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message 1: by Stu (new)

Stu Noss (stunoss) | 2 comments hello everyone,

I'm Stu from

We are currently looking for new contributions to our site. We accept all genres and are more than happy to help you promote your name and work (thats the whole point of the site)

Check out the submission guidelines at

Hope some of you are interested. Even if you don't want to contribute it would be wonderful, if you have time, if you could have a look at the site and read some of the shorts.

We run it completely free to help authors, so be great if you could support.


message 2: by Cassidy (new)

Cassidy Stokes (hippieonholiday) | 43 comments Mod
I'll check it out! Thanks for posting!

message 3: by Stu (new)

Stu Noss (stunoss) | 2 comments thanks cassidy

give us an email if you are interested


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