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Mercelle Hey everyone please feel free to write what you loved and hated about this book.I just want to get people's opinions and see how they compare to everyone else.:)

Logan I loved the way the plot developed throughout the story. It kept me up all night wondering what was going to happen next, and I couldn't wait to find out the big "secret" that Jeanine and Marcus were hiding. But when I did find out the secret at the end, I realized that I might just lose my mind waiting for the third book. I hate Roth for the cliffhanger!!!!!

Logan I think Tobias's attack sceen showed another side side to his character. In a way, it sort of showed that his pure hatred of his father would lead him to plan an attack on him, and then cary it out. But still hate the cliffhanger!

Monica I didnt like this book. The plot is just not good to me but i really didnt like divergent(i got the factions but the takeover i just never got into). But i read this book bc in divergent i really thought the author had good character development so her characters seem real and thought that would carry on into insurgent but at the end of this book i really dislike tris, four, his mother and a host of others. And four and tris and their bickering really took away fromthe overall stories. These ya books and their romances r just so extreme. They r like sixteen and if they cant be together than their lives r just going to end it gets annoying to read.

Seth Lane I really enjoyed the main plot and the twists and surprises of the it. Kept me pretty glued to reading it. But what I absolutely hated about the book is that I had to read about the death of will and the crease in his forehead a thousand times. I mean c'mon...was it really necessary to CONSTANTLY bring that up? I feel like a normal person would actually realize he had to die because it wasn't really him. It's not like we were REALLY attached to him from he 1st book .And Will would have wanted the same thing. I don't know...the Will thing really annoyed me throughout the book.

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Their tense relationship is one of the things I love about the books. It makes the story more realistic to me.

It's also one of the things the separates Insurgent from the romance in other books (not even just YA books, I've read quite a few cheesy-pathetic adult romance books). In most books the only time the main character's ever really fight, is when a love triangle is added in. Otherwise they're perfect and happy and completely "in love".

Four and Tris lied to each other, kept secrets, went behind each other's backs, and at one point even ended on opposites sides of a war. They wanted to be together, but they both knew their were more important things at stake. (view spoiler)

In the beginning of Divergent Tris was pretty immature, but her character has developed and grown so much over these last two books. Honestly, If Tris hadn't gone through everything she did during the takeover in Divergent, she would be nowhere ready to deal with the things in Insurgent.

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Sarah I read the book way too fast bc i was so excited for it, and now Im really regretting it. At the same time, Im nervous to reread it. I know what happens; I just care too much for the charcters to bear the heartwrenching parts again.

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