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On silence

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message 1: by Anthony (new)

Anthony Buckley (anthonydbuckley) | 2 comments "The way that can be named is not the true Way."

Is this the reason there has been no discussion? Or perhaps we are all shy. I sense that "shydo", the way of the timid, is also not the true way. Any thoughts or not-thoughts?

message 2: by Henry (new)

Henry Grevemberg (hgrevemberg) | 2 comments A friend invited me to sign on here, and I forgot about it soon after. Perhaps this is the modern dilemma at fault here, that we are all too busy and inundated with new tech at every turn..

message 3: by Ludvig (new)

Ludvig  (ludvigrilleschandless) | 2 comments If the answer is "within", then how can any benefit be gained by posting or reading from a website which is "without"? Unless of course, we are all part of a "universal whole" and any post we read or write on the web is actually coming from "ourselves". Seeing ourselves as separate, all troubles begin. It's in the language and we are trapped in a Gordian Knot. The only thing we can say for certain is there are clouds, full moons, and little baby's feet!

message 4: by Ron (new)

Ron | 2 comments Oh... it could be due to the zen tradition , i.e. not to engage in any philosophical discussion.. hehehehe... to be free of all ideas, notions, concepts.... hehehhe.... I don't know.... I really don't know... shut up!! Go back to your Zazen mat.

message 5: by Todd (new)

Todd (apevilleknox) | 2 comments Shhhh.

message 6: by Chris (new)

Chris | 14 comments ...

message 7: by Chris (new)

Chris | 14 comments seriously, we don't have to be precious about wanting to talk about zen. As Suzuki says we sometimes need some medicine, but we do not have to treat our medicine as food. i need words about 'what cannot be named' to help me when i'm spiritually down/numb/dumb.

message 8: by Craig (last edited Jan 16, 2013 11:03AM) (new)

Craig | 10 comments Just added "You Have to Say Something" to my reading list...

message 9: by darío (new)

darío hereñú | 8 comments Silence do not bring silence...

message 10: by Craig (last edited May 07, 2013 06:09PM) (new)

Craig | 10 comments One kind of silence is an active presence, a readiness to respond to circumstances. Show me your face and I will respond. Here am I: Zen student sitting daily, regular zazenkai, sesshin less regular, mainly Rinzai, but also sit with Soto sangha. Started practicing in '78. If we introduce ourselves and/or ask a question, we may be able to support each other's practice or discuss Dharma books.I like a discussion that goes chapter by chapter. (Diamond Sutra, anyone?) Or, questions about practice? Silence may be too intimate a subject until we know each other a little better.

message 11: by darío (new)

darío hereñú | 8 comments Paradoxically, we need words to "mean" silence.

message 12: by Ron (new)

Ron | 2 comments Words = Monkeys

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