Shiver Trilogy Boxset (The Wolves of Mercy Falls, #1-3) Shiver Trilogy Boxset question

Tania Tania Jun 16, 2012 04:50AM
COLE ST CLAIRE is my favourite charcter in the book ..
. COLE first captivated me on his speech abt his life in Narkotika ( THE BOY TO WHOM SUCIDE BECAME A GOAL)
ITS THE BEST qoute or page in the whole book . FOREVER)

Cole St. Clair was by FAR the BEST charecter in the book!
Hr was smart and despite all his strugles and his haunting past, he pulled through against impossible odds to save the lives of his friends and the pack freely giving up his own. I fell in love with his courage, his sarcastic remarks, and his green eyes! =D
Thank you Maggie!!!

Cole St. Clair. He was the most interesting character to read.

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