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message 1: by Majid (new)

Majid Nobles | 48 comments I have to say that my inclination towards Wolverine is already waning. Marvel has a lot of more-than-capable mutants in its roster yet they continue to shine the spotlight on Wolverine. Wolverine here, Wolverine there. I'm starting to get tired of him. Who i'd love to see more would be Nightcrawler (i know he's dead, but idc), Gambit, The New Mutants and Nate Grey.

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Majid Nobles | 48 comments I hope Nightcrawler gets resurrected soon. No one stays dead in Marvel for too long. (i guess) >_< lol, If I were to choose between Jean Grey and Kurt, I'd choose the latter. haha! I'm liking Emma Frost a lot these days. How about you? anyway, I'm not fond of Idie and Teon either. Clearly, Teon has developed attributes that are more or less animalistic and primitive. (devolution?) Can be. I guess i was pertaining to the old New Mutants. (the irony, LOL) Cannonball, Magma, Sunspot, Karma, Magik and Cypher. xD

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Majid Nobles | 48 comments I agree! Cypher's power is a rather odd and unique one, but it's really cool when used strategically. finally, someone who understands my point. :) Almost EVERYONE here wants Jean Grey resurrected. I agree with you, she's way too powerful and (in my opinion),boring. I used to hate Emma, sly and very manipulative (she still is) but she has proven from time to time how indispensible she is to the team. I love her witty remarks, especially when she teases Scott and annoys other X-women, especially Storm and Kitty Pryde. haha! Sometimes, I think she loves it so much that she deliberately does things to make them upset.. LOL gotta love her.

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Majid Nobles | 48 comments wow, I find her awesome in Five Lights too. :D you'll love her more in Schism. (hope it gets released there soon. :D)
There are some sites which state that she is an Omega-level mutant, but I'm not so sure she is.
I personally think she's still an Alpha with an Omega-level potential, just like Storm. What do you think?
on other matters, i think it's nearly impossible to reverse what Wanda did, :((
Even Beast and the Xclub, with all their scientific prowess, had failed to come up with a solution for this.
Weknow how Beast is a devout man of science,but even he has consulted Dr. Strange regarding this. According to Srange, it would be VERY difficult to magically undo Wanda's spell since it had already consolidated into the fabric of reality itself. But you know what? I'm not really sure I want the spell undone. xD LOLtoo mch mutants is also bad, I think. haha!
and thanks, William, I think you're awesome too. there's not much people here in goodreads who I can discuss comic stuff with. xD

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Majid Nobles | 48 comments Yep! :D, the range of Emma's telepathic capability is still being debated upon. it seems to differ from one writer to another. >_< Yeah, I agree, she does create very effective psy-links within the team, but the Stepford Cuckoos can do it as well. xD Anyway, she's an adept astral combatant and can turn to diamond form, so yeah, she can be one hell of an opponent. It is said that Alpha level mutants are more feared than Omega-class because they have already mastered control over their powers, maximizing its use to meet their means. xD

I do agree with you about the mutant population, I guess what I meant was that that they should reduce the mutant population if they are going to put everything back again. I hate seeing those poor Morlocks and other poor mutant souls with useless and/or debilitating powers who couldn't have a proper life because their mutation has taken a toll on their appearance and everyday functions. :/ and I hope they return Jubilee into being a mutant again. I just don't like her depowered, let alone being a vampire. >_< haha! Yeah! Iron Man vs Magneto? lol is that even fair? :D Magneto can manipulate iron in a human's blood. xD I can't see Iron Man standing a chance against him. UNLESS, Stark makes a few tricks with his multi-billion dollar suit. >_< (you should wait for AvX to be released there, William!!! :D)

And yeah, I do have my fave mutants, :P but it's hard to pick one out. I can give you my top 3,though. haha! I guess they would be: Nightcrawler, Magneto and Magik. xD How about you? :D

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Majid Nobles | 48 comments Hmmm, I'm not really so sure myself on how the Xgebe really works, but I think it is similar to a rare recessive genetic trait (e.g. blue eyes), which can randomly occur in any family as long as one parent (mutant or not) is a carrier of it. >_<, the chances of an individual possessing the gene is higher in certain families, though, such as the Summers, Paiges and Rasputins. xD But I guess it's how evolution works, it has already started during the biblical times, when early civillizations were just being established (we have Apocalypse, Selene, the Cheyarafim, etc.). Yeah, I think Nightcrawler is awesome that I draw him a lot. I also cosplayed him thrice in different conventions, LOL. xD and I forgot about Rogue, I like her too!

And about Scott.., hmmm... I'm quite ambivalent about this. I admit, I hated him when he betrayed Jean Grey (when she was alive) by having a psychic affair with Frost, and how she had a relationship with Madelyne Prior, but as a leader, I have no qualms whatsoever. He can be a bit too callous and dispassionate, but he makes tough decisions without second thoughts and I commend him for that. He doesn't always make the right decisions, but I haven't seen him complain, whine or blame others for it. He doesn't show weakness and hesitations in front of others, (except for Emma and Storm). He fairs quite well, for a guy who carries the burden of mutantkind on his back. xD I'm not so optimistic about Scott acheiving the dream of Xavier. He is more of a strategist and combatant, and Magneto being on his side, is a great help and influence to him. What about you? And if there's anyone who could replace Cyclops, who would be your best bet?

message 7: by Majid (new)

Majid Nobles | 48 comments Haha, thanks! :P though i'm not so sure I did a cool job cosplaying him. lol, anyway, Angel is a great choice for a leader. Not only is he a great strategist, but he's got loads of cash to back it up too. Pairing him with Psylocke is also excellent. Yes, they used to be lovers, but the main reason is that Psylocke is an expert when it comes to logistics and clandestine operations. xD
As for my bet? Hmmm... I was thinking of Kurt, but, he's dead. Ororo was a close one, and although she has been a little too careful to stick to her own set of morals, she does get the job done if needed, but she takes a long time to get over it. She usually gets crazy, from remorse, after killing someone.. So, I'd pick Magneto. He is a tried-and-tested veteran when it comes to leadership. He also established Asteroid M, which later became the mutant fortress, Utopia. Yes, he can be a bit brutal and extreme when it comes to mutants-vs-humans issues, and he may not have any sympathy towards homo sapiens, but i think it is useful since the mutant population is dwindling to almost a hundred. :/ His intentions, no matter how radical they are will always be for the benefit and preservation of mutantkind. xD It'll really be an opposite of Xavier's dream, but idc, mutants are literally facing extinction anyway. LOL

message 8: by Majid (new)

Majid Nobles | 48 comments Yeah,, well I guess the reason Magneto created the Brotherhood was to have an opposing force to Xavier's XMen. Those were the times when Xavier and Magneto were at the prime of their conflict with each other. xD Hmmm... However, you may be right. For all we know, Magneto, with his ambitious nature, will not stop at mutant preservation. xD haha, (mutant domination?) possible. :D yeah, I think Magneto would rather approve of Logan's X-Force. Cyclops can be a bit of a goody-good scout sometimes. xD

message 9: by Majid (last edited Jul 29, 2012 07:31AM) (new)

Majid Nobles | 48 comments LOL, Deadpool, the mercenary with a mouth! Finally, another Deadpool fan! I actually am a fan of him too! :D i've been reading some of his solo issues and man, he's funny. xD HEY, i think i also have that cardboard cover issue! is that the Tales of Weapon X thing?, where Xavier helps Wolverine get thrrough his fragmented mind? and yeah, a lot of people find him annoying, actually, mosT of my friends think Deadpool is annoying, and I just don't get why. haha! And I agree with you, he's cool in X-Force! I love how they pretty much made him a bit more serious, but not too much. xD so do you follow Xforce issues, WIlliam? As for me, I'm left behind, i'm not able to follow the series lately. :/

message 10: by Majid (last edited Jul 31, 2012 07:45AM) (new)

Majid Nobles | 48 comments I lost track of the XForce a long time ago. :( Believe it or not, the XForce is not that popular here in my country. I have to scour through a lot of comic shops to find an issue
:(( However, I am planning to get back on track soon, since I found one that promised to supply me with the recent issues, Hooray) :P Anyway, is Elixir still in the team? Honestly, I don't like him in XForce. He (in my opinion) can be a bit of a coward and can be too emotional. He immediately backs out the moment the action starts. I mean, he has an AWESOME power; aside from healing, he can use it offensively by disrupting and perplexing his opponents' biological functions and anatomy, but he just doesn't do it. :/ anyway, I think his nature isn't compatible with the team's purpose. Psylocke and Deadpool are my favorites though, and Fantomex would be my third. :P
what about yours?

message 11: by Majid (new)

Majid Nobles | 48 comments ouch, I didn't know that comic shops are pretty scarce there, :/ must be pretty tough. oh well, we don't have much comic shops around here, anyway. :/ yeah, there's just no room for Elixir in the XForce. I'm glad he's not included in the current roster. WOW, am I excited to get a copy now, xD

Hmmm... Yeah, Wolverine and Spidey, I know about this, but I haven't actually read it yet, :P is this the story where they got thrown back to the Jurassic period? I'm not really a fan of team-ups, but I think a Wolvie-Spidey team up would be a rather interesting one. LOL knowing Peter's witty and funny nature, I wonder how well they get along with each other. Have you read it already?

message 12: by Majid (new)

Majid Nobles | 48 comments LOL, i love wild and random, haha! :P yeah, I might actually give it a try one of these days :P If Spidey and Logan are in it together, then it's gotta be good. I can already imagine them having private monologues of how they hate each other... or maybe, they'll get along well. Hahaha! :D that got me excited. Anyway, Hmmm.... Laura,, yeah, I like her too, female version of Wolverine. :P She even has Logan's disposition. She's awesome, but I haven't really encountered much of her in XForce. I've seen her in XMen Regenesis a few times, but they don't really focus on her... I don't like her joining the Avengers Academy, though. >_<

Anyway, i think Daken and Laura are too similar to Wolverine. >_< all of them too serious, all of them have dark pasts and very VERY short temper. Maybe they should at least make them a little more diverse to each other so it wouldn't look like they are trying to triplicate The Wolverine. this is just my opinion though, :P what do you think?

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Majid Nobles | 48 comments It's been raining like hell here for days, i keep losing internet connection. >_< darn. anyway, yeah, I was really disappointed about her joining the Avengers Academy too. I guess the writers was a bit too desperate in trying to popularize the AA team that they just threw in characters from different groups, i dunno... :P Hmmmm... now that you've opened that up, I have to say that unique and interesting powers appeal to me more. I used to like basic powers (e.g. super strength, etc), but lately, i'm starting to feel that they're being overused and stuff. I like to see something more original and unique, even if it's a little too tacky or uncool. I mean, we already have cool characters with cool powers, so why not make an alternative? you're right, Marvel/DC can do better, but I think they're just being too careful, or are trying to stick to their good formulas. You have a novel? wow, is it published? i'm interested in reading it. hehe

message 14: by Majid (last edited Aug 06, 2012 02:44PM) (new)

Majid Nobles | 48 comments Cool! :D i'll try to read it one of these days. :D Indeed, you're right about DC. And I've never liked reboots! I don't know what came to DC when they decided to do that. THey did it more than once, and I can't see how they find this a good thing. It's technically a waste of time and effort, all the stories and issues you once followed, enjoyed and ivested into are now wiped out and won't mean a thing anymore. I dunno, but for me, it's a really, really LAME thing to do.. I blame the writers for this. They should've seen this coming, and should've taken measures to at least, declutter and defragment the story, but not totally erase it. >_<, i'm glad I didn't start as a DC fan. :P, I would've been pretty mad if I were. haha! I'm confident Marvel won't do a thing like this (am I really?) LOL

@Anjelica, thanks for liking our comments, :)

message 15: by Majid (last edited Aug 07, 2012 03:20PM) (new)

Majid Nobles | 48 comments You're right. I'd rather have a few inconcistencies than a total reboot. oh, Monstrous of the Astonishing XMen! :P weeell... i'm a bit ambivalent when it comes to artwork... I guess it depends on the genre or the mode of the story. Usually, I prefer somewhat realistic art (check out Gabriele Dell'otto's art in XForce S&V! :D) on serious themes, such as Xforce. I also like Stylised art too. I admit that I'm not much a fan of cartoon-like art when it comes to Marvel comics. But I do appreciate them in manga and other comic genre (such as Scott Pilgrim). how about you guys? LOL Anjela, I think I've encountered some artworks like that too. It WAS weird. hahaha:P

Anyway, I'm not that choosy when it comes to art, as long as it delivers and depicts the story and characters (posings, facial expressions, and all) well. However, I really hate it when some artists pluck out pictures they don't own from the internet and edit them using Photoshop. One artist, Greg Land, used to be my favorite until I found out that he's been Photo-tracing photos from the internet and claiming them as his work. :/ Some fans say that most artists have done this at one point in their lives,because they can't make it on the deadline, but I'm not so sure. I think it's a lame and shameless thing to do. How about you guys? what are your opinions regarding artists like these?

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Majid Nobles | 48 comments I've watched some of the Ultimate Spiderman cartoon, honestly, it reminds me of X-Men Evolution series. xD I appreciate the art. The way they portray Spidey seems to be a bit in his teenage years, though. Maybe the story was designed for less-serious and casual Spidey fans. haha, well, that's one way of how Marvel makes people buy issues. xD I know how you feel, I've been through your situation quite many times. hahaha! Anyway, Yeah, Greg Land did Quarantine. and on the contrary, I liked his artwork. His works may have limited expressions, but he does realistic faces, and does good women characters. But I'm already so over that thing. so much for Photoshop tracing. Yeah, Curse of the Mutant was awesome. Clear, crisp, the vamps-vs-mutants action scenes were well depicted. :P I just don't like the fact that Jubilee is a vampire now. haha!

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Majid Nobles | 48 comments It's been raining non-stop here in our place for a week. >_< totally uncool.

@Anjelica, I know exactly how you feel... I'd like her to be least "de-vamped", if not repowered. >_< sadly, there's no cure yet. Jubilee has crossed the borderline between vamp and human and there's no turning back... When she was infected by the virus, there might have been a chance. but when Xarus bit Jubilee, the transformation was complete. ><, i do hope they find a cure for her. ,(William, have you read the other issue of Curse of Mutants: "Mutants vs Vampires"?)

@William, yeah, they were diverse in terms of powers and personality., xD I find them a peculiar yet interesting bunch,LOL Maybe they should include mutants with odd powers? like Wraith or Darwin? hahaha,

I must say, that I find the 90's XMen Animated series better than XMen Evolution, which I didn't really follow. Anyway, Has any of you watched Wolverine and the XMen? That series was great! too bad they decided not to continue to the next season. >_< Best series since the 90s XMen.(for me xD)

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Majid Nobles | 48 comments Haha, i've seen a few episodes of the Avengers cartoons before. was okay, i guess. :P

Yeah! Magneto's short story was my favorite. The art was awesome too! It must be hard for Magneto, seeing his friend a long time ago being turned to a vampire. He did the right thing by ending his suffering (didn't really show it, but I guess it's implied). I also liked Gambit and Storm's bit. :P I guess they were the perfect duo, since both of them used to be skilled thieves. I kinda felt sorry for Storm in the last part, though. :/ I liked Rogue's and Husk's story too, didn't really like some of the art, but in general, the stories were awesome.

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Majid Nobles | 48 comments yep, I felt Storm's dilemma in that story, and for me, she did the right thing. I kinda miss her punk 80's version, when she had less inhibitions, but I guess Marvel wanted to retain her demure and mature mother image. I don't want her developing her dark side again like when she hurt Callisto really bad and was appointed queen of the Morlocks (a long time ago). She was fierce during those times. >_< at the end of the day, I'd still prefer the waY she is right now - strict adherence to conscience and morality, but gets the job done when needed.,

and about Magneto, we had a different point of view on that one, :P I kinda agree with you that he may have done that for the sake of mutants, but I also think that he could've done it as an act of mercy for his old friend. :P I guess even Magneto has got to have a soft spot - especially for someone from his past, where he was deeply influenced with the ideology he has now. But that's just my opinion. lol xD

message 20: by Majid (new)

Majid Nobles | 48 comments Yes, I agree. Magneto is such an awesome character, rich history and personality, I should say. :D Hmmm,, i haven't really followed Kitty, but I assume she did have a pretty rough period, basically thanks to her powers. during her early days, her powers had been uncontrollable and constantly fluctuating. She had also been pretty distraught while inside that giant bullet for a long time. xD I used to think her power was weak and useless, but I was wrong. It's quite handy and decent especially on dire situations. xD

message 21: by Majid (new)

Majid Nobles | 48 comments You are so right. Kitty is like a breath of fresh air from all those x-females who are overtly sexualised. It's not surprising that the artists aren't trying to do that to Kitty either. There's already too much of them (Frost, Storm, Psylocke, etc.) xD She's maintained that youthful and conservative image, and I like her for that. Yeah, seriously, I wasn't happy with how they showed Psyloccke on The Last Stand. She would've been really awesome if they just gave her more exposure and parts in the movie... and btw, are they going to make an X-movie again? I hope so... rumor has it that they are making a sequel to the First Class, which is focused on the Sentinels (?) not sure... anyway, there are a lot of inconsistencies in the movie, but that's to be expected, right? :P I just hope they put more mutants and pack more action in it. :P

message 22: by Majid (new)

Majid Nobles | 48 comments Nooooo! not Wolverine again! >_< please, I hope it's not true... why do they always focus on Wolverine? There's a lot of awesome mutants out there to choose from... why not make a new comic/movie hero superstar? >_<

LOL, nostalgic Xmen video game days.. :D yeah, I guess majority of comic and video game fanatics are males, so it isn't really surprising to have a scantily clad heroine or two in it. Wow, you're into costuming too? cool. :) Yeah, Supergirl isn't really my type... (aside from her being a DC character), she's also (IMO) unoriginal... I agree with you about her costume. She looks like a Superman fangirl wannabe of some sort. xD Lady Thor seems a better option. go for it! :D if you do push through with it, i hope you can share it with us. :)

message 23: by Majid (last edited Aug 17, 2012 01:08AM) (new)

Majid Nobles | 48 comments As for me, I don't really mind a few inconcistencies in the movie, as long as they deliver it good and awesome AND keep the disparities to a minimum. Let's face it, movie versions are basically focused on the general public and not just comic fans :/ Anyway, I think knowing things about a comic character that most people don't can be quite a good thing too. xD LOL. (what do you guys think? xD) Jean and Scott, I think, will probably be back anytime soon... I guess it's an inevitable thing... :/
Okay, so there's a lot of plans for X-movies, that's good. I have read Logan's history in Japan with Mariko. i hope they pack up a lot of action in it. :P and if Disney does it as close as the comics, that would be awesome, but i'm not putting too much hope in it.

Anjelica, I think it's cool that you're making your own costumes. It usually takes me a long time to finish one. and i don't know how to sew. I usually leave the sewing to someone else, (my sister lol)the other things, I do myself, though.

message 24: by Majid (new)

Majid Nobles | 48 comments @ANjelica, isn't Jaina Solo the daughter of Hans Solo and Leia? that's cool! :P yeah, I do buy out on sale items and stuff for costumes too. It's actually fun scouring for items, especially hard-to-find ones. It's a challenge i love to take. xD

@William, lol, I've been expecting too much, maybe the action scenes will compensate for it. :P Yeah, I agree! there's a bit of a good and smug feeling when they ask you "why" or "who" about things. xD Though sometimes, you get disappointed when the movie version didn't achieve as much as half as you expected it to be, or when some scenes and details in the comics that you were looking forward to seeing weren't shown. :P

message 25: by Majid (new)

Majid Nobles | 48 comments cool,, xD now the prob is where to buuy a gas mask. lol, i do hope you find one. :P yeah, it's kinda creepy too. xD

about the Loki fangirl stuff, i dunno, i've heard of them, but I've never really cared for them. now that you brought that up, weeell... i think it's a bandwagon thing and these girls are just trying to get in it. Mostly, they're infatuated not with Loki himself, but with the actor who played him. It's crazy, in my opinion. =_=

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Majid Nobles | 48 comments LOL, "Marvel fans, not twilight fans". xD nicely said, Anjelica. xD and I agree with William. Scott should be with Emma now. And if Jean will come back, she should be with Logan. there should be no hard feelings for both parties too. and if there will be any bitterness between the two, then perhaps Marvel can come up with Schism 2. What do you guys think? LOL just kidding. just a crazy though. hahaha!

message 27: by Travis (new)

Travis (travishiltz) | 416 comments Mod
So, anyone see X-men: Apocalypse?

It didn't suck. I had a few grumbles, but it was pretty entertaining.

Jennifer Lawrence was phoning it in. Not impressed.

Liked new Storm and new Nightcrawler.

message 28: by Garret (new)

Garret Watts (anthonyEstark) | 9 comments I saw it a couple of days ago. I really liked it, probably best X-Men movie imo. Lawrence was better than expected, characters like Psylocke and Archangel were underused, but I really liked everyone else... Especially this... (potential spoilers!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OwSq...

message 29: by Travis (new)

Travis (travishiltz) | 416 comments Mod
Garret wrote: "I saw it a couple of days ago. I really liked it, probably best X-Men movie imo. Lawrence was better than expected, characters like Psylocke and Archangel were underused, but I really liked everyon..."

Yeah, almost nothing in common with the version in the comics, but an interesting character and a nice effect.

Psylocke at least looked good while doing very little, but Angel got a raw deal.

message 30: by Garret (new)

Garret Watts (anthonyEstark) | 9 comments Travis wrote: "Yeah, almost nothing in common with the version in the comics, but an interesting character and a nice effect."

Which character do you mean?

message 31: by Travis (new)

Travis (travishiltz) | 416 comments Mod
Garret wrote: "Travis wrote: "Yeah, almost nothing in common with the version in the comics, but an interesting character and a nice effect."

Which character do you mean?"

The one from your spoiler clip.

message 32: by Garret (new)

Garret Watts (anthonyEstark) | 9 comments Travis wrote: "The one from your spoiler clip."

Ahh, ok. Sorry, I kinda got thrown off there... But ya, I totally wish they used Archangel a lot more, and chances are he's dead or not coming back. But Psylocke they left open, so I'm really hoping to see her in a future X-Men film or X-Force.

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