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The UHQ Nasanta I have several questions about Tung.


1) His parting words to Miles in Brothers in Arms/Miles Errant made me wonder how much he knew about Miles. So, how much did he know?

2) When did he figure it out and how?


3) Quinn was invited to Miles's wedding. So was Bel, who could not quite make it. The others who were confirmed to have known about Miles's true identity did attend the wedding. What about Tung? Or did the others not tell Miles since his revival that Bel and Tung had figured (something) out about Miles prior to that whole debacle in Mirror Dance? But then again, if Tung's parting words to Miles did suggest that Tung had known - and that Miles had gotten the message - then Miles would have been free to invite Tung as well.

Margaret Hmmmmm. A very interesting question that did not occur to me. Tung wasn't even mentioned. That's a little sad now that I think about it. Maybe it was to spare readers who were new to the series too much name clutter.

Gabrielle 1. He knew that Miles was someone else, someone important, and had NO experience at all.
2. He figured it out almost right away, because of the way Miles was behaving. He played along with it because sometimes you just have to stand in the face of genius and give it what help you can.
3. Maybe Earth is too far? Tung had retired, so maybe he didn't want to drag him out. Quinn and Bel were still in space.
BTW, how great was Taura? I love her. And in the wedding story she's amazing.

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Kathleen I read in one of the books that Tung had figured it out almost right away. He's observant. Plus, the mountains in the Vorkosigan district are named Dendarii, and Naismith is Cordelia's maiden name. If someone simply looked into those two key words on a google search, they could make the connection, especially given that many contracts came from Barrayar. I always thought that was a weak point in the series, the fact that none of Naismith's archenemies figured it out. However, at Gregor's wedding in A Civil Campaign, the Cetagandan Ghem Benin gave Miles his sympathies over the death of the Admiral, so he knew.

Bel Thorne had figured it out, too.

Taura at the wedding was wonderful.

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