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Zosister ...

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Sam | 384 comments Jacob walked in to his cabin. One of the beds were labeled 1-A. He looked curiously at it. His father had always said that captain America was a good movie. wasn't captain America called. 1-A, the first avenger. Jacob felt sure his dad was telling him this was the bed for him. It went into its own private room with little wind up toys, a x-box 360 and a three club hammer. He brought this out and looked at it. In the cabin was everything. His dad is probably jealous. "you jelly daddy?" he said in his best southern accent. He didn't know what to bring to the chariot race so he brought the hammer and his magical tool kit that could summon almost anything he wanted.

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Sam | 384 comments Jacob was outside the cabin with Zoe. "wait here for a second, I'll just check its...... presentable."

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Zosister "Sure." she smiled, she felt so good being with Jacob and she knew the feeling she had was love.

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Sam | 384 comments "ok, come on in" he led her through the door. He had made sure he had put cologne around the room but it couldn't stop the strong scent of hot metal. He had combed his hair slightly but did not overdo it. His dad had told him that there were breath mints in the tool belt, so he grabbed that out.
"here it is. That's my bunk, 1-A."

((Inside: Leo describes the folded steel bunks against the walls to be like "high-tech Murphy beds". Each bed has a digital control panel, blinking LED lights, glowing gems, and interlocking gears. A fire pole comes down from the second floor. A circular staircase lead down into some kind of basement. The walls are lined with every kind of power tool imaginable, and a huge assortment of weaponry. A workbench overflows with scrap metal, screws, bolts, washers, nails, rivets, and a million other machine parts.))

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Zosister "it looks cool in here, I know what you mean now." she could smell of hot metal, but it didn't matter to her, she was with Jacob who she loves and loves her back. She looked around and saw different tools. "wow."

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Sam | 384 comments "yeah, my bed has its own room. Its actually really awesome. I'm pretty sure..." he pressed a button and the bed swung out like a refridgerator. "yep, come on in" he smiled.

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Zosister She came and sat on the end of the bed, "wait you mean the bed does have it's own room."

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Sam | 384 comments "yeah, over here" Jacob disappeared under a whole where the bed used to be.

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Zosister "that is awesome." and followed him into the hole

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Sam | 384 comments "yeah, over here we have an x-box 360, then there is my private stereo. I found out this room is sound proof when the bed is closed." he filled her in on the details. He was distracted by little things. Her red cheeks. Her blue eyes. The way her brown curly hair falls over her head.

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Zosister "that is awesome, I would expect some technology to be in here." she looked around, "Ok what do you want to do?"

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Sam | 384 comments "well, I think my stereo still has some of my dads old music. Dub step I think it's called. We could dance to the ancient music...." Jacob replied.

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Zosister "no thanks, I can't dance." she smiled at him, she looked into his eyes and felt better, but she still couldnt dance.

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Sam | 384 comments "don't worry, I'll lead. All you have to do Is follow." he mused.

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Zosister she came over to him "fine, but what kind of dace?"

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Sam | 384 comments "ballroom, to dubstep." he gave his wicked smile.

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Zosister "ok, teach me." she heard a Counch shell in the distance, lunch she thought, "Can we stay here and miss Lunch?"

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Sam | 384 comments "sure. We go rebel" Jacob laughed. "We can still go back to lunch soon."

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Zosister She laughed at what he had said. "yeah but first, please teach me how to dance."

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Sam | 384 comments "oh, just focus on where your feet go, and let me lead you. It goes, one, left forward, two, right back three left and turn." he said it as he did it. His dad had left good time on, one of the big hits of the 2010's, and the rapping had just started.

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Zosister She went over to him, "Ok, how do I place my hands?" she sighed, "I am hopeless at this."

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Sam | 384 comments "one hand here" he grabbed her hand. "and one here" he placed her hand on his hip. "ok, let's do this, one, two, three, one, two, three.." he brought it to a hum.

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Zosister She followed his steps, exactly how he did it, "this is awesome..." she trailed off, and sighed.

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Sam | 384 comments He leaned forward, taking in her scent of sea salts. Not the yucky salt stuff but more like the stuff people use in baths and all. They tripped over onto the bed. Laughing with Zoe he said "I wish this moment would never end."

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Zosister "oh I wish that too." she laughed with him, she put her head on his chest feeling the breathe of air he inhaled and exhaled. "oh I wish this moment would never end too."

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Sam | 384 comments He stroked her jawline with the back of his fingers as she lay her head on him. "stay as still as you can." he told her.
He moved out from her so he was on the bed with his elbows holding his upper body up. Slowly he leaned forward.

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Zosister She thought OH MY GOD!, but let him. When he leaned forward she kissed him on his lips.

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Sam | 384 comments His heart rate increases. The whole room heated up. Part of him knew what was going to happen. The part that was concious. He stopped it before he got to carried away. "I'm sorry" he murmured. "I can't get too carried away, I don't want to go supernova when you are around."

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Zosister "ok." she pulled away. "I feel really dizzy right now, I think it might be the humidity in here." she put her hand to her forehead, she was hotter than usual, "can I have a glass of water?" she asked.

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Sam | 384 comments "I'm pretty sure there is some thing here" he grabbed a disposable cup and found a Hephaestus made water cooler. "here" he smiled. He was also feeling dizzy. His stomach rumbled.

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Zosister "thanks." she said sipping the water she felt better in minutes. She heard his stomach grumble, "maybe we could get some lunch now?" she suggested

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Sam | 384 comments "let's go" he said pulling her off the bed.

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Zosister "ok."she took his hand and walked with him there.

((meet u there))

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Sam | 384 comments Jacob walked in to the Heaphestus cabin. He wasn't sure which place felt more like home. His dad had been as hospitable as ever, always looking out for the best for him, always asking what was going on. He fell into a trance after tending to festus. "he said we would be stunt doubles, but is seems more like stunt triples almost. Nemesis said the payment was almost due, but I didn't think it would include my son. Who would curse my son." Jacob had started thinking he was senile. Maybe there was no home for him back with Leo and Reyna Valdez. Jacob immediately called his mom, who came to help but he couldnt understand what he had meant — Jacob thought he would have known if he was cursed. He lay in bed, wrapped in thoughts. He decided he would ask his girlfriend Zoe what she thought.
He left and headed down to the Poseidon cabin.

((if anybody's finished reading the mark of athena, this'll make more sense))

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Rose | 142 comments ( DUDE SPOLIER! GRRRR.... REYNA VALDEZ!!!! D: ))

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Rose | 142 comments reyna cant be a valdez. Shes a daughter of Bellona...)

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Sam | 384 comments ((don't worry, Reyna barely even looks at Leo in mark of Athena, no spoilers.
And meh, I thought I'd try to make it happen))

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Rose | 142 comments (( *SIGHS* RELIEF! ))

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