The Keeping (Law of the Lycans, #2) The Keeping question

"Law of the Lycans" series

I read all three and really enjoyed them. Sometimes authors get into a pattern where two people get together in each book. I wish the next book would not be about a couple getting together but rather about pack business or the pack facing a problem together.

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Since she published Bonded after The Finding, I felt that she was introducing a new set of characters. I hope so.

One of her websites indicates that she wants to write more of the Law of the Lycans books and that she wants to write a sequel to Forever in Time.

I have read them all and I loved them! I'm not sure if she is going to write more of them but I sincerely hope so!

Breon - send me a PM - I have all 4 in Mobi format - and can send to you or you can also download them from her website, and then google "bonded"

I read all four books and hoping for more to come. The thought of this series going to end is just hard to take.

Hey there, where do we find these books now.. I can't find them on BnN anymore...

Veronica Read then all and loved them - great series.
Dec 23, 2012 12:09PM

Currently she has a new book that shes waiting to have published.

Ibooks on your ipad

They are still on B & N search by the author Nicky Charles. I love this series and look forward to the next one.

Not only are the books awesome; so is the author. The books are free and all she asks is that you donate to an animal shelter or a homeless shelter; now how cool is that.

I personally donated to our local New Life Center.

If you donated in honor of the author's request give a shout out.

Paris (kerbytejas) I also donated - but to Best Friends - in the authors names - I was very impressed that the books were so good and her request was so humanitarian
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