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Zosister There are a lot of mirrors in this cabin...

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Jess Jess | 194 comments Mod
"So this is my cabin?" asked Pheonix, gazing around in wonder.

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Zosister "yeah this is your Cabin being the daughter of Aphrodite. Do you like it?"

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Jess Jess | 194 comments Mod
"SO MANY MIRRORS!!!!!!" she squealed, running around looking at herself in each one,"I LOVE IT!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!" then she ran over and gave Zoe the biggest hug!

((sorry I haven't been on, I was out all day Saturday and most of Friday))

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Zosister ((fine by me. have you noticed that there are 7 members now!!))

"That's OK, what about you leave your bag here and we can go have some fun!?"

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Jess Jess | 194 comments Mod
((Seven members? Wow! That's awesome! Btw are there rooms are there just beds in this cabin?))

"cool as!" Pheonix dropped her bag on the floor seeing as there probably won't be anyone else coming in there anytime soon, and joined Zoe. "Where to?"

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Zosister ((there are just beds no rooms))

"Do you want to go down to the canoe lake?" she asked

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Jess Jess | 194 comments Mod
((ok. Gtg, having lunch, I'll be back shortly. Ciao for now!))

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Zosister ((ok cool))

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Jess Jess | 194 comments Mod
((ok back, I will meet you at the lake))

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Zosister ((cool))

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Jess Jess | 194 comments Mod
When Pheonix returned to her cabin after the campfire, she found a bed she liked and started to unpack her night things. Knowing that no one else was going to be in the cabin, she chucked her bag onto another bed, gathered her toiletries, and made her way to the cabins bathrooms. When she got out, she lay on her bed and stared at the ceiling until she went to sleep.

((sorry Zoe, couldn't help myself))

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