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☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆ (lilysokai) | 60 comments Mod
For information on what this RP is about, please look to the Plot/Information topic! :)

List of Characters in All Divisions:
-Lennon Carson - (Lexii)
-Jasmine Zoranna Leonardo - (Lyndsey)
-Anja Petrov - (Kenz)
-Aidan Ruthere - (Nadd)
-Amelia Winston - (Sydney)

-Connor Bleu - (SoccerBoss)
-Damian Flyte - (Woolfie)

-Bryson Hill - (Lily Sokai)
-Esther Jameson - (Lisa)
-Bellatrix Van Voorst - (Jasmine)

-Andrew Blackhurst - (Kenz)
-Alix Bleu - (SoccerBoss)
-Mitchell Peterson - (Thomas)


Name: (First and Last is preferred)
»Nickname: (Can also be considered a "title")
Division: (Alpha, Henchman, Technical, Political/Financial)
Evil Deed(s): (Particularly the one that got the school interested with them)

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Nüll (westmoure) Name: Aidan Ruthere
»Nickname:The Reticulated Python
Gender: Male (OFC)
Age: 17
Appearance: Dark hair and eyes. He has a scar that runs around his right bicep that looks like a snake. Hence the nickname
Personality: Very explosive and unpredictable in his moods
Background: From south Wales, he learned english at 13, but still curses in Welsh when he is angry.
Division: Alpha
Evil Deed(s): Commited several high-risk Robberies, including sabotage of the Welsh House of Parliament.
Skills: Completely silent movement. Great night vision.

s•u•n•s•h•i•n•e «§KENZ§» | 307 comments It's not super-detailed, but here you go. (Anja is pronounced like Ahn-ya, I believe.)

Name: Anja Petrov
» Nickname: Anja
Gender: female
Age: 15
Appearance: Anja is a small wisp of a girl with olive skin and long dark waves of hair that fall near to her waist. She has very large dark brown eyes and comes across as incredibly vulnerable. With closer inspection, she is wiry, built of hard muscle that brings some questions. She says it's from dancing, but that doesn't quite seem to account for it...
Personality: Anja has a lot of secrets. She was raised to take care of herself and handle her own problems, so that's what she does. People tend to know very little about her, and she has grown accustomed to things being that way. Being very independent and strong-willed makes it difficult for her to work with others. She likes to be play games with people's minds, and most importantly, to keep them always guessing.
Background: Anja's father controls the Russian mafia. Her parents showed her how things work, and taught her the value of fear and secrecy. Her father taught her that people will always fear what they don't know. It's a lesson she's never forgot. Attended a girls' boarding school in England for the past four years.
Division: Alpha
Evil Deeds: Organized some major mob movements while in England.
Skills: Relatively advanced computer skills. Emotionally detached. Quite able to take care of herself.
Other: Noticeable Russian accent.

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Ross Bauer (nightlightknight) Name; Damien Flyte (An alisa, real name unknown)
»Nickname:The Leprechaun
Gender:male, yer daft cow! (clearly male)
Age:Not tellin'(estimated to be 16)
Appearance: Very'andsome, oh and very tall! (Hardly, he's a slight, springy boy, with long straight brown hair an wide emerald eyes. Has the most infectious smile I've ever seen. Likes to dress in dark green leather, lves the colour green)

Personality:Oh I'm a right little ray of sunshine.Make tonnes of friends, don't keep many though. Bad idea annoyin' me, could be the last thing you ever do, or not, depending on whether yer feel lucky punk, well go on then do yer? (One word, infectious, he's like an insect, a wasp, annoying, quick witted, sharp of tongue, thinks everything is funny, but is rather quick to anger if things don't do his way. He has excellent memory and can hold a grudge very well. A gifted actor and loves being the centre of attention)

Background: Mind yer own thievin' business!
(First spotted in Dublin Ireland where he was living on the streets, excelling as a petty pickpocket and burglar. It is uncertain who he is, who his parents were, or even if he was even born in Dublin. We are still investigating his matter)

Division: Henchman, easier to be overlooked this way.Good fer me, bad fer you!(His modus opperandi makes his classification obvious, although his disinclination to follow the plan, means he is something of a Beta Alpha)

Evil Deed(s): Oh a wee small matter of poisoning the previous headmaster as part of a bet. They still don't know what killed him, the dufers! But that sure caught their attention double quick I can assure yer of that.
(It is suspectd, but not known for certain, that our elusive little urchin was involved in the rather mysterious deaths of several leading public figures in Dublin between the years 2010 and 2011.Cause of death has been listed as 'natural causes' when it ought to be 'unknown'.)

Skills: to pay the bills, naturally, or to make the kills, and to necessitate wills!
(Surprising he has not elaborated about this particular area, he is, as we observed above, something of a prodigy in the area of poisons. He is a first rate pickpocket, lockpicker and safe cracker. His flexibility and agility make him a difficult little imp to apprehend, and his personal mix of Muay Thai and Brazilian Capoeira, makes him a wily hand to hand combatant.)

Other: Boo!
(Weapon of choice appears to be the billy club, but he has shown excellent aptitude in the field of small firearms)

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☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆ (lilysokai) | 60 comments Mod
Name: Bryson Hill
»Nickname: Bryce, Techie

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Appearance: Bryson has the appearance of a twiggy computer nerd, which is, in essence, what he is. He has shaggy and usually unkempt brown hair that almost always appears to be a rat nest. Wide-rimmed glasses further hide a pair of bright hazel eyes that are constantly examining the surroundings from behind a curtain of bangs. His posture is horrible and has almost no muscles on his body whatsoever.

Personality: Bryson is the quiet type. Doesn't like sticking out, and doesn't like going out of his way to help other people. He usually doesn't agree to things without thinking them through very carefully, and is awfully distrustful of other people and their motives. Due to his lack of using his voice, many believe at first that he is mute, but his reasoning is that it is easier to deceive with words than actions. Bryson would never commit acts of crime on his own, choosing instead to help others with their agendas; depending on what's in it for him.

Background: Bryson comes from a dirt-poor family in a city he dare not remember. He was abused as a child for his practical worthlessness, as he was too weak to lift heavy things and had too little stamina to run long distances for fetching or delivering. He was unable to help his parents with their economic troubles, and so he was cast out and given to an orphanage. There, he was introduced to technology and computers, finding his talent in circuitry and advanced electronically-related topics.

Division: Technical

Evil Deed: Built a super computer overnight that was able to track the movements of fraudulent activity and siphon money out of their operations.

Skills: Crafting complex machinery or wired devices with precision and accuracy. Surviving with little to no sustenance. Extensive knowledge on random subjects that seem to have no prevalence.

Other: Hates animals, especially bugs.

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Name: Lennon Carson

»Nickname: Lenn

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Appearance: Lennon is drop dead gorgeous. Her soft waist-long fiery red curls, freckled ivory skin, piercing green eyes and small curvy frame make her irresistible. She could easily pass as a Teen Vogue model. But don't let her appearance fool you.

Personality: Lennon is confident, intelligent, independent and adventurous. She isn't afraid of hurting other peoples feelings. The truth is the truth and she's going to give it to you. Lenn knows how to get what she wants when she wants it. She absolutely brilliant in every way.

Background: Lenn's father CEO of Time magazine and is over the New York Mob. Her mother designs clothing and is famous worldwide. Lennon is their only child and they couldn't ask for a better daughter.

Division: Alpha

Evil Deed(s): Helped her father spread the New York underground mod movement in less than a month.

Skills: Has a way with words. Uses her appearance to create important deals.

Other: Has a small bird tattooed on her wrist. Prefers to be called Lenn.

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Lisa (lisakojewer) Name: Esther Jameson
»Nickname: She doesn't use nicknames. Her handle was astra (no capitals), but, like most handles, nobody would know that Esther and astra were the same person unless she told them.
Gender: Lady. Sex is female.
Age: 14
Appearance: Esther is slightly-built and vaguely unkempt. She has jet-black hair with a pageboy cut and messy bangs. Her eyes are icy blue and her demeanor is grumpy.
Personality: Esther doesn't play well with others. As an introvert, she speaks only when she feels she has something valuable to say, and often doesn't say much. She feels she's smarter than people who don't learn as quickly as she does, and often thinks of someone who hasn't picked up on what she's implying without saying as an idiot (For instance, instead of telling someone that their disguise would be ruined by the stain on their shirt, she'd just tell them their shirt was stained and assume they could work it out). However, when it comes to telling people their flaws, she gets straight to the point, and can be brutally honest. It is very hard to make her feel guilty about something she has done.
Background: Esther was raised in the United States by her well-meaning but rather oblivious father. She discovered she had a knack for computing at an early age. She didn't have any friends in meatspace (and was often bullied), but her hacking contacts were extensive. She would often get back at these bullies by gaining their parents' banking information and taking the money she believed she was due. After an attack on her own equipment by someone who had threatened to expose her location, she had the choice to either disappear and start again with a new handle and no connection to her past exploits or risk being discovered and sent to juvie. So she lay low for a little while. She has not yet had the chance to get back into the hacking business since then.
Division: Technical
Evil Deed(s): She exploited many an 0day vulnerability in the systems of many large companies and some governments, then sold the e-mail addresses and contact information she got from these to the highest bidder.
Skills: Hacking, obviously. She's also very physically flexible.
Other: Gray-romantic. Not very comfortable around large groups of people.
((Detailed enough for you, Arily?))

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sydney Name: Amelia Vivaldi Winston

»Nickname: Mia, but she is known as the Dark Queen

Gender: Female

Age: 16, almost 17

Appearance: Mia has black slightly curly hair, it is beautiful and voluminous. Her eyes are a pale blue that always have a seductive or mischievous glint in them. Her frame is curvy, but not overly so, she is slender/athletic and has long legs. Her skin is darker than most, but this is because she tans very easily in the sunlight. She is what one might call irresistible, a prize that men desire after.

Personality: Mia can appear to be someone who is kind and loving, she will get in your life and you will trust her, then she'll kill you. Her demeanor seems to be like she is the sweetest girl, but don't let her acting and looks fool you, she is a cold hearted killer. Mia does have a temper, and naturally it is quite explosive, though she has been working on taming it. She is effortlessly seductive and can use that skill if the situation calls for it.

Background: Mia grew up in an easy life, her parents are very rich and have given her everything she has ever wanted. Never once did they question when she asked for flights around the world, or weapons of a secretive sort. She trained long and hard as a child with the watchful eye of her aunt Nerezza, one of the most notorious hit men in Italy. Mia was trained by the absolute best to become a killer. She took one the name of the Dark Queen when she began leaving a black queen chess piece on her victims' dead bodies.

Division: Alpha, and she has worked hard for it.

Evil Deed(s): Mia has killed numerous people, beginning when she was 12, many powerful people have died at the hand of her skills. Though she is particularly noted (as Dark Queen) of course for murdering the Lead Mafia boss in Italy bringing on complete anarchy.

Skills: Mia can kill, quickly and efficiently. Though she chooses to "play with her food", it's like a game to her if she can toy with your heart first and then kill you. She is skilled with her words as well as her bringing abouts of death.

Other: Mia has a tattoo on her right shoulder blade of the words "Death is Only the Beginning" in Latin.

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Lyndsey Name: Jasmine Zoranna Leonardo
»Nickname: Leo or Jazz depending on the person.
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Appearance: Waist length dark brown hair, deep blue eyes and ivory skin.
Lily Collins Pictures, Images and Photos
Personality: Jasmine can be a little alarming at first. Her confidence and intelligence are rather intimidating to normal people. It may be hard to like her at first after seeing her cold exterior and closed personality, but once you get under her shield Jasmine can become a whole different person. She is actually a kind and loving person, and is very loyal to her friends.
Background: Jasmine HATES her name. Her friends call her Leo, after her last name Leonardo. Her family, and enemy's likes to call her Jazz. Jasmine grew up in a rich family and was given all the necessitys of life. However after her mothers failed attempts to give her professional dancing lessons (Jasmine set the ballet studio on fire), it was obvious she wasn't going to be a normal child. She excelled in all of her classes and graduated highschool at 16. When she was eight years old she began taking secret martial arts, weapons, and fighting classes without her parents knowledge.
Division: Alpha
Evil Deed(s):
Beating up the highschool bullies, accidentally sending them all to the hospital.
Joined with a large spy network. Completing some covert operations in a higher spy system built for adults even though she was a teen.
abandoning her home, and setting fire to her neighborhood.
Stealing gear from high security mansions.
Breaking into high security museums became sort of a hobby for Jasmine, which was where at her largest operation yet she was offered to come to the school for villians.
Skills: Consider the target shot and dead if a gun is even close to Jasmins fingertips. She was trained in martial arts for nine years and has reached the black belt.
When she isnt shooting things, stabbing people, or creating schemes for various missions she loves to read, and write. Drawing is also a strong point for her, as well as other things that she usually keeps to herself.
Other: Terrified of snakes. Zane, and Yuzuki are her cousins.

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Thomas (Marimbapanda) Name: Mitchell Peterson
»Nickname: Bankruptcy

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Appearance: http://i.models.com/feed/uploads/1242...

Personality: Appears to be a good guy to nearly everyone. In fact, nobody expects what is about to happen to them... He's witty, clever, funny, and misleading. He's a charmer. That's his outside. On the inside, he's a greedy and sneaky swindler.

Background: He and his parents grew up poor in Chicago. He did whatever he could do to get money. He worked minimum wage on several jobs, having no time for school. Instead, he taught himself in all subjects in any free time he had. He got pretty far in his studies, and had saved up quite a bit of money when he was mugged. He quit his jobs and resorted to petty stealing. He pick-pocketed enough money for his family to live decently, but his father and mother, who were both sick, passed away within a few days of each other. He continued to steal money, but his studies turned from regular school subjects to anything that would help him swindle money. He started studying when he was 12 years old. When he was 15, he made his first attempt. Instead of swindling people out of meager thousands of dollars, he jumped straight to swindling a company. With great success, Mitchell managed to walk away with ten-million dollars. He quickly flew from the country and deposited the ten-million into a swiss bank account. He travelled the world, swindling companies left and right. Using a decent percentage of his money, he donated to various charities, looking out for signs of heists within the charities.

Division: Political/Financial

Evil Deed(s): He swindled one of the largest corporations in the world. Macintosh.

Skills: Extremely smart, but learned very little of sciences since they weren't important to him. He's fast with his hands and a quick runner. He can speak English, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese, Swiss, and Portuguese. He has a little knowledge of Latin.

Other: He isn't a bad guy.

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Name: Alix Bleu

Nickname: None, he hates the idea of nicknames, and only tolerates code names given my persons of authority who he sees fit not to kill.

Gender: Male

Age: 16


Personality: Charming, can sweet talk just about anyone. Cunning, great thinker, works espessially well under pressure. Athletic, works out alot and keeps in shape. If you mean something to him it is probably best if you disapear, because if you mean something to him it really just means you are his next "challange". Otherwise a really nice guy.

Background: He parents were the best assasins in the world. Working for the CIA the thought it best to keep the existance of their only child a secret. They trained Alix in every art the knew, from deadly hand-to-had combat, martial arts, knife throwing, sharp shooting, sniper shots in extreame circumstances. With their combined skills, talent, and effort his parents trained the worlds best assasin by the time he was 11. But being as exceptionally cunning as he was Alix knew that as long as his parents worked for the CIA his future would never be his own, no one would have power over him. So he used the skills his own parents gave him to kill his parents and anyone else who knew of his existance. After that he disapeared and since then has been killing anyone who might be a "challange". Assasination is a sport of Alix.

Division: Political/Technical

Evil Deeds: Has assasinated many people in seats of power. Thuroughly enjoys causing people pain and death.
Is known to tourture people until the give him exactally what he wants.

Skills: Extrorinarily smart and equally as evil. Has been trained in every area nessisairy for a perfect assasin, has no emotions that anyone has ever seen. P.S. if he has a knife, a gun, or his hands and you make him mad or upset he is likely devising ways to kill you, if not then.

Other: Will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

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Name: Connor Bleu (illigitament daughter of Maliki Bleu)

Nickname: Connor the Con

Gender: Female

Age: 17


Personality: Really super sweet, (because she is trying to pickpocket you or con you out of something), a gread peoples' person. She loves to goof off and is super laid back. Doesn't have a whole lot of cares in the world except herself. Is a great reliable person, (if her reliability to you is going to help her). The perfect con.

Background: She was abused by her mother as a child so she grew up quick, she ran away at ten and has been conning people out of house and home (sometimes literally) ever since. She is the illegitamate daughter of Maliki Bleu, father of Alix Bleu. Doesn't know her father just his name, has no idea Alix is of any relation. If Alix knew she would most likely be dead by now.

Division: Henchmen

Evil Deeds: Her aptitude for the con art is what caught the school's attention, they believe that if they can manipulate Connor they can have anything.

Skills: Can talk you into giving her your right hand if she wanted, no one really knows how she does it but she has her ways about her. Very apt fighter, (from fighting her mother's abuse,) good with knives and well anything sharp. Great stealth stalker, and survivalist.

Other: Holds a deep seeded grudge against her father for abandoning her mother because she believes that is why her mother hated her so much.

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Jasmine | ModernScrolls (modernscrolls) Name: Bellatrix Van Voorst
»Nickname: Bella, Bug
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Has a lip ring on left side:
Personality: Bellarix is very quirky and very weird sometimes. It all depends on what mood you catch her in. She loves to play around and she acts very childish - which makes her less of a suspect for anything. She can be very sarcastic when she wants to be and when around those she considers friends.
Background: Bellatrix has never met her parents. Or at least not that she can remember. Her dad left and was never around. Her mom kept her for a year and then dropped her off at her sisters house and ran off. Bellatrix has been raised by her aunt and uncle, and quite frankly, they can't stand her. Instead of spending her life in the beautiful house they lived in, she spent it living at her friends house in the ghetto area of Chicago.
Division: Technical
Evil Deed(s): Hacked into her schools computer system and crashed the whole thing. Worked a virus that collected everything stored on the harddrive and got the information from a huge law firm. Was able to steal thousands of dollars. Almost hacked her way into the White House system - that is until the police unconveniently showed up.
Skills: Very persuasive. Very decieving. Great at improvising. Usually a very quick thinker. Extremely alert at all times, observant. And obviously, hacking.
Other: Has a tattoo on her left wrist:

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s•u•n•s•h•i•n•e «§KENZ§» | 307 comments Andrew Blackhurst

Name: Andrew Blackhurst
» Nickname: Andy, The Lawyer
Gender: male
Age: 17
Description: Andrew is somewhat on the lanky side of things, being about six-foot and apparently still growing. At the moment, the only direction he seems to be growing is upwards, so he is not the strongest of kids. Mentally, however, he holds his own among geniuses, being one himself. The piercing blue eyes that grace his face rarely miss a thing, they are constantly moving about, searching and scanning for any pieces of information that he might use. Messy brown hair completes his youthful look, starting off initially neat and growing more wild as the day progresses.
Personality: Known sometimes as The Lawyer, it is little surprise that Andrew comes across as very smooth and charming, and just a little bit oily. Being very conscious of current fashions and trends, many women intially mistake him as gay, resulting in numerous female friends and very few guy friends. However, his circle of friends is constantly as he casts off those he has used and reels in new victims with a charming grin.
Background: Andrew comes from a wealthy, fairly normal family in upstate New York. His father is the CEO of a large corporate company and his mother stays at home. His family, though with it's ups and downs, gets along nicely. Andrew has never attended a public school, sent instead to the best private schools around. Aside from his father's work, the Blackhursts' story is yet relatively unremarkable.
Division: Political/Financial
Evil Deed: A long-time rival company of his father's one day mysteriously collapsed. His father was initially suspected, but was soon proven to be entirely innocent. They never thought to check Andrew, but even if they had, they would never have been able to pin it on him. (Though he did do it.)
Skills: Proficient in hand-to-hand combat.
Other: May possibly have ADHD, he has trouble sitting still for any length of time, and getting him to focus on any single thing is just asking for a disaster. Does not use weapons. He finds them crude and prefers instead to use his own body, it is as effective as a gun in its own right and far easier to hide. This is his second year at H.I.V.E.

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Lyndsey Name: Zane Galvin Black
»Nickname: Lord of death
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Appearance: Death_ Meet joe Black Pictures, Images and Photos
Personality: Zane is usually quiet for the most part, but can be very strong willed and persuasive. He has a short temper and is extremely intelligent.
Background: Grew up in a poor family but took charge of his own life giving himself a position and power. He became became very wealthy at age 10 after winning a case as a mans lawyer, and from his incredible feat offered even more positions and opportunity which he took advantage of.
Division: Political
Evil Deed(s): Running the government, with high ranking officers practically in his pocket.
Killing his superior and framing it on one of his co-workers.
Skills: Extremely crafty and strong willed. He is able to talk you into things you wish you wouldnt have done.
Other: Knows how to defend himself. His cousins are Jasmine and Yuzuki.

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Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (falls) | 116 comments Name: Analeigh Marionette de la Rosa
Nickname: Arson or Alpha
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Appearance: http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs71/i/201...
Personality: She seems friendly enough until she reserves judgment on you. This will take about thirty seconds. If she's nice after that, you're awesome. She likes you. Either that, or you've become a tool in her plan. Analeigh always has a plan. She's a villain through and through, and has no problem with much of anything.
Division: Alpha
Evil Deed: It's mostly her cunning that got the school interested in her. But she may or may not have manipulated the owner of the bank, stole millions of dollars from it, then torched the entire place, just for fun. She's done countless robberies but no assassinations--at least not direct.
Skills: Analeigh always has a plan. It's her greatest asset. She's able to predict all possible outcomes and plan for each. Her plans always go smoothly. She's particularly apt in getting people to do what she wants, for example if she wants someone dead, she'll simply convince someone-without them knowing it--that that person needs killing. Then they'll be framed for her. She also has a particular knack for lighting things on fire. It's kind of an obsession for her. (:
Other: The reason her nickname is Alpha is because that's what her mother started calling her in the months before the school found her. Her mother is a graduate of the Hive as well, but recently disappeared.

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Lyndsey Yay! Another character!

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Name: Taytem Esquavill
Nickname: Tay
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Personality: Shy quiet smart kind of girl.
History: She lived with her rich dad, ( a computer programmer). He parents were devorced, her mother married a guy who abused her which is why she moved in with her father. There she learned to re-program and hack any computer. She often programs near by computers from her IPhone.
Division: Technical
Evil Deed: Tried to hack into the white house and got arrested and from her holding cell shut down the electricity in the jail and escaped.
Skills: Hacking, systems, computers, other phones.

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Do you like her all right Thomas?

Thomas (Marimbapanda) Lol. She's great.

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Lyndsey Name: Yuzuki Mia Chang
»Nickname: Zuki
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Personality: Yuzuki isn't as outgoing as her two cousins Zane, and Jasmine. She can be clever and cruel in equal amounts and isnt afraid of hurting people.
Background: She grew up in a poor family and had to fight to climb her way up. From an early age it was obvious she was talented with Technology. After she became fluent in English she traveled to America to pursue knowledge, leaving her home country Japan behind. Her talents soon attracted the attention of the black market and soon she was offered to join with the black assassins, as the technology expert. After a year or so she was offered to join HIVE after creating, and activating a virus strong enough to destroy over half the countries working devises.
Division: Technical
Evil Deed(s):
Joining with the black assassins and helping to complete complicated jobs and missions destructive to the higher parties of the country.
Planting a virus on half the countries devises.
Skills: Technology is her strong point, but she knows how to fight as well.
Other: Cousins are Jasmine, and Zane.

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Fwit | 151 comments Name: Ren Yutes
»Nickname: Possum (also Latin for 'able')

Gender: Male
Age: 17

Appearance: http://img-cache.cdn.gaiaonline.com/e...
His hair turned white in the accident, and it's silky, smooth, and he takes great pride in it. His eyes are a very light grey.

Personality: Not very ambitious, perfectly happy with having something to do, even if it's a menial task like injecting poison in a bottle of wine intended for some mayor who's inadvertently funding some H.I.V.E. enemy's pet project. Doesn't enjoy thinking too hard, but when pressed, he's capable of cool logic and of processing information quickly. Appreciative of little things, like little flowers and unblemished rose petals. Not sadistic, but has no qualms about killing. He can face burned flesh and horrific wounds but can't stand snails and slugs.
Background: Lived with a very middle-class family in a clean, suburban city in California. There was never anything extraordinary about him that he let show, and he still acts the same way. He had quadruplets, one other boy and two girls, but two of them died in a car crash. They had been sitting in the middle row of a van, behind their parents, and he and Raina had been sitting in the far back. His mother never recovered from the shock of losing two of her children, and she was also badly injured in the accident, and is now a paraplegic. Their father lost his life, and he and Raina were mainly raised by his father's parents.

Division: Henchman
Evil Deed(s): He thinks he only got in because Raina got herself in and somehow talked her way into an acceptance for Ren.
Skills: Likes sniping the most. Capable of using harpoon guns and more close-range firearms as well. Can rig explosives quickly and efficiently, and can detect poisons intuitively and has a near sixth-sense for traps.
Other: Loves cooking, but isn't so passionate about eating. The one thing he detests is when something really hurts Raina.

Name: Raina Yutes
»Nickname: Pax Lilia

Gender: Female
Age: 17

Appearance: http://stuffpoint.com/anime-paradise/...
Her hair, too, is pure white. Her eyes are electric blue with hints of grey in shadow, and the blue washes out slightly to near silver in sunlight.

Personality: Bright, energetic, always smiling. Not overwhelmingly optimistic, but always exudes a certain happiness. Calm, soothing, and competent of keeping tensions down. Having always grown up as a dissembler, she can pretend to be any sort of person she chooses, but she has a very clear idea of who she really is as Raina Yutes. She loves Ren deeply and passionately, but hates his passive nature. She feels like she's always fighting for him and defending him.
Background: She had a harder time of coping with the loss of her siblings than Ren, who simply blocked out the memories of them. Having been a Daddy's Girl, she still misses him terribly, and finds it difficult to forgive her mother for being so incapacitated by sorrow. She hates that her mother doesn't do anything other than mourn nonstop, despite the fact that there's plenty to be thankful for, especially the use of her arms and upper body. She loved her grandparents, but desperately missed the earlier days when her family had been entirely normal.

Division: Political/Financial
Evil Deed(s): Not quite an evil deed. She and Ren had been caught in a disagreement between a Triad, a Saudi Arabian drug lord, and a Mafia group from LA for having discovered a delivery of goods that broke the deal the LA group had made with the lord over equal distribution or something like that. Raina talked herself and Ren out of the situation and managed to smooth the situation out.
Skills: Talking is her favorite way to be useful. She has extensive knowledge of drugs, especially anesthetic ones. She dislikes physical combat and hits pressure points whenever she can. When forced to fight, she'll only use her legs, as she's very proud of her hands and doesn't want to damage them at all.
Other: She's trying desperately to become a master oil painter, and hopes to someday be as household-name as van Gogh, Monet, and Michelangelo.

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Lyndsey Fwit wrote: "Name: Ren Yutes
»Nickname: Possum (also Latin for 'able')

Gender: Male
Age: 17

Appearance: http://img-cache.cdn.gaiaonline.com/e......"

Ren is gorgeous! WOw 0_o...

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Fwit | 151 comments °º¤ø.Lyndsey.ø¤º° wrote: Ren is gorgeous! WOw 0_o... "
aw shucks thanks *footswing*
i'm not sure Ren appreciates being gorgeous though, haha

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Lyndsey I know, ^_^ Its a compliment, but can be taken as an insault for boys hahaha. :3 Perhaps I should have thought of a more appropriate word lol.

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Fwit | 151 comments Nah, that's okay.
Ren'll get over it.
There can never be enough pretty boys in the world.

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Lyndsey I know ^_^
And im glad he hasnt been offended for life lol!!

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Fwit | 151 comments Oh, that takes faaar too much effort for him to maintain

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Lyndsey Lol! He sounds like a reasonable person!

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Fwit | 151 comments He's a rather gorgeous person n.n

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Lyndsey Hahaha, hes been called that twice now!! LOL!

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Matthew (phoebus) | 25 comments Name:






Evil Deed(s):



Working on it

Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (falls) | 116 comments Analeigh is done! Quick, someone approve me!

s•u•n•s•h•i•n•e «§KENZ§» | 307 comments Matthew, you should finish your character and join this rp!

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QUEEN | 1 comments may i have a alpha member since they have not been active for an incredible long time?

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