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Zosister ...

message 2: by Rose (new)

Rose | 142 comments Diana skipped in. She had left Lumi to explore. She saw some one. With a weapon. She smiled. "Hello Jello! She called, coming over. "I'm Diana! Leader of the Athena Cabin." She smiled, her 2 front teeth were missing. "Who are you??"

(( btw, she's 7... just so thing don't get awkward.))

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Rose | 142 comments She smiled again. "I never tried it. I lke your ring. I get a helper! yay! I have to go to greek class now. I... My mum's a goddess!" She smiled as she stated it, liking how it sounded. "And is yours! Pony-man Is waiting for me. Bye!" She skipped away.

(( ancient greek... and sorry... she's a bit... hyper.))

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Zoe Snicket (ZoeNightshadeTheHunteress) | 113 comments Alyssa walked into the Archery Field with Calypso.

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Zosister "thanks." she said to Alssya, "can you guide me towards where the bows and arrows are kept? I will be able to pick one myself."

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Zoe Snicket (ZoeNightshadeTheHunteress) | 113 comments She walked her over to the bow and arrow, and chose one herself. "How can you tell where the targets are?"

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Zosister "I have no clue, but I know I can hit it." she felt her way around, and picked up a few and tested it in her hands. Finally she grabbed a bow that felt good enough, this is one feels good, she felt along the side and found something craved into the wood. It was a lighting bolt, she knew this because of the shape. She felt around and picked her arrows, "Ready." she called to Alssya

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Zoe Snicket (ZoeNightshadeTheHunteress) | 113 comments Alyssa grinned. "Ready....Aim.....FIRE!!!!" She shot her arrows at the target, but missed. This bow didn't exactly feel right. She quickly took out her own weapon as she watched Calypso shoot.

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Zosister Calypso, clicked her tongue and knew she was facing a target, slot a arrow in and fired, she heard the arrow hit the board but didn't know where, "where did I hit? I heard the arrow hit the board."

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Zoe Snicket (ZoeNightshadeTheHunteress) | 113 comments "Right on bull. You're good." She smiled.

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Zosister "Wait did I get a bull'seye?" she felt a scream and breathed in deep, ok calm down she thought, she loaded her arrow and shot again, she heard the arrow hit board.

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Zoe Snicket (ZoeNightshadeTheHunteress) | 113 comments "And again." She smiled and shot an arrow at the board. It went to the left of the bull.

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Rose | 142 comments Diana flew in. Wherever she went, she came just as the girls were leaving. It was rather annoying. Except, at the mess hall, Princess refused to land. Princess hovered and Diana jumped off, running over to the girls. "Hello Jello!" She said happily. She remembered hearing that one was blind and one was deaf. One off them was her sister. "Hello Jello!" She signed, Not remembering she where she learn how.

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Zosister "wow, I had no idea how I just did that." she heard a new voice, she turned towards her, "hey." she said, probably looking over her head.

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Zoe Snicket (ZoeNightshadeTheHunteress) | 113 comments "Hello" Alyssa smiled. "Down a bit, Calypso."

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Zosister "sorry." she murmed to the girl.

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DuskFox | 135 comments Mod
Levina walked in feeling elated. Chiron had just told her that the daughter of Zeus, called Calypso, was in here. 'Hi!' she called to the group of three girls on the other side of the field. As she jogged over Levina could see that one of them was a least seven and the other two looked like they were stuck together with glue.

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Zosister Calypso heard a new voice, and looked to where the voice came from, "over here!" she called to the voice

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Zoe Snicket (ZoeNightshadeTheHunteress) | 113 comments Alyssa smiled. "Hey, I'm Alyssa and this is Calypso."

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DuskFox | 135 comments Mod
'Hi Alyssa! Hi Calypso! My names Levina. And what's your name?' she asked the little girl to her right who was busy patting a Pegasus. 'I don't mean to be rude,' Levina said, 'But I had heard one of you two (pointing at Alyssa and Calypso) was deaf and the other was blind. Would you mind telling me? Just so I know for future reference e.t.c. Also, who is your godly parent?' Levina didn't mean to assault them with all these questions but it was in her nature.

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Zosister "Well I'm blind and my godly parent is Zeus." Calypso answered.

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Zoe Snicket (ZoeNightshadeTheHunteress) | 113 comments "I'm deaf and my godly parent is Athena." She smiled at them

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DuskFox | 135 comments Mod
Levina smiled. They seemed nice. Now she got why they were always at each others side. Alyssa was Calypso's eyes, and Calypso was Alyssa's ears. Nice to meet you Levina signed for Alyssa and said out load for Calypso (Levinas grandmother was deaf so that's where she learned to sign). Then Levina turned to Calypso and said (she also signed while speaking so Alyssa knew what was going on) 'Calypso! Your a daughter of Zeus! Guess what! Your my sister!!!!' and with that she grabbed Calypso and pulled her in for a tight hug, sending a small electric shock through Calypso so she knew Levina was telling the truth.

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Zosister Calpso heard her then felt her hug and the shock, she hugged her back. "wow I have never had a sister before." she said.

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Zoe Snicket (ZoeNightshadeTheHunteress) | 113 comments Alyssa smiled. It was weird, how they were all realted in a way. If you thought about it, everyone at the camp was related. Calypso would be Alyssa's half-aunt! (How long did it take me to figure that out XP)

message 26: by DuskFox, A Child of the Moon (new)

DuskFox | 135 comments Mod
((I will reply tomorrow. Sorry, gtg to bed now. See you! :-D))

message 27: by Zoe (new)

Zoe Snicket (ZoeNightshadeTheHunteress) | 113 comments ((Bye :( ))

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Rose | 142 comments "Yay!!!" Diana spoke as she signed. "I get another sister! I already have one named Kyra! She's really nice." She smiled, showing her missing two front teeth.

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DuskFox | 135 comments Mod
((Hahaha!! Nice Zoë! Sorry I havn't replyed recently. Lots been joining on at school...been dumped with millions of assignments! Ahhhh!))

'Yeah, I havn't had a sister either. Calypso, just curious, what are your powers from father?' Levina asked curiously. She had never met another daughter of Zeus so she knew nothing about stuff like this.

Levina laughed. Diana was so cute but Levina would have to tell her that only Calypso was her sister. 'Diana, only Calypso is my sister since we have the same father. But your my cousin. Ok missy?' Levina said with a smile as she hugged Diana's small body. 'Dont think I've forgotten about you Alyssa!' she signed and said as she got up from Diana and hugged Alyssa. 'Now, what do you guys want to do?'

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Rose | 142 comments Diana smiled. "Okey dokey! We're a family!" She said, clearly overjoyed.

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DuskFox | 135 comments Mod
Levina laughed. 'Yep, we're family now and I'll always be here for you. Don't forget that ok? I'll always be here to help you.' Levina said softly holding Diana's hand. She had felt an attachment to younger kids so she wasn't surprised to feel this to Diana, but she was surprised to feel it stronger than ever before. Maybe it was because she was a demigod like herself. Maybe it was because Diana reminded Levina so much of her dead sister...

message 32: by Rose (new)

Rose | 142 comments Diana smiled. "I like you guys. Much better then home." 'Princess' trotted over happily. "Oh guys this is Princess, My pegagusasus." She motioned towards the Diana sized horse. "I found her... well she found me outside the stables..."

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Zosister "a Pegasus?" calypso said, "care to explain what a Pegasus is?"

message 34: by DuskFox, A Child of the Moon (new)

DuskFox | 135 comments Mod
'Wow Diana! Princess is so pretty. Can you ride her?' Levina asked as she bent diwn to pet the hourse.
'A Pegasus is a house with wings created by Posidon from the waves of the sea.' Levina said with certainty after Calypso asked what a Pegasus was. She had learned about these beautiful creatures ages ago and she was happy to share her knowledge. 'Wait 1) sorry for answering your question diana. Did you know that? Would you like to tell Calypso. And 2) Calypso, give me your hand.' and with that she took Calypso's hand and brought it over to Princess.

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Zosister Caly felt the horses mane, "it is beautiful." she smiled. she ran her hand down the pegasus back as light as a feather, "she is beautiful." she smiled again, feeling the Pegasus heart beat.

message 36: by Rose (new)

Rose | 142 comments Diana smiled at both of them. Shee turned to levina. "I don't mind you answering, but I did kno that," She smiled. "I can ride her, would you like to see?"

message 37: by Zosister (new)

Zosister "I can't see, but I will be able to hear the Pegasus' feet" Calpso replied

message 38: by DuskFox, A Child of the Moon (new)

DuskFox | 135 comments Mod
'Yea, she is beautiful isn't she.... Your a very lucky girl Diana to get such a beautiful Pegasus.' When Levina heard they were going to get Calypso to ride Princess she did a quick prayer to her dad and then grabbed Calypso's hand and helped her on Princess. Then Levina turned to Alyssa and asked her (through sign language) if she would also like to fly. 'Actually,' Levina said and signed, 'How about we all go to the stables and then get a pegasus of our own to ride. Then none of us will be left out!'

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Rose | 142 comments "Okay! Actully, I can go on Princess and bring you guys some." She did a quick count of who was there and flew off.
----------------------*Five minutes later*-------------------------

Diana flew back, three pegagsai following. "Okay..." She said as she landed. "I didn't know If you wanted to pick, but I brought Storm, for Levina" A gray with brown spekles dipped its head, "Hibuiscus for Calypso," A butterscotch flew over and whinnied, "And Muffin for Alyssa." the all brown one trotted over. "But if you guys wanna go pick..."

message 40: by Zosister (new)

Zosister "that would be nice", Calypso heard Levina. Calypso carefully swung her leg over the side and jumped down.

message 41: by DuskFox, A Child of the Moon (new)

DuskFox | 135 comments Mod
After waiting with Alyssa and Calypso for five minutes Diana came back leading some beautiful Pegasus. Diana gave Levina Storm. She loved her at first sight. 'Gosh!' Levina gasped, 'Shes beautiful! I love her! I don't know about you guys but you guys but I do not want to swap! Sorry!' Levina said as she hugged Storm and ran her fingers through her soft mane. 'Lets go!' Levina cried laughing and with that she jumped onto Storms back and jumped off into the air.

message 42: by Rose (new)

Rose | 142 comments Diana jumped onto Princess, following Levina. "I love ponies!" She cried out adorably.

message 43: by Zosister (new)

Zosister "Can someone lead me too Hibuiscus? I want to ride her." Calypso smiled.

message 44: by Rose (new)

Rose | 142 comments Diana landed and took her hand. "Sure." She said happily, walking her over to the cream-colored pony. She put Caly's hand on Hibuiscus' mane. "There!" She said happily

message 45: by Zosister (new)

Zosister "Thank you! She feels beautiful." Calypso said in awe. She felt the mane, she felt her way to the side and climbed on. She patted the horses head, "I'm on!"

message 46: by Rose (new)

Rose | 142 comments Diana almost squealed in delight. "Caly, you're so pretty!" She said, watching the horse take flight. She wasn't lying. Caly looked so naturally beautiful on the horse -ehm, excuse me pegasus - it was hard not to believe that she wasn't from the Aphrodite cabin.

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Zosister ((thanks Rose!))

"Thank you" Caly smiled, "I bet you look beautiful too!" she felt the wing of the pegasus beating beside her leg, and her hair blowing around in the breeze. "it is these times, that I wish I could see." she said when she was probably a few meters in the air, she clicked her tongue. She could hear where the trees were, by echolocation.

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Rose | 142 comments Diana instantly felt bad. She bit her lip, upset that se forgot that Caly could see. She slowly mounted her own horse, taking flight. Her cheeks were tinged pale pink. "You pony won't let you bump into anything." She said softly but loud enough for Caly to hear over the wind.

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Zosister "I know, I trust Hibuiscus," Caly said, she heard a bit of saddness in her voice, "it is ok Diana! I know I can't see but I get along everyday not seeing anything." she smiled and clicked her tongue and found Diana and faced that way. "Diana, I wish I could see each day, but I hear the most beautiful things. I get a lot of help from my friends, you of course, and my father helps me a lot." she said winking up at the sky.

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DuskFox | 135 comments Mod
Levina had already rode Storm on a lap of the camp before she came back to find the others talking in the air. 'Come on guys!! What you waiting for?!' She cried, hearing the joy in her own voice. This was where she belonged, up here, in her fathers kingdom, the sky was her limit. Feeling the thrill of being here she stood up and jumped off Storm, which was sure to scare the others. She laughed at the thought as she headed towards the ground, tears streaming out her eyes in delight.

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