers, and a kitten inside it.
»Mortal Form: A light leather backpack with a latch and buckle for safekeeping. (https://encrypted-tbn2.google.com/ima...)
»Form without Mist: The same bag, but with winged serpent branded into the side.

Other Skills: Nico has become a well practiced archer and would rather strike a target down from a ranged distance than engage in blade to blade combat.

Other: Is currently at camp as an "emissary" for the Hunters of Artemis. She is one of their more trusted members but not so senior they can't do without her. She goes by her middle name, Nicola.

((Wow... I'm feeling very accomplished with all the research it took to make the background historically accurate. I figure if I'm gonna have an immortal character, I should put some significant effort into it.))

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Lupine Estill (psychesp) | 20 comments Name: Kalie Jay Hyde
»Nickname: "Kally" "Kay"

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Kalie is a rather lithe girl, standing at just above five and a half feet with little athletic ability. She is in possession of excellent reflexes, but among an entire camp full of demigods this means little. Her face is angular, almost elven, and due to her pale pallor, almost always flushed in the cheeks. Her hair trails down her back in long, almost platinum blond strands, cutting off midway. She is rarely warm and spends most of the summer in jeans and her too large Camp Half-Blood tee shirt, the blunt orange exaggerating even further the pastel pallet of her appearance. Rarely is she seen without a page of sheet music crumpled up in her back pocket and a dazed, far off look in her sterling gray eyes.

Anyone who's carried on a good conversation with Kalie could easily see that she's an optimist through and through. Leave her alone and she'd sit and daydream all day, but when she is addressed, she always responds reasonably and thoughtfully. When a problem presents itself, rather than frustrating herself or despairing about the issue, he first course of action is to look for the source of the dilemma and put a stop to it. Kalie has a deep capacity for caring and it takes little to earn her respect if not her trust. Due to her drifting mind, she often comes across as a quiet, peaceful girl and is rarely noticed by people she isn't already acquainted with unless she is actively engaged in the conversation. Although she is so very kind hearted, she is not naive. She recognizes the darkness in the world and the threat of losing what she loves and the beauty in life is what makes her treasure it all the more. Kalie absolutely adores the arts - although her voice is her only forte - and loves flowers, the scent of rain, the feeling of sunshine on her eyelids in the morning, the small things that make the world bearable.

Unlike most demigods, Kalie's "gift" was discovered very early on in her life. Although it never grew to it's full strength until she reached puberty, it was evident that the singing Kalie loved to do so much affected the people around her. By six, she would improvise her own ditsy little tunes in the bathroom and enter the study to find her mother struggling to keep her eyelids open in the middle of a conference call with France. At ten she could put to sleep anyone in the room. Due to her mother's work, she never really called one place home. The two of them wandered across the globe. India, Japan, countries all across Europe. It wasn't until later that Kalie learned her mother's job was only half of the cause for their constant migration. If they stayed in one place for too long, people began to grow suspicious of the girl who always carried a tune and always sent them dreaming. Not to mention the threat of monsters. Eventually it grew to the point where Kalie was forbidden even from humming and after the attacks increased, her mother could think of no way to keep her safe other than sending her to camp, where she has lived full time for a little less than the last two years. When the two of them had traveled the globe, Kalie loved every, sight every sound, every bit of the new culture, but she had always been just a bit lonely with all the business enthralling her mom. Recently, things have been looking up.

God Parent: Hypnos
»Cabin: 15
»Inherited Talents:
-When her singing is heard, the listener will fall into a deep coma-like slumber until the song is halted, at which point they are able to wake
-Use of the Mirror of the Oneroi

Artifact: Mirror of the Oneiroi. Allows the user to gaze upon the dreams of a nearby slumberer.
»Mortal Form: A small compact mirror.
»Form without Mist: When opened by a child of Hypnos, the mirror phases into a slightly lager, ornate hand mirror used for scrying (viewing prophecy, or in this case dreams).

Other: Kalie's weapon of choice is her set of throwing daggers, which she practices with routinely. She doesn't have the best aim, but she's pretty handy with them in a closer combat.

((Urk... I stayed up waaaaay too late doing this >.<))

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Riley (rixosink) Name: Theon Eskel St. Clair
»Nickname: Esky, St. Clair
Gender: M
Age: 17


Theon has messy brown hair that is a shade too dark to be called ginger and piercing blue eyes, with handsome face and a sharp nose and jaw. He often looks serious with a constant crease of his eyebrows, the only sign that he has humor in the crinkle of his eyes when he's not wearing his usual grin. Theon likes to dress simply, plain white button down shirts or hoodies complemented by washed out jeans. He speaks with a rather thick but understandable Irish accent, using a wide array of expressions that confuse most people. 

Theon is good-humored and friendly on the outside but has a serious undercurrent under all of his smiles and humor. He's humble despite his jokingly arrogant attitude and has a prominent figure, always carrying around an air of relaxed confidence. He often sings softly under his breath, and you can catch a faraway wistfulness in his eyes sometimes that appears when he's missing his mum and Ireland. He's courageous and ready to throw himself in front of a monster to protect someone but is careful on his feet and not overly impulsive or reckless. Theon would lay down his life in a second flat to save someone he loved and is one of the most loyal friends you could ever have, ready to listen to any problems should they come up. He has a bit of a hopeless romantic streak in him too, and a tendency to exaggerate his character.

Theon grew up in Cork, Ireland in a small apartment with his mum, a strong ward from his father keeping the raving monsters at bay who caught his especially strong demigod scent. He knew nothing of his Greek heritage until he was fifteen and the protection spell broke, the only signs something about him was different being his dyslexia and his tendency to lightly shock people accidentally whenever he touched them. The protection spell had also been restraining his abilities, so when it suddenly vanished all fifteen years of built up power startsous parking out of him in bursts, almost electrocuting his mum in the process. Concerned for her safety and utterly confused what was happening to him, Theon left home the next day, pursued by monsters relentlessly. During his first year on the run he traveled across Europe, finding temporary sanctuary in a small temple to the gods in Greece, where his father Zeus sent him a sign to claim him. Figuring as well as he could that the Greek myths were real, he took off to America and arrived in New York only a few days ago.

God Parent: Zeus
»Cabin: 1
»Inherited Talents:
Flying (Only accessed in extreme circumstances)
Summoning Lightning 
Communication with creatures of the sky 
Able to navigate by stars

Spéir; A wicked two-handed sword with decorative double edged lightning bolts attached to the hilt. A gift from Zeus from when he was claimed. Theon wears it strapped against his back most of the time, easy to access and carry. Spéir was forged specially to conduct electricity and lightning in battle.
»Mortal Form: If need to, Theon can shrink down the blade into a small lightning-shaped dagger.
»Battle Form:
Hilt looks something like this

Theon is a more than decent fighter with two years of hectic experience under his belt. Traveling has taught him many useful skills and tricks, and he knows how to stay alive.


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Name: Brittan Petters
»Nickname: Just Brittan
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Appearance: http://cdn2.mixrmedia.com/wp-uploads/...
He takes after his mother in the lighter hair color and has his father's trademark sea green eyes.
Personality: He is kind of guarded untill you get to know him, but then he is really super fun loving and even hyper at times. He enjoys sports of all kinds, espessially water sports. He is willing to work hard for the things he wants and will be loyal to his friends even if it means death. (And for a demi-god it may just...)
Background: He grew up with and loves his mother. Of course his father was out of the picture, but his mother never stopped loving him and therefore never married. It is his first year at camp because his mother tried to hide him so she wouldn't have to loose him. This caused many monsters to come after his powerful demi-god scent, which evetnually led to a large attack that his mother was killed in. Forced to flee Brittan instinctively headed for New York and soon after arrived at Camp Half-Blood, where his father still hasn't claimed him.
God Parent: Poseidon
»Cabin: 3
»Inherited Talents:
-Control Over Water
-Can Talk with and Summon sea creatures
-Can breath underwater
-Perfect bearings at sea
-Talks with horses and Pegasi
Artifact: A leather thong (like the string for a necklace) with a small sand dollar tied intricatly into it, without any holes being put into the sand dollar.
»Mortal Form: A necklace
»Battle Form: When the sand dollar is rubbed clockwise it transforms into a celestial bronze longsword and when it is rubbed counter-clockwise it becomes a large celestial bronze shield.
Skills: Good with a sword. Decent cook. Great horseman. Really good at any water sports.
Other: He doesn't get his arifact until after his father claims him, (which again hasn't happened yet.)

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s•u•n•s•h•i•n•e «§KENZ§» | 307 comments Why hello Brittan!

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Fwit | 151 comments Name: Stanley Cryson
»Nickname: Leaf
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Appearance: http://api.ning.com/files/mdHZvw03i*C...
Tall and lean, yet not lanky. Graceful despite his length, and every move seems very slow and lazy. Even when he runs he seems lethargic, despite the speed at which he moves. His eyelashes are abnormally long and give his eyes a half-asleep look, but he only looks awake and attentive when he is bored, tired, or sick. His eyes are usually a thick, warm black, but when he utilizes his powers they turn varying shades of purpke depwnding on his level of concentration.
Personality: Very lazy. Unless he feels motivated. Not a slacker, and always does things thoroughly
Somewhat of a clean freak, and surprisingly concerned in his appearance.
Background: His mother is the daughter of a Korean swordmaster who is paid by the nation to create swords for respected men and preserve the swordfighting culture. She married a famous half-german potter and began running a string of posh hotels built exclusively to service royalty, ambassadors, and anyone else who can afford her prices.
God Parent: Dionysus
»Cabin: 12
»Inherited Talents: Can alter his appearance at will and mimic voices. Can change the mood of any crowd, and grow grapes from ashes. Is learning that he can affect madness in people. He can distort the vision of hisenemies and confuse them as if they were intoxicated. Can consume poison without being harmed. The more poison he takes in, the more lethal his fan becomes. He can also channel the poison into grapes he grows. He has enhanced senses of smell, taste, feel, hearing, and his eyesight is sharp but he often does not see things unless he's concentrating on them. He doesn't enjoy registering seeing things because it takes work to process what they are.
Artifact: His necklace (Persona) and bracelet (Achos).
»Mortal Form: Necklace and bracelet.
»Battle Form: His bracelet turns into any gun he chooses (usually some type of water gun) and shoots grapes burning with Greek fire. The necklace becomes a large fan of violet silk with a razor sharp surface. Anyone who touches it other than him is affected by the poison on it, the area of contact turning red and inflamed before bruising to black and rotting. The fact that it's a fan mortifies him so much that he doesn't show off his necklace much
Skills: Making music. He's a decent dancer, and his favorite is ballroom dancing.
Other: He loves hedgehogs and anything fluffy and cute but can't stand getting slobbered on or having fur stick to him.

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s•u•n•s•h•i•n•e «§KENZ§» wrote: "Why hello Brittan!"

I freaking love his eyes!!!!

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Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (falls) | 116 comments Name: Aston Lynn Yaide
»Nickname: Aston
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Appearance: http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs43/i/200...
Personality: Aston likes pretending to be grown up. He loves being a gentleman and making people smile. Making people smile is his favourite thing, and he'll do almost anything to achieve that.
God Parent: Demeter
»Cabin: 4
»Inherited Talents: He can make things grow and his very presence makes the room seem brighter, cleaner, like he breathes carbon dioxide and spews oxygen like a tree.
Artifact: Helps him find other half siblings. Or whoever he wants, really, but works naturally with children of Demeter.
»Mortal Form: A piece of wheat made of celestial bronze that can never get lost.
»Battle Form: A sword, but he's too weak to use it very well.
Skills: He's good with plants, and loves being outside. He'll probably marry a nymph.

Name: Reece Thomas Brusst
»Nickname: Reece's
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Appearance: http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs43/i/200...
Personality: Reece loves to laugh. He can laugh and giggle all day long and never get tired of it. He has amazing stamina and runs around hyper often. He's a free spirit and always will be. Loves attention.
God Parent: Demeter
»Cabin: 4
»Inherited Talents: He's good at almost hearing plants, like they talk. He knows instinctively how to make them grow better. He's also really good at doing that with people.
Artifact: Grants him more energy and heals his wounds if needed.
»Mortal Form: A curved ring.
»Battle Form: A celestial bronze scythe that he weilds surprisingly well.
Skills: He's excellent with his scythe, can grow plants out of nothing, can almost sense people's emotions(Or, rather, what they want.)
Other: He hangs out with Aston constantly. Although they're not brothers, they look exactly alike, are the same age, and act similarly enough to make people think they're twins.

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Riley (rixosink) THEON IS FINISHED

finally mate I cannot wait to use all my Irish slang

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Name: Callen James Atticus
»Nickname: James
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Personality: Hugely curious, wants to learn everything. Likes researching, if he hears about something he doesn't know about he will make it a mission to learn everything about it. He is kind to everyone and really outgoing. Exactally the opposite of his half-sister Zabria.
Background: He grew up with his father and step mother who both really loved and adored him. His father recently passed away from cancer and his step mother sent him to camp before anything could happen to him. Both his father and stepmother knew of his heratiage and never hid it from Callen so he has had alot of time to hone his skills. He knew Zabria growing up, they lived on the same block. Callen always liked her as a great friend and is one of the few people Zay acctually isn't shy around.
God Parent: Athena
»Cabin: Athena
»Inherited Talents:
-Photographic Memory
-War apptitude
Artifact: An Agility ring that inhances the physical prowess of the wearer. When removed and fliped in the air like a coin it transforms into a lightweight ninja blade.
»Mortal Form: A ring. (view spoiler)
»Battle Form: A long lightweight Celestial Bronze ninja blade.
Skills: He is a decent archer and a excellent swordsman. He loves to cook and often makes up his own recepies. An okay tracker. He knows all the plants. He is really fast without his ring.

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Lisa (lisakojewer) Name: Felicity Bonheur
»Nickname: Lissy
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Appearance: Felicity has auburn hair that she wears in a ponytail. Her eyes are brown with gold flecks and she has a smattering of freckles across her face and shoulders. She usually wears tank tops and pants or cargo shorts. She tends to flourish when she moves and tends to tap her foot absent-mindedly when she's bored. She's of an average build. She has several earrings in each of her ears, but no other piercings.
Personality: Felicity is spontaneous and fickle. She's very detail-oriented, and often sees the forest for the trees. She's very energetic and usually doesn't think things through. She's quick to make friends and slow to make enemies.
Background: She was raised in central Texas by her father. They were comfortable financially, because her father's lottery habit paid out. Her father had told her that her mother was somebody special, but never elaborated on that. She was claimed the day before her thirteenth birthday. Currently, she spends the school year at home and the summers at CHB.
God Parent: Tyche
»Cabin: 19
»Inherited Talents: Felicity is just lucky. Not necessarily in a good way, just lucky in general. More unlikely things tend to happen to her.
Artifact: Παλιάνθρωπος/Paliánthropos (Rascal)
»Mortal Form: A necklace with a glass ball wrapped in wire as the pendant.
»Battle Form: When she removes the necklace, it becomes, well, lots of things. Like beading wire or bocce balls. It's never been the same thing twice, which is both cool and super annoying. It's usually circular or spherical. If she puts whatever it is on her head, it'll turn back into a necklace. Which is good, because otherwise she'd just look stupid.
Skills: Felicity's a damn good poker player, but nobody who knows about her mother will play her. She's also not bad with a battleaxe. She's also rather flexible.
Other: Not much.
((Aaugh, it took me three days to find the time to finish her!))

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Fwit | 151 comments Name: Oliver

Gender: Male
Age: 12 3/4
Appearance: http://img.iplehouse.com/co_img006/ip...

Personality: Playful, happy, lighthearted, innocent. Naive. Eager to tag along with anybody and everybody.
Background: His mother is from the sewers of London. She worked her way up and immigrated to California, where she met Oliver's father and married his "father." He has two older siblings, an older brother in college and an older sister in high school. Everyone fairly dotes on him, and he's quite used to it, but not spoiled. Attention hasn't seemed to have gotten to his head.

God Parent: Hermes
»Cabin: 11
»Inherited Talents: Very, very light on his feet. He fairly flies, and he loves being with laughter. He's witty for his age (may all the authorial spirit in me help with this), and is perfectly comfortable with lying outright and telling white lies. Sometimes telling the truth throws him off. He's a charmer, and has this knack for understanding different languages and grasping concepts, even if he can't speak the languages he reads/hears or can explain things like cross-species genetics to others.

Artifact: He hasn't got one yet.
»Mortal Form:
»Battle Form:

Name: Lacie

Gender: Female
Age: 15
Appearance: http://rebeckaar.com/wp-content/uploa...
Thin, tall, and languid. She has soft pink hair that glitters with rainbow tints in full light (usually). Her eyes are a soft, gentle dark grey, and when she IMs her irises dance with rainbows, sparkling every color all at once. She has white, white skin that shimmers slightly in the light, and this sometimes gives the illusion that she's vibrating, or shattering into pieces.
Personality: Gentle, but not a blind follower. She has her own agenda and doesn't respect those who constantly need to with crowds.
Background: Her father is a glassblower. He works exclusively with clear materials, such as glass, crystal, diamond, and occasionally some gauzy materials. He's fascinated with rainbows and light, and he has a fear of the dark. He can't sleep without light. Not like a nightlight. He sleeps in full light, and he never turns off lights. He can't use anything, and is incredibly childish in his incompetence, but he's a gentle person. Lacie's father is like her baby brother, and she always buys groceries and clothes for him. He does a good job of keeping things clean, and he has remarkably few possessions. He's utterly unaware of the large amount of money in the bank, and his life revolves around his work and Lacie.

God Parent: Iris
»Cabin: 14
»Inherited Talents: Lacie can change the color of anything, and not just an illusion of a color change, but manipulate the wavelength of light that something absorbs and reflects. She can, of course, create rainbows everywhere and anywhere, regardless of whether there is water or not. She can always summon a sort of mist to her, and travel within it through the air.

Artifact: μυστικός (mistikos)
»Mortal Form: A ruby cut in the shape of a heart set into her left canine tooth, which had a point that extends farther than her other teeth. She also has a pearl earring halfway up her right ear.
»Battle Form: The ruby allows Lacie to shoot concentrated beams of light from her fingertips or her eyes, as she chooses, in a way that's almost as powerful as her mother's ability. The pearl earring equips her with the knowledge of all languages, and if she needs, she can learn things just by touch. For instance, she can learn entire subjects just by touching textbooks.
Skills: Does a lot of charcoal sketching and glass blowing when she can.

((they require polishing))

☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆ (lilysokai) | 60 comments Mod
As far as I am concerned, all approved aside from Lacie.

What is her Artifact?

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Fwit | 151 comments oh yeah! thanks for reminding me.

☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆ (lilysokai) | 60 comments Mod
Alright, she's good.

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Matthew (phoebus) | 25 comments [Part I]
{Name} Dmitri Leviticus Elinore
»Nickname: Levi

{Gender} Masculine

{Age} Seventeen
»Date of Birth: December 21st

Straight pale hair the covers his ears, like lightly toned fallen snow, not completely white but with a touch of blond. The hair is always kept in a strewn about fashion, just as long as it's out of his eyes. The shade goes well with the fair tone of his skin, a smooth peachy tone that isn't lucid like milk or bright like fleshy peach. This delicate shade from the angular features of his face; his high cheek bones and tall roman noise, and finally his lightly pink shaded lips. While his eyes pierce through with their pale tone of green that has but a tinge of hazel to its mixture, eyes that easily blend together with his features to shape his expressions. With a well-kept posture, he stands tall in a slim but slender build that is neither skinny nor bulk in appearance. All these features knit together seamlessly to form Levi.

(view spoiler)
»Hair Color: Snowy Blonde
»Eye Color: Pale Green
»Skin Tone: Fair Peach
»Height/Weight: 5' 8" and 135 lbs.
»Distinctive Feature: Levi's skin is untouched by things such as tattoos or scars.

»Years at Camp: Ten Years; Year-Round Camper
The birth of Levi was under particular circumstances, but the most important information is that Levi was never intentional on his father's part. His father's name was Eric, a decent man who all to easily fell for deceit. First you must understand something about Eric and his passion for things of more archaic nature. He was always a clever man, and it was his intellect and passion for the world of mysterious that made Hecate have a fancy for him. There was a slight problem though to this, for Eric did not love Hecate in any way. No, Eric loved another person, and he was strongly devoted to this person whom had captured his heart. Hecate was persistent though about getting what she wanted, and this would simply not do for her. One day, Hecate decided that if Eric wouldn't fall for her then she would just have to trick him, and that is exactly what she did. The goddess Hecate disguised herself as the woman Eric loved, and things went on from there. Then once Hecate was through with Eric and got what she want, she left, only to leave a baby at his doorstep sometime later.

There was a little twist to the story though, you see, the woman who Eric had fallen in love with had to leave because of her job. She was going into a place in Africa where they would have little to no communication, it was supposed to take only ten months. Then tragedy happened and Eric died, and her body was never recovered, for it became lost during the hurricane that killed her. Strangely though, a baby appears at Eric's doorstep, and who else would it be but hers? It made no sense at all, and yet it was really the only option. Either way it didn't matter to Eric, when he was so broken-hearted there came a wail of help form an innocent infant. What else would Eric do but take in the child, did it really matter whom the infant's parents were? Eric named this child Dimitri Leviticus Elinore, and that was that.

Despite his best efforts, and really Eric was a decent dad, handling a child by himself was a quite a difficult task. On top of all of this Eric had decided very quickly that he would home school little Levi, and began teaching him at a very young age, so you might imagine that Levi got a most interesting first level of education. Especially since his father was a bit of an expert in areas such as mythology of ancient civilizations and magical artifacts and the such and tended to travel a bit in his studies. Some people would consider Levi's father to have been an eccentric for his odd beliefs and devotion to his studies, but whether they believed that magic was real or not, they had to admit that Eric knew what he was talking about. It was long before Levi ever discovered that he was a demigod that he believed in the gods and magic.

The early years of Levi's life were happy ones for him, but everyone knows that tragedy was a wildly used theme in Greek stories. Anyone who knew anything about Greek mythology knew that demigods never exactly got the most decent of lives, far from it actually. The first event happened when Levi and his farther were on a trip to Ireland to visit one of the important sites in Celtic mythology, it was around an old castle. Levi was six at the time, and prior to that any sort of 'monster' attack was small enough to pass by as nothing or an accident, but now was when it became more serious. As well as the first time Levi accidentally discovered his magical potential. It was horrible, thankfully the large monster that was after Levi was killed, but along with it his father had died as well. What an antagonizing thought, to think that you accidentally killed your own parent?

Eric had family over in the United States, and so that was where Levi was sent to live. Levi was scared though, of what was after him and of himself, he was scared that the people around him would get hurt like his father. Being young and only six years of age, Levi decided to run away from his Aunt's home in order to protect anyone who ever came close to him. It was courageous and most likely foolish act, to think that a small child like himself would be able survive all alone in the wild. It was true that the magic that flowed through Levi was strong, but it was still newly formed and unpredictable and therefore useless in the very least. It was true that Levi had learned some of the most basic surviving skills from his father, but then again this fragile boy was constantly on the run from danger. The odds were most definitely not in Levi's favor. Did I mention that it was late fall?

It was lucky for Levi then that a satyr got to him before he got himself killed. From there he was taken to a place called camp half-blood where he discovered why these things were happening to him and what he was. It was quite a relief to Levi, to have proof that all these things he had always longed to believe in were true. And to think that he was part of it! True, it was very very dangerous... but it was still pretty cool that he was the son of Hecate. Right? Later Levi learned that he wasn't so very fond of his mother and her ways, but as an almost seven-year old, this kind of stuff was definitely on the cool side of things.

Levi has been at the camp for a while, longer then most actually. Ten years were a long time, and Levi never returned to visit his aunt who had thought he had disappeared from the face of the earth. Levi did feel sort of guilty about that, and did send a letter to her explaining that was all right. That might not have been the best thing to do though, and somewhere there is a probably investigators trying to solve a case of kidnapping. Or maybe not? Levi never did put the return address on that card, so he doesn't really know what his aunt's response to it was.

Eric Fredrick Elinore - Levi's father, who was a strange man from birth to death, but the most important thing is that he was a good man with a large heart.
Lily Clarice Hathaway - Eric's would be wife, and Levi's "would-be-mother", or at least that's what he tells himself. From what he's heard from his father, Lily was a compassionate woman.
Martha Anne Finley - Levi's aunt, who knows where she is know and what she thinks has happened to Levi. It's not like he spent very much time there to get and know her, there were other things on his mind when he was with her anyways.

message 36: by Matthew (new)

Matthew (phoebus) | 25 comments [Part II]
One thing you will probably notice about Levi is that he is calm, like all the time no matter what the situation. While it might be true that like most demigods that he has a bit of ADD and ADHD, in Levi's particular case the effects of these are so very obvious. It can be almost unnerving for some people, the way that he always appears to be utterly calm and level-headed, it's almost infuriating to watch. It's not that he things don't affect him or that he doesn't care about what happens around him, that would be morbid. No, instead it is more the fact that Levi has developed a strong self-will and self-control over himself, and knows how to remain calm and level-headed in most any situation because of his determination to do so. Levi understands how some people are quite keen on using your emotional responses or recklessness to get the better of you, and this is just another level of defense for him.

If you thought that Levi was void of emotion(which is waaay different from merely being calm) or just some type of boring person, than you would be gravely mistaken. The key to revealing what sort of things might be going on in that little head of Levi's is his eye, for that is the weakest point of any mask. In truth, anybody who has known Levi for a while could tell you that he is not some peaceful monk dude, though their level of remaining calm is similar to his. No, they would you that Levi was a mischievous creature, fond of playing around with things instead of being direct and to the point. They would explain his tendencies to be a trickster and how he amuses himself with his little games. It's not that Levi is particularly manipulative or deceptive in any way, not at all. It's that he simply mischievous, but never with an intent of harm or evil. This quality makes Levi a particularly odd and dangerous person, the fact that he has a habit of not saying what he means and not saying things that have double meaning. I guess you might say that he wears of face of order, but has a mind full of chaos.

The thing though is that Levi is a cunning and intuitive person, and is very capable of understanding and adept at learning that game quickly. Probably not as strategically minded as the children of Athena, but is still quite capable. Perhaps Levi might not be able to map out the best route to take launch a surprise attack on an army, for his strengths of the mind lies elsewhere. Much like how the children of Hephaestus are clever in the mechanical ways. In the end, just know that Levi is not of a dull mind and low intelligence.

Despite these things, Levi is far from being a mean or rude person. In fact, Levi is generally a friendly person who has no problem with other people, though they might have to be wary of his antics. Levi understands such things as grief and loneliness, or sorrow. He understand what the feelings of other people, even if you might think he has better control over his own then most. In the end, past all of it, Levi is a helpful person and a great ally to have. Really, it's only if you are some awful person who has earned the right for him to hate you that you should think about being afraid of him. Levi is just a little bit odd and sometimes difficult to understand. Okay, one should have to admit that he does have a bit of a difficulty when it comes to expressing all these type of things, mostly due to his strange ways. Please, just try not to misjudge him or misinterpret the things he does.
Games - Obviously Levi has a thing for them.
Tea - Eric had a thing for tea, and it gives fond memories to Levi about his father.
Magic - Well, duh!
History - It fascinates him, information about the past and the such.
Winter - It's always been the season he was most fond of. Snow.
Snobs - Quickest way to irritate him, right here.
Reptiles - Doesn't like those scaly things, he just doesn't. Snakes. Yuck!
Coffee - That stuff is disgusting, people who drink it are insane.
Orange - Don't ask.
Lairs - Can't stand people who lie, at all.

{God Parent} Hecate
»Cabin: 20
»Inherited Talents:
Mystiokinesis - Levi is very keen in the area of magic and is able to preform powerful spells.
Mist Control - As a son of Hecate, he can control the Mist. This ability means he can alter mortals' memories and perceptions.

»Mortal Form: Two Silver Bracelets
»Battle Form: A Bow and Arrow
Levi might not have been born instantly talented at this weapon, and wasn't exactly the most decent archer when he picked up the weapon his first time. Over the years though, with lots of determination and practice, Levi is a talented archer that can even compete with some of the Apollo kids. Levi is known for using an enchanted bow and arrow which has various magical properties and uses. The weapon is called "Vertitas".

Will - A strong will and good self control, able to remain calm and level headed in most situation. Levi is a difficult person to break, making him a loyal person.
Unreadability - The fact that you can't quite understand what goes on in his mind, and that you can't predict what he will do.
Cunning - Levi is quite clever, with a good sense of intuition on his side.
Experience - The fact that he has been at the camp for ten years, that's a lot of experience. The best way to get good is through experience, as everyone knows.
Trickery - The fact that he is mischievous makes people wary of him.
Distance - There is always a wall around Levi. However invisible it might be to most people, there is always that layer. Levi distances himself from others, though it's not quite noticeable.
Inability to Accurately show Affection - When it comes to outright showing of fondness or affection for someone, Levi has difficultly with this, and people misunderstand him at times.
Lack of Parenting - Lack of a strong parental base. While Eric might have been a great dad, it wasn't enough, and he lost his parent at a young age.
Snakes - It has to do with a certain event.


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