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message 1: by Zosister (new)

Zosister Mr. D and Chiron live here ((will be played by mods))

message 2: by DuskFox, A Child of the Moon (new)

DuskFox | 135 comments Mod
Levina walked through the creaky hall way towards a door on her left. The door had been left slightly ajar and soft light was spilling out, illuminating the hall way. She walked cautiously forward, all the while staring at the bare wooden walls thinking the place was going to collapse on her at any second. Even her dog Sparky walked slowly with his tail between his legs, only staying at her heels to protect his master. When she reached the door Levina took a deep breath and slowly pushed the door open.

message 3: by Zosister (new)

Zosister Chiron looked up to see a new demigod walk into the room, "hello." Chiron said calmly.

message 4: by DuskFox, A Child of the Moon (new)

DuskFox | 135 comments Mod
Oh! Levina thought as she looked at the man, horse, thing.....This is going to get weird....
'Hello. My names Levina. I don't want to be rude.... But your a centaur, aren't you?'

message 5: by Zosister (last edited Jun 20, 2012 01:03AM) (new)

Zosister Zoe walked into the big house, and saw some weird things. A talking animal head was looking right at her AWWWWW that is creepy she thought. She came to a big door and stepped inside. When she came through the door she found another girl there talking to a man that is part horse. "hello to you too." he said politely.

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DuskFox | 135 comments Mod
Levina had just been told by the centaur who's name was Chiron- like, THE CHIRON, the one from Greek mythology e.t.c, that this was camp half-blood. You came here if you were the son or daughter of a Greek God - I know, hard to believe right, but it's true. She had just been told all about the camp when the door creaked open and another girl walked in. She was tall, had brown curly hair and startlingly ocean blue eyes. She walked in with a nervous but sort of comfortable bounce, so Levina wondered if she had been told about camp before hand.

((Hey Zoe, just thinking, because your the daughter of Percy, you should probs know all about camp half-blood and have been here before but this is the first time you've come as a camper-that's why your nervous. You know, mum and dad kept you close but now it's time that they send you there to get training and experience e.t.c..... Just an idea...))

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Zosister "Yes I am, Levina." Chiron said "how nice it is to meet you."
"what is your name child?" he asked the girl who was standing at the door.

"My name is Zoe Jackson." Zoe repiled, "My dad told me to tell you that his name is Percy Jackson and my mum is Annabeth Chase."

((good idea and maybe u should know about some of the camp's history because that should be in some books))

message 8: by DuskFox, A Child of the Moon (new)

DuskFox | 135 comments Mod
((Sorry Zoe! My iPads stupid.....grrrrr....... Good idea by the way!!)))

Wow, a centaur! Thought Levina. This is awesome!!

'Wait, Jackson, you said Jackson...Your Percy and Annabeth's daughter! OMG!!! That's soooo cool!! Your parents are the most important people in the history, of well, history!!' Levina almost screamed with excitement jumping around the room.

message 9: by DuskFox, A Child of the Moon (new)

DuskFox | 135 comments Mod
(( Hey Zoe. Gtg. Be back around 8:00ish. See you soon!! :-D))

message 10: by Zosister (new)

Zosister "Yeah that's them" Zoe said, "and they said to tell you Chiron that means My Gradparents are Poseiden and Athena. But mostly my Grandfather, that means Poseiden."

message 11: by DuskFox, A Child of the Moon (new)

DuskFox | 135 comments Mod
((back! I had sent one before but I must have deleted it or something..... Sorry!!))

Levina was almost bouncing off the walls with excitement. I'm meeting someone historically famous!! She thought
'Anyway,' she said taking a deep breath to try and calm herself, 'Its very nice to meet you. And you too Chiron. I'm Levina by the way. Oh, and this is my dog, Sparky.' she said gesturing to the small golden retreviour at her heels. ((Soz, can't spell))

'Yes, it very nice to meet the both if you.' Chiron said, clopping to the door (he's in horse form). 'Now, if you will follow me I will show you around camp and then take you to your cabins where you can prepare before campfire.'

message 12: by Zosister (new)

Zosister "Awesome. Mum and dad told me about the campfire. I am so excited." she said, "at least I know I have a friend at this camp. Only if you want to be my friend?"

message 13: by DuskFox, A Child of the Moon (new)

DuskFox | 135 comments Mod
'Of course I'll be your friend! And, no offence, but I have never had someone ask that question to me before!' Levina said laughing. 'Lets go!' and with that, she grabbed Zoe's hand and dragged her out of the big house after Chiron.

((Gtg now Zoe. Bed time! Sorry!! See you tomorrow!! XD))

message 14: by Jess (new)

Jess Jess | 194 comments Mod
As Pheonix walked through the large mahogany doors that lead into the house where Dr D and Chiron lived, she couldnt help feeling a litle panicky. Another new home. And this one even more dangerous, she thought.

"Hello?" she called. her voice echoed off the walls.

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Zosister "come in here my dear." Chiron voice said. He was in his motorized wheel chair, in his office.

message 16: by Jess (new)

Jess Jess | 194 comments Mod
"Hello, sir," she said, fidgeting with her bag strap

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Zosister "Well hello, who might you be?" he asked the girl, she look a bit panicked. "it's ok my dear."

message 18: by Jess (new)

Jess Jess | 194 comments Mod
"Um, im Pheonix Rae, Aphrodite's daughter," Pheonix replied, finally looking into his eyes.

message 19: by Zosister (new)

Zosister "Well welcome to Camp Half Blood. You will have a lovely stay here." said Chiron. "Would you like me to show you around?"

message 20: by Jess (last edited Jul 18, 2012 03:43PM) (new)

Jess Jess | 194 comments Mod
"Yes please!" Phoenix replied politely.

message 21: by Zosister (new)

Zosister "Well let's go. Wait a minute as I need to get up."

message 22: by Jess (last edited Jul 18, 2012 03:43PM) (new)

Jess Jess | 194 comments Mod
Phoenix helps Dr. D up from his chair. As she was taught to be polite and respectful to her elders.

message 23: by Zosister (last edited Jul 18, 2012 04:49PM) (new)

Zosister "thank you my dear." he said as his two front legs came out of the car, then his back and last of all his back legs with a tail. "Ahhh, feels so much better to be out of that box." all that was left of the armchair was a pair of fake legs and an empty box.

message 24: by Jess (last edited Jul 18, 2012 04:13PM) (new)

Jess Jess | 194 comments Mod
Phoenix nearly had a heart attack. When she saw the real Dr. Chiron. As it was, though, she stifled a scream as she followed him out of the house.

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Zosister "Don't be frightened my dear." as he lead out to the veranda , "This is Camp Half Blood. Demigods such as yourself come her to learn how to survive the real world." he said opening his arms.

Mr. D turned around with a grumpy disposition on he was sitting at a table with a bunch of Satyrs playing Pinochole.

message 26: by Jess (last edited Jul 18, 2012 04:19PM) (new)

Jess Jess | 194 comments Mod
((what is pinochole))

"That looks like fun!" says excitedly. "When can I join in?"

message 27: by Zosister (new)

Zosister ((it is a card game. Chiron always wins! Mr. D is Dyonisys))

"The card game or the camp?" Chiron asked.

Mr. D put his hand over the table and a wine glass appeared. Chiron looked at him with a smile on his face, "you know your limits Mr. D." Mr. D looked displeased and the wine glass disappeared and turned into a diet coke can. "A honest mistake." he said looking at the ceiling, thunder rumbled and calmed down. "His father is still a bit mad at him. Isn't it your last year with us?" Chiron asked,
Mr. D put on a fake smile, "yes it is."

message 28: by Jess (new)

Jess Jess | 194 comments Mod
"oh," Phoenix looked disappointed, "I've heard great things about you. Can I have a coke as well?"

message 29: by Zosister (new)

Zosister ((this will give you what he is like:

He replied bluntly, "No"

Chron explained to Phoenix that Mr. D doesnt like a lot of things and is always grumpy

message 30: by Jess (new)

Jess Jess | 194 comments Mod
"Ah," she said, suddenly understanding, "Ok then, nice meeting you Dr. D! So what else is there in camp half blood mr Chiron?"

message 31: by Zosister (new)

Zosister "Just call me Chiron dear. Well right now we have three campers, Zoe, Levina and you my dear." he said looking out at the camp.

message 32: by Jess (last edited Jul 19, 2012 02:00AM) (new)

Jess Jess | 194 comments Mod
"You mean there isn't any boys?" Phoenix frowned.

message 33: by Zosister (new)

Zosister "I think there will be some when the satyrs out there find them." he said kindly. "Should I ask Zoe to come up here and she can take you on a tour?"

message 34: by Jess (new)

Jess Jess | 194 comments Mod
"Oh yes please!" Phoenix replied happily, looking around.

message 35: by Zosister (new)

Zosister Chiron Called for Zoe to come up and a few minutes and Zoe was standing right in front of them.

message 36: by Jess (new)

Jess Jess | 194 comments Mod
"Hi Zoe!" Pheonix squealed delightedly, she was so excited, "Are finding some satreyers or whatever they're called!"

message 37: by Zosister (new)

Zosister ((i dont understand what she just said but ok))

"Hello, I am as you know Zoe, Zoe Jackson." Zoe said with a smile.

"Well it looks like i am not needed anymore" Chiron said and trotted into his office, and sat down into his chair until he looked like a normal human.

message 38: by Sam (new)

Sam | 384 comments Daniel and I walked up to the big house, I stared at the doors for a moment. "Are you ok Cody." he asked. "Yeah, I'm fine, I just have'nt been here in twenty-six years almost, it feels weird coming back. And the Memory from before the Casino hasn't fully come back yet either." I told him. I slowly opened the door, revealing the grumpy god of leopards and diet coke, Dionysus, sitting with Chiron, the camp co-ordinator playing pinochle just where I left them. "hey mr D, Chiron, long time no see." I stated. Mr D didnt show any expression at all, like usual, but Chiron looked like he'd seen a ghost.

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Zosister ((David write in the way we are writing please, and only me and Heather control Mr. D and Chiron sorry))

"Where have you been Percy?" he asked nicely

Mr. D went back to the pinochle

message 40: by Sam (new)

Sam | 384 comments "Percy, no, I'm Cody, Cody Jackson" I said, "why did you call me Percy?"

message 41: by Zosister (new)

Zosister Echo came in with Amos his guardian Satyr and saw a guy in a Hawaiian shirt and a diet coke playing a card game. He saw another man in a wheel chair and when he looked into his eyes he thought he was ancient. He saw a boy with a Satyr just like his but a bit different."Hello." Echo said nervously.

message 42: by Sam (new)

Sam | 384 comments "I'm from new York, at least I was, I've been stuck in the Lotas Casino for the last twenty six years."

message 43: by Zosister (new)

Zosister "Hello there. Well Cody you look exactly like Percy Jackson... one of my former students. Do you have any relationship to Percy?"

Echo was taken back at what was happening. he stood silently until spoken to.

message 44: by Sam (new)

Sam | 384 comments "Hi, I'm Cody, you must be new at camp?"

message 45: by Zosister (new)

Zosister "Yeah I am" Echo said slightly nervous, "I am Echo, Echo Omega and this is Amos my guardian." Amos looked up and smiled," Hello Chiron and Mr. D" he cringed when saying Mr. D's name.

message 46: by Sam (new)

Sam | 384 comments I felt like I just had a brick thrown at my face "Chiron, we have met before, I went on a quest to receive the golden apples protected by Ladon with Daniel here" I motioned to Daniel, still shocked that I had forgotten "but, this Percy, I think I am related to him, may I have a photo to jog my memory?"

message 47: by Sam (new)

Sam | 384 comments "I didn't come back to camp by the way, that was when I got stuck".

message 48: by Sam (new)

Sam | 384 comments "so, Echo, do you know who your godly parent is yet, mine is Poseidon.

message 49: by Zosister (new)

Zosister "Sorry i have none. I am so sorry i don't remember you." he sighed. he turned and looked at Echo, "hello young lad. Do you know who your God parent is?"
"Yeah, My dad is Hades." he said with a smile.

message 50: by Sam (new)

Sam | 384 comments He turned with eagerness "I think there was a son and daughter of hades at the casino, I think their last name was di Angelo"

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