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Zosister ....

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Sam | 384 comments Jacob and Cody walked down to class. They passed the armoury and Jacob said "wait up" to Cody's confusion. He came back with a normal sword, which was different because he always preferred other weapons. Boomerangs, shotguns, that sort of stuff. It was weird for Cody to see.

He was feeling much better. The whole shock of collapsing had even worn off. He was looking forward to sword fighting. It used to be his favourite subject when he was here before.

((to anybody that does sword fighting. Cody is there to practice, but because he has had more experience he will often teach and help out, like Luke does in the first book))

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Zosister ((nah they just practice))
Echo walked in with Zoe they both had something in here, Echo had sword fighting and Zoe had Monster assault Techniques, but decided to go with Echo to sword fighting instead. Acheron was dropping the stuff they had found in the North Woods at the forge, and would be coming along later to watch.

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Sam | 384 comments ((he won't do it often, but if he sees people doing something wrong he will help. Like Luke did. He wasn't a teacher, he just taught sometimes.))
"oh, hey guys, long time no see" Jacob said. "I asked Cody to show me how to use a sword, he said he would teach me a bit." Jacob said.
Cody felt his face go hot.

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Zosister ((yeah good idea))

"Cool i just need practice so does Zoe." he smiled
Zoe nodded

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Sam | 384 comments ((I'll be back soon, gotta go now))

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Zosister ((ok))

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Sam | 384 comments ((back))
Cody had been teaching Jacob for what seemed like ages. "come on, bro, keep your guard up." Jacob was starting to get the hang of it, but he still preferred a boomerang as a weapon.
They worked on mostly slashing. Stabbing was more of a roman technique, Cody had told him. "wow" Cody exclaimed. "your a fast learner, Jacob. I wonder if that's from Hephaestus or your moms side. You almost had me that time."

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Sam | 384 comments "hey, Echo, Zoe... You guys want to do a competion, I think Jacobs good enough to do it now. The person who's sword drops last wins. Sound good?"

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Jess Jess | 194 comments Mod
Phoenix walked in Wearing her hunting gear, like always, "Hey everyone! I'm here for sword skills?"

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Sam | 384 comments "sweet" Cody said to Phoenix
"why don't we do a tournament thing" he said.

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Zosister "I like that idea." Zoe said, she got out her pen and clicked it, it grew to a full length sword.

"fine by me." said Echo, he grabbed his dagger and it grew to a full length sword, "let's do this."

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Sam | 384 comments "ok, Phoenix, you can vs. Echo. No flirting though, alright!" Cody eyed her suspiciously. "ill vs. the winner. Jacob can vs. Zoe. Loser of first fight vs. loser of Jacob vs. Zoe. Winner of Second can vs. winner of Pheonix vs. Echo, vs. me"

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Jess Jess | 194 comments Mod
((im just going to pretend i understood that,david))

"Me? flirt?" phoenix put on an innocent face "never!" she grinned, "besides, im going to kick echo's butt, so there will be no time for that anyway," she drew her long sword from the sheath on her back, and stood in front of echo. "bring it, hun" she winked.

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Zosister "oh haha. Let's kick your back first then mine." said Echo he stepped forward with his Sword out in front of him, "I have killed a Basiklisk, I think I will be able to disarm you." he lunged forward, to strike.

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Jess Jess | 194 comments Mod
Phoenix danced away in the opposite direction, brown hair flying over her shoulder. "Missed," she grinned. She took a swing at his chest.

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Zosister Echo block the swing with his own sword brining his sword down with hers and tired to disarm her, by doing a move he knows well and flung her sword, but grabbed it and aimed both swords at her.

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Sam | 384 comments ((ok jess, btw your not meant to kill))
"round one, echo takes win." Cody said.
"ok, Jacob Vs. Zoe. And then I vs. Echo."

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Jess Jess | 194 comments Mod
((lol I know that, he's wearing armour or whatever...))
"Come on! How'd I lose?"

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Jess Jess | 194 comments Mod
((oh before I forget, check out my new story:

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Zosister "Yes!" Echo smiled, he went over to Pheonix and gave her a hug, "good fight!" he said.

"oh Yay!" she smiled, "let's do it!"

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Sam | 384 comments "it's on like donkey kong" Jacob replied
"you ready princess?" he asked sword raised.

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Zosister (( I UPDATED MY STORY!!!))

"don't ever call me a princess." she smiled, she raised her sword and swinged it around in a circle, she circled him waiting for the correct moment.

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Jess Jess | 194 comments Mod
Zoe (Zo-Sister) wrote: ""Yes!" Echo smiled, he went over to Pheonix and gave her a hug, "good fight!" he said.

"Thanks echo," Phoenix punched him lightly on the arm, "You did good"

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Sam | 384 comments "too bad" he jeered, trying to get her to make a mistake. He swung his sword at her.

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Zosister "fine by me." echo laughed, "I could help you with sword Practices?" he asked.

Zoe stepped back as the sword passed her but when it came over to the other side, she hit it back and went into a move her dad had taught her. And CLANG! Went the sword.

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Sam | 384 comments She parried his sword, she thrusted her sword towards him. Everything seemed slow, like his ADHD was meant exactly for this. He dodged to the right and rolled under her arm. He smashed her sword near the hilt but still on the blade. The sword flew out of her hand and he placed his sword on her ribs. "I think I win."

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Zosister "Dammit." she said, "good fight." she extended her hand towards his for a hand shake.

(( gtg to bed, cya tomorrow))

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Sam | 384 comments "maybe another time, good fight" he threw her hand away. As her rejected face grew he grabbed her and gave her a hug.
((cya guys))

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Zosister She welcomed the hug from him, "thanks. Maybe sometime you could show me that move?" she smiled.

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Jess Jess | 194 comments Mod
((Ahh David i see what u mean about echo winning, thank you for pointing that out. AND ZOE IM PRETTY SURE IT DIDNT SAY THAT BEFORE))

"ok lovebirds, break it up" Phoenix said, rolling her eyes, "geez this is sword fighting..." she walked away and began to practice some of her moves in the shade

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Zosister ((I did edit it to make more sense...))

Zoe backed away from him, "I didn't... I mean, it wasn't..." she stammered, she could feel her face going red, she put up her hands to cover her face.

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Sam | 384 comments "we aren't.... We weren't."Jacob went bright read. Cody was rolling over in laughter.
"yeah, sure" was all he could manage to reply to Zoe. He left to go sit down and hypereventilate.

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Jess Jess | 194 comments Mod
Watching from a distance, Phoenix watched both Zoe's and Jacobs faces go red. She was laughing so hard she almost dropped her sword.

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Zosister Zoe went over to Jacob, still bright red, "I'm sorry." she murmured and sat down next to him, "I didnt think you of all people would hug me." she whispered to him so the others couldn't hear.

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Jess Jess | 194 comments Mod
"My work here is done," Phoenix muttered happily to herself. She always thought they'd be cute together

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Sam | 384 comments "why are you sorry. I suppose, nobody would ever expect anything of valdez though". He whispered back.

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Zosister She looked at him and smiled, "Well... I liked it...the hug." she whispered back, "I do know you have been really nice to me." she whispered so quietly she didn't think Jacob, even could here her reply.

Echo meanwhile stayed quiet, but was looking at Pheonix and Cody with distaste. .

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Jess Jess | 194 comments Mod
Phoenix was oblivious to anything. She could sense a relationship or crush from a mile away. She's a daughter of Aphrodite after all...
Ok so maybe she shouldn't have been so abrupt. The only thing she regretted was that echo was looking like she just shot his best friend.

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Zosister Echo saw Pheonix looking at him and looked away. Acheron came walking in happy and wagging his tail, his head turned towards Echo and BARK! Echo nearly got pummeled by the hellhound and had a bath by Acheron licking him in the face. "Stop it, Stop it!" he cried out, after Acheron was done, he pushed a shield over to Echo and he knew that the Hellhound wanted to play.

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Sam | 384 comments "i.. I liked it too, we should do it more often" he said looking up at her with his brown, curious eyes.
((you know what would be weird, a daughter of aphrodite as a hunter))

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Zosister She stuttered, "Really?" she looked up into his brown eyes. She could feel a feeling in her heart that she hadn't felt before and she didn't know what it was.

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Sam | 384 comments "yeah really."He chuckled. he think he likes this girl.

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Jess Jess | 194 comments Mod
I KNEW IT! Phoenix thought triumphantly. Oh yeah, who's the best? ME! She screamed in her mind. She'd gotten them together, she knew they liked each other.
Echo still wasn't looking at her. Maybe she could sense other people's crushes or possible relationships, or feelings. But she coukd not for the life of her gauge her own.

((how is that weird David? Just because she is a daughter of Aphrodite doesn't mean she's helpless. Or weak.))

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Zosister "I would like that too." she whispered back. She smiled at him, "You look better now, your breathing has slowed." she felt her cheek, "and I feel like my face is still red." she sighed.

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Sam | 384 comments ((the hunters of Artemis, jess, have sworn off boys...))

"yeah, I was scared I was going to go supernova" Jacob replied darkly. As if on a sudden impulse, he leaned forward and kissed her cheek. "maybe that may make it less red."

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Jess Jess | 194 comments Mod
((but she is not a daughter of Artemis....))

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Sam | 384 comments ((Artemis also has sworn off guys, that's why anyone who comes to camp and stays in Artemis cabin is a hunter. She adopts those that choose to be a hunter.))

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Zosister Once he had kissed her, she felt her cheek get redder, she smiled, "I...I...I" she stammered, she looked down into her lap, "I...I think I like you." she got out, she covered her mouth with her hand, not thinking what she had just said.

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Sam | 384 comments "I like you too silly." he had gotten over the shock now. But he was trying to keep her from embarrassment. 'silly, who says silly nowadays..' he chided himself for his stupidness.

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