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Zosister ...

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Sam | 384 comments Cody made his way to the Poseidon cabin, where he found a photo of a boy with dark black hair and green eyes, probably 14 when the photo was taken at a large dam.

"cool story bro, I should probably find him, my long lost brother." he thought.

He placed his belongings and his small celestial bronze trident keychain named tyfó̱nas (Hurricane), Which when he held by the keychain, turned into a perfectly weighted double-sided sword, when held by the trident, turned into a giant trident that he could spam hurricanes with. The weapon was used by Theseus Cody had been told, but Theseus only knew how to use the sword.

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Sam | 384 comments ((Zoe, I love the image.))

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Zosister ((thanks))

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Sam | 384 comments when cody walked in to the cabin he had the shock of his life. a fountain was there, caracked in half and full of gold Drachmas.

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Sam | 384 comments ((couldnt find a cracked one))

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Zosister Zoe walked in tired from the camp fire and sat down on her bed, her dads old one.

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Sam | 384 comments "hey" Cody said "big day, eh"

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Zosister she was so surprised to see Cody there, "oh hi, yeah it has been"

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Sam | 384 comments "yeah, for me too, finding out about my brother again. How old is he now?"

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Zosister "My dad doesnt like me to know but he is 31 now."

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Sam | 384 comments "oh, wow, my little brother is older then me. About that, what would you like to know?"

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Zosister "I just thought we should talk about it together, because we are family."

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Sam | 384 comments "oh, good, I wasn't sure if you would believe me, to be truthful. When you father was born, I was 11, and that was the year I went to camp, this camp."

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Sam | 384 comments Cody thought for a bit "Zoe, where does your dad live, I want to go meet him, since he probably doesn't remember me"

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Zosister "We kept moving Because of the monsters and they are traveling the world. So i don't know where they are sorry"

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Sam | 384 comments "can u come with me for a second" Cody walked to the fountain full of drachmas
"this is a way of messaging people, when I say now say "oh Iris, godess of the rainbow accept my offering. Show me Percy Jackson" "

Cody focused all his willpower and he felt a strange tug in his gut to pull water out from the cool air, turning it into liquid form, from the ground he cleaned the water as the the plants withered outside. "now, throw a drachma in and say it, picture your dad while you are doing it" he said.

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Zosister "ok, i have done this before." she then grabbed a Drachma and said "Oh Iris, Goddess of the rainbow accept my offering. Show me my dad Percy Jackson." she pictured her dad and then the picture was funny but, there was my mum and dad in Italy. "Dad, Mum." she said so they could hear her. "Zoe, my little girl. How's camp going?"
"Good. Dad a person wants to see you."

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Sam | 384 comments "Zoe, can you keep the water moving please. Hi, you must be Percy and ... I'm sorry I don't know your name. I'm Cody, Cody Jackson. Percy I'm your brother."

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Zosister "Sure." Zoe replied,

Percy couldn't speak, he knew he had an older brother, but he always thought he would look older than him, "what happened to you?" he managed

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Sam | 384 comments "I... The year you were born, well, I was eleven, monsters kept on attacking our house, Poseidon was getting tired of looking after me all of the time. He told me to go to camp. I came, and stayed for one summer. When I got back home I decided that I was too much of a threat to mom, to you. So I left, I came and stayed at camp. When I was five days off sixteen, I went on a quest to get the golden apple of the hespirides tree. When I was in california, dad came, he told me.... He told me the big three prophecy, he said that he didn't want me getting hurt, he told me to go to las Vegas, to a casino called the lotus casino, and he'd fetch me when it was over."

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Zosister ((you have made this hard))

"so that is why you look so young." Percy concluded. "I have to ask i did stop by Lotus Casino, why do you think i didn't see you?"

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Sam | 384 comments ((sorry Zoe, I have this whole story downpat, is it too hard to understand))

"well, when I was in the casino, all I wanted to do was play. I didnt notice anything. Maybe it was the same with you."

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Zosister "yeah it was." remembering back, "we stayed in there for 5 days, just because we ate the lotus flower." the picture was breaking up, but still played on.

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Sam | 384 comments "wait, where does mom live"

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Zosister "Still in the apartment in..." the rainbow faded and they had lost connection.

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Sam | 384 comments "manhattan" he mumbled. Cody was so wrapped up in thoughts that when he fell to the ground he didnt even notice Zoe yell out to him.

Cody dreamt that he was back in his moms apartment, the one she was in when he came back from camp for the summer, not the one that she had moved in to when she remarried the smelly Gabrielle guy. She was sitting on a blue couch, eating blue cake and she seemed 30 years older. Another guy was sitting on the couch with her, the rest of the cake said, Paul + Sally 16th wedding anniversary. "Mom" he said.

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Zosister "Oh dont faint on me now." she got some water and splashed it on his face

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Sam | 384 comments Cody didn't even get wet, but he woke up anyway

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Zosister "Hey are you ok?"

Dhriti(Annabeth)(Ginny) Chase (dramaqueen101percyismine) Aqua trudged into the cabin, her hair was messy because she had been chased across the camp border, killed loads of monsters and had been nearly killed. in other words, she had had an awesome day.:D

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Sam | 384 comments Cody ((Jackson)) walked in. He'd been laying low at the bottom of the lake for a few months. He saw a girl that he'd never met before.
"hey– wait up, you aren't here to check for cabin clean ups, right?" he asked suspiciously

Dhriti(Annabeth)(Ginny) Chase (dramaqueen101percyismine) She looked down pointedly at her torn jeans." I can hardly keep my own hair combed, how am I supposed to check for cabin cleanups?" she asked grinning. She stuck out her hand." hey I'm aqua"

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Sam | 384 comments he laughed
"Cody Jackson, nice to meet you. Are you a daughter of Poseidon aswell?"

Dhriti(Annabeth)(Ginny) Chase (dramaqueen101percyismine) "yep. i guess that means we're half siblings."she grinned.

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Sam | 384 comments "yeah, cool. I'm just about to go to the Pegasus riding, you wanna come with?"
Cody asked determined to get to know his sister

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Sam | 384 comments Jacob walked in looking for Zoe. Instead he found her teenage uncle Cody and another über cool Poseidon girl.

"hey Cody"
They fist bumped
"I'm looking for Zoe, Do you know where she is?"
"I saw her at the lake with her guitar."
"cheers man, see you at the camp fire."

Dhriti(Annabeth)(Ginny) Chase (dramaqueen101percyismine) David wrote: ""yeah, cool. I'm just about to go to the Pegasus riding, you wanna come with?"
Cody asked determined to get to know his sister"

"sure"she grinned.

Dhriti(Annabeth)(Ginny) Chase (dramaqueen101percyismine) ((where do we rp?))

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Sam | 384 comments ((meet at the stables and we'll just ride around camp, but in stables...
I have to go to bed now sorry.))

Dhriti(Annabeth)(Ginny) Chase (dramaqueen101percyismine) ((s'ok.i have to do my homework XD))

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DuskFox | 135 comments Mod
Maya was leaning against the door frame of the Poseidon cabin gasping in wonder as she waited for Zoe. 'This is where you live!' she said in amazement. 'Its beautiful in here...'

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Zosister "Thanks." Zoe smiled at her, she placed her guitar on her bed. "I don't have many siblings because of my dad."

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DuskFox | 135 comments Mod
Maya laughed at this. 'Yeah, well, you woudn't would you. Dad being 'The big three' three three (echo). How many of the brothers kids are in CHB anyway?' Maya asked curiously, casually flipping out a dagger and tossing it and catching it then throwing it at a patch of sunlight on the wall made by the windows.

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Zosister "I have a teenage uncle, another girl by the looks of that bed, and another brother, haven't met him though." Zoe replied looking at Maya. She turned to Maya. "I'm ready to go." she said walking over to her.

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