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What should Katniss and Peeta's kids names be?
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I love the Hunger Games books, but I mad that Suzanne Collins didn't give their kids names.
Tell me what you think. I think it should be Prim and Cinna.

Well, first off, I don't think they should be Prim or Cinna. I think that their girl's name should be Elizabeth Rose Mellark. I also think that their boy's name should be John Cinna Mellark. If you're going to name your child after somebody who was near and dear, it should be their middle name.

Yeah.Naming your kids Prim and Cinna would bring back too many memories, and the kids are people in their own rights. Middle names are okay, but they shouldn't be Prim and Cinna.

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Allie Yeah, you both are right.
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Suzzanne Collins said the girls name was Rue Prim Mellark and the boys name was John Finnick Mellark on her website. :) That was like 2, 3 months ago, though, :)

Prim and Cinna as middle names are okay, as said above. but i think they should be a bit more original.

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