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message 1: by Zosister (last edited Jun 16, 2012 02:26AM) (new)

Zosister Dinner starts at 7:30pm and sit at your cabins table.

Burnt offerings are made to the gods at the fire in the pavilion

message 2: by Zosister (last edited Jul 28, 2012 04:30PM) (new)

Zosister ((classes last for two whole days (normal time) and we r in period two, because this group is new, we will get things up to speed soon))

message 3: by Jess (new)

Jess Jess | 194 comments Mod
Phoenix walked in joyfully. Lunch! Finally, she thought, I'm starving. Phoenix walked towards the counter and ordered nacho pizza with a side of salad, and a cup of coffee. Mmmmmm, her favourite. It was only then that she realised no one else was in the hall, she shrugged and took her food to a nearby table

message 4: by Zosister (new)

Zosister Echo came in happy that it was lunch, he got some food of a table. He noticed Pheonix at a table, "Hey Pheonix!' he called.

message 5: by Jess (new)

Jess Jess | 194 comments Mod
"Echo! Hey!" she called, relieved she wasn't a loner anymore. "I was beginning to think I got the timetables mixed up..." she trailed off, "how's it going?"

message 6: by Zosister (new)

Zosister "good." he said coming over and sat down beside her. "I am going to be a loner at my table so I will come and sit here with you." he smiled at her, "oh and sorry about before." he hoped she wouldnt be so mad with him.

message 7: by Jess (new)

Jess Jess | 194 comments Mod
"Before?"She asked questionly, "Ohhhh at sword skills," Phoenix realised. "nah it's cool, I WAS being a bit mean,"

message 8: by Zosister (new)

Zosister "Cool." he said, he was relieved she might not like after what he did. "I just thought you might not talk to me after how I stared at you."

message 9: by Jess (new)

Jess Jess | 194 comments Mod
"Haha don't worry about it," Phoenix laughed. She was relieved he wasn't holding a grudge or anything. "I'm finished, do you want to go somewhere after this, until the end of lunch?"

message 10: by Jess (new)

Jess Jess | 194 comments Mod
((posted next chapter of story if u want to read, don't know if you'd like it coz it's got a little lovey dovey stuff in it))

message 11: by Zosister (new)

Zosister ((ok, I might...))

"yeah sure. I would love too." he said finishing his lunch, he was usually holds grudges type of guy but was trying to be better at it.

message 12: by Sam (last edited Jul 31, 2012 05:18PM) (new)

Sam | 384 comments "hey guys, what's happening." Cody had seen that it was awkward from a distance and thought he would help it a little.

message 13: by Jess (last edited Jul 31, 2012 07:21PM) (new)

Jess Jess | 194 comments Mod
"Hey Cody! I was just going the ping pong tables. Did you guys want to join me?" she replied, taking her lunch tray to the bins and looking between the two of them.

message 14: by Zosister (new)

Zosister "that place is only for meetings not playing." Echo said to Pheonix, "Hey Cody, nothing much." he looked around and didn't see Zoe or Jacob, "hey do you guys know where Zoe and Jacob are?"

message 15: by Sam (last edited Jul 31, 2012 05:29PM) (new)

Sam | 384 comments ((sorry, I changed it now)) "I'm just going to grab a cheeseburger and blue coke. If your going to the rec room, you'll see why, even if we were allowed to use the table we can't." Cody replied.
((the ping-pong table has been struck with Clarrise's knife so many times))
"Jacob and Zoe are in the Hephaestus cabin, I think." he told echo.

message 16: by Jess (new)

Jess Jess | 194 comments Mod
"I told you they'd get along great!" Phoenix smiled. "Well I don't plan to spend my whole lunch time sitting here,so can we PLEASE go somewhere interesting?"

message 17: by Zosister (new)

Zosister "we could go play volleyball?" he suggested.

message 18: by Jess (new)

Jess Jess | 194 comments Mod
"hey yeah! That's a good idea echo! Let's do that! I've never played before though, so...." she trailed off

message 19: by Zosister (new)

Zosister "don't worry neither do I." he muttered, "but that means anything can happen."

message 20: by DuskFox, A Child of the Moon (new)

DuskFox | 135 comments Mod
((So sorry I havn't been on...But I'm back now!!))
((After Ancient Greek Xavier went to stretch his wings))

Xavier saw the mess hall from where he was up in one of the tall trees in the forest. He was starving from all that exercise. He took off and angled his wings towards the mess hall. He hoped no one was there yet so they woudn't see his wings but it didn't matter if they did (he believes everyone knows). Xavier landed lightly and began walking towards the mess hall, his wings outstretched catching the suns rays.

message 21: by Jess (new)

Jess Jess | 194 comments Mod
"This should be interesting then!" Phoenix said happily.

And with that, her echo and Cody walked out side. Then she saw Xavier, walking through the doors, "Hey Xavier! Long time no see. We're going to play volleyball! You want to come?"

message 22: by Zosister (new)

Zosister Echo's eyes looked towards the door, thinking about the rules to play Volleyball, "WHAT THE???!!" he saw a black shadow that kind of had the shape of a person but with the wings of a bird. In walked the new boy with wings!

message 23: by DuskFox, A Child of the Moon (new)

DuskFox | 135 comments Mod
Xavier stopped dead. Phoenix and Cody hadn't noticed his wings, but Echo certainly had. 'Um.... I-I-I can explain!' He quickly folded them against his back, but not before accidentally catching one of his tip feathers of his jacket and pulling it off. Xavier quickly bent down and picked up his white feather tipped with gold. Oh, great, he thought.

message 24: by Sam (new)

Sam | 384 comments "what's wrong guys, let's go, I think I heard volleyball." he trailed off as he saw Echo who looked like he'd seen a ghost, and Xavier, the new bloke, that looked like he was afraid he was a ghost.

message 25: by Zosister (new)

Zosister "I bet you are the son of Apollo and your dad gave you those wings?" Echo gussed, he came over to Xavier. "Don't be afraid, it's cool." he put up his hand for a hi-five.

message 26: by Jess (new)

Jess Jess | 194 comments Mod
"You have wings? That's so cool! Wow you're lucky!" Phoenix said enviously walking over to Xavier.

message 27: by Sam (new)

Sam | 384 comments The wings guy kind of scared him. He thought it could be a god in disguise testing the foolish mortals. "ummmmm, hello, I'm Cody."

message 28: by DuskFox, A Child of the Moon (new)

DuskFox | 135 comments Mod
Xavier was absolutely stunned. He thought everyone would have run away screaming by now. Well, it was a nice change.
'Hi Echo. Yes, your right. My dad is Apollo and he gave me these wings as a gift. Hi Phoenix. Sometimes it is lucky. I mostly love my wings but keeping them hidden and feeling like a freak is a small downside of them. Hi Cody, names Xavier.' That was the most Xavier had said in his entire life, literally. He high fiver Echo and cause Cody was looking like this was some kind of joke he stretched out his wings a bit for them to see.

message 29: by Jess (last edited Aug 01, 2012 03:45PM) (new)

Jess Jess | 194 comments Mod
"Well now you don't have to hide them!" Phoenix declared. "You can totally be on my team for volleyball!"

message 30: by Sam (new)

Sam | 384 comments He had decided it wasn't a god. "unfair Phoenix, he can fly... He will be able to spike the ball really hard when it's put in the air high enough...don't worry, your not a freak, echo can summon the dead and I can practically live underwater" he reassured Xavier

message 31: by Jess (new)

Jess Jess | 194 comments Mod
"He's still on my team," Phoenix said, poking her tongue out at Cody. "and I can charm speak!" she said, brightly

message 32: by Sam (new)

Sam | 384 comments ((he probably doesn't know what it is))

"ok then, I'll be on Echos team, he can raise the dead so we have an advantage."

message 33: by Zosister (new)

Zosister "fine by me. I can play a bit of volleyball, and I am good at it." he looked at them and then said, "are we going now?"

message 34: by Sam (new)

Sam | 384 comments "I used to play with satyrs and other campers and I was good, but it wasn't my sport." Cody said.

message 35: by Sam (new)

Sam | 384 comments Jacob and Zoe walked in to the mess hall. He wondered why it was a hall when there were no roof and no walls, just columns set up, greek style. "not much protection from the weather" he noted to Zoe.

message 36: by Zosister (new)

Zosister "yeah." she said looking up at the roof, but instead was the sky. They walked over to the food. Zoe took a burger and a empty glas and spoke, "Coke" and it appeared, "meet you at a table." she smiled and picked a table and sat down

message 37: by Sam (last edited Aug 02, 2012 02:21AM) (new)

Sam | 384 comments There was an assortment of fruit, nuts, fresh bread and even barbecue. He almost drooled thinking about barbecue because he was that hungry. He grabbed some of all and grabbed a glass. He had seen her say 'coke' into it so he said "dr pepper" Which was his favourite drink.
((cody can't choose between Blue Cherry Coke and blue dr pepper as his favourite drink...))
"sick" he said. He found her table and sat down.

message 38: by Zosister (new)

Zosister She ate and when Jacob sat down she looked up at him and smiled and went back to eating.

message 39: by Sam (new)

Sam | 384 comments "so, what's your favourite color?" Jacob asked. He wanted to get to know her more.

message 40: by Zosister (new)

Zosister "The color of the sea, so blue." she answered his Question, "whats yours?"

message 41: by Sam (new)

Sam | 384 comments "red, or green, like this" he showed her the Greek fire. "like this, it's like the color of neon green. My dad used to work with cars."

message 42: by Zosister (new)

Zosister "that's cool." she aid back to him, she didn't know what to ask him next. "because I am the daughter of Poseidon I love swimming. If you need to find look by the lake, I will be either reading or swimming. What do you like doing in your free time?"

message 43: by Sam (new)

Sam | 384 comments "I make stuff, sometimes I don't even notice what Im making. I don't even know what this is." he pulled out what it was. It was a remote control car. "here, you can have it."

message 44: by Zosister (new)

Zosister "thanks that is cool." she looked at the car, and then said, "anything you would like to know about me?"

message 45: by Sam (new)

Sam | 384 comments "any machine or forged weapon you need?" he asked.

message 46: by Zosister (new)

Zosister "Nah, it's cool, what do you want to do after this?" she asked

message 47: by Sam (new)

Sam | 384 comments "do you want to play some volleyball." he asked her with a grin.

message 48: by Zosister (new)

Zosister "yeah that would be fun or we could hang out outside the cabins. I heard there is a basketball hoop there?" she suggested

message 49: by Sam (new)

Sam | 384 comments "what would you prefer, we could do both." he suggested.

message 50: by Jess (new)

Jess Jess | 194 comments Mod
"Can we go and play volleyball now?" Phoenix complained.

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