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YER for me these series are a bit like harry potter as there is jace who is like harry in character and then there was valentine and sebastian who are like voldermont ..and thn there is clary ,issabelle ,alec and simeon who take up the role of ron and hermoine and the members of the clave like maryse are like the teachers at hogwats ..

Kinda but not really

They are not alike at all.

Jace is definitely not like Harry Potter.

No. No, Not Really. There are no vampires, (or faeries) in the Harry Potter series and the Harry potter series has Wizards, (That need wands) and the warlocks in The Mortal Instruments series don't.
I also feel that the Mortal Instruments are a bit more grown-up...if you get what i mean, wehther I feel that the harry Potter series is a bit more childish.

i don't think so...pratically every book has those characters (a villain, a hero, sidekicks etc.) otherwise the book would be boring

No way.

I liked these books, but is only ONE HARRY POTTER!

There no way Jace is Harry. He a ass and Harry is a sweetie. And valentine and Sebastian do want to rule the world, but no way do they want to killed Jace.

So no. This series is better. It have it own class just as Harry Potter does.



No. Not even close. For one thing they are to completely different genres. One deals with witches and wizards while the other deals with demons and nephilim.

not at all.

Really? Harry Potter?
Might as well say that the a lot of books/movies are like Harry Potter, or you could say that Harry Potter is like the books/movies that came out before Harry Potter did. The good vs evil plot has been around long before Harry Potter.
I really don't see how you came to that conclusion though. I never once thought of Harry Potter while reading this series.

Well in the mortal instruments I don't see anyone going around with wands and brooms or going to a wizard school, so no. Harry is definitely not like Jace. Where's the wit and humor? Harry was more brooding and upset that people often kept secrets from him and that freaking Voldemort was always out to get him. Valentine and Sebastian are not like Voldemort. Those twos main goal was never to kill the main character. Although all of them did try to change the world to their liking. I don't remember anyone being super brainy like Hermoine and there definitely wasn't a... Ron.

In my opinion: not at all

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no they r not

The only part that I think is kind of similar is how in both series, at the beginning, everyone thinks that the bad guy is dead. And then it turns out that they’re not dead. And then somebody supposedly kills them and then it’s like, oh! Just kidding! They’re alive!

Tania see ,i also so that as a similarity
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You can compare TMI with Harry Potter but only up to a point. There are lots of differences between the two series.

Tania yer i noticed now i guess i was just thinking of tht point when i started this discurssion.
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