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Linden Ashby and Rhine Ellery??
Rashida Decina Rashida Jun 16, 2012 05:09AM
I've been curious if this "couple" cute or an epic fail.For me I love the love team :)

Linden is a naive idiot who thinks Rhine is supposed to love him. Gabriel's kind of just there. The only boy I care about is her brother. They need to get back together.

I am a huge fan of Linden and Rhine as a couple. Gabriel is just sort of there? He's merely other. We know more about Linden and how he is than Gabriel.

I believe they're a cute epic fail. :) I definitely believe Rhine was lying to herself, telling herself that she couldn't have feelings because Linden was supposed to be the enemy.

But Linden wasn't the enemy. Vaughn was. If Rhine had just told Linden the complete and utter truth about everything, I really do believe they (and Cecily and possibly Jenna---if she had told the truth before her death) could live happily ever after somewhere...

But, of course, since Vaughn still cares about his son, when doctors find a cure, Linden, Rhine, and Cecily would all receive it.

Yep, I'm in denial...oh well. It's better than the epic fail of a runaway trip Rhine had with Gabriel.

Taryn I would agree, Suzanne. They fail. But they're cute together. ...more
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I believe they both had an existing love for eachother, but Rhine's original loyalties could not let her stay. I loved Linden but I think Gabriel was the right choice overall. I did support Linden and Rhine for a good part of the first book.

I'm in luv with linden.

Hey I like Gabriel.

Team Linden : Linden is sweet. Gabriel is boring

Linden kidnaps three women, has several others murdered, married his three kidnap victims and rapes two of them. Linden was he enemy. He was the whole reason all of this stuff happened to Rhine in the first place, why all those girls died, and why a thirteen year old girl had a baby. He doesn't even love Rhine for RHine he loves her because she's like Rose.

That sad Gabriel was just boring. Everything he did was boring. He was flat as paper and he and Rhine had as much chemistry as two pieces of soggy bread.

σοφια δελλιου While I really liked Linden, I have to agree with some things mentioned above.

Like how he didn't notice that the girls were scared in the whole wife
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