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never ending story

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Aidyn this is how it goes, heres a sentence, now write another sentence and see where it goes!!!!

Sarah heard a bang at her door, and when she turned around there was a note under the door...

Lilac that read "I know who you are. I'm coming to get you. You'd better watch out."
It was signed...

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Ana Count Evilclaw.

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♥ Alexia -Team Malec ♥ I sighed and opened the door, "Eric. Eric!" I heard laughter coming from a nearby blueberry bush. "Eric! I do not appreciate your lame joke!" I was so pissed off that I grabbed the garden hose and pointed it at the bush-It's always needed a good water, I thought to myself, amused. I turned the tap.
"Ahhhhhhhh!" and Eric and his friends-drenched-ran out screaming their little heads off. I Collapsed on the front porch in laughter, once I had finished I dusted off my clothes and walked back inside.

Lilac Eric was always playing stupid little tricks on me so I gave the note no further thought and went back to my reading. If only I'd known...

♥ Alexia -Team Malec ♥ why Edward had left Bella in the Novel that I was currently reading.

Madison Sheyenne Who i saw was my mother Kelly, who is suposed to be dead.

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Ana "Am I dreaming?!" I ask out loud and my deceased mother just smiles at me.

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"GO AWAY!" I scream, clutching for anything, ANYTHING, that could help me. My hands clutch around a baseball bat.
YES! Then I look at it. Damn. Its just the top bit, no actual bat.
clutching it to my chest, I continue screaming.
I come up with a new idea! This will work... Here I go..

♥ Alexia -Team Malec ♥ I grab a wine bottle from by bedside table, which I had no idea where it came from.... and hit her over the head with it, she screams a shrill, ear-splitting screech that makes me drop the bottle and cover my ears. blood flows from the wound on her head and she jumps out the window and runs down the street, with only a trail of blood to be left behind.

♥ Alexia -Team Malec ♥ She nodded, "I know" I looked up suddenly, "What?" she smiled weakly, "I know. My brother came back to me a few years back-except he didn't attack me. this world is full of supernatural creatures and we just didn't know it."

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Farheen "But what if she came back?" I asked.Maria looked at me,smiling,and said,in the most deep and serious manner,"Yes, she will," and stood up and started laughing,"I am Her,"she said with a frightening look.I looked at her and saw that she was turning-transforming rather-into what looked like a three-headed dragon."No,"I said,"NO!" But it was not a dragon,it was something small......too small to be called a dragon or even a dog......It was shrinking,shrinking.....and suddenly I felt as if it was trying to kill me.I don't know how,but i got a feeling.....then it-whatever it was-got a bucket of water from somewhere,nowhere, and tried to drown me..................."Sarah! sarah, wake up!"Someone was shaking me.And I woke up.it was Maria.I found out that I was only dreaming.......but such a dream it was...

♥ Alexia -Team Malec ♥ "Are you okay? You were screaming your Head off!" she exclaimed. I told her my dream, she frowned, "Ghosts can access your dreams. That must have been her. she made you have that nightmare." we sat in silence for a few hours and sorted out a plan to take me away from here, so my mother could never find me again.

Farheen But as we were talking,something happened,something dreadful,and I can't forget it, no I won't be able to.......I lost something very precious that day......

♥ Alexia -Team Malec ♥ "Eric!" I yelled, "He was downstairs when my mother came!" I ran to his room as fast as i could and when i opened the door...

(I don't want her brother dead or possessed, Thank you :)

Farheen the room was empty...........and much in the same state as it might have been when chaos reigned........and I saw something under the table..........I fell on my knees......it was................

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Ana Eric hiding under the table.
"What are you doing there?" I said giving him a hand to help him up.

Eric was shaking uncontrollably, "Calm down Eric, tell me what happened to you".

Eric's dark eyes blinked at me "I saw her" he whispered in a frightened voice.

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Farheen "Who?" I asked,feeling a bit scared too.He didn't answer.I guess he was too afraid to answer."whom do you saw?"I asked again,this time a bit firmly."Your mo-"
"What the hell is happening here!"came in Maria,disrupting our conversation."You both look like frightened chickens!" She said,laughing."It was that Eric saw-"I began,but she cut in"Why did you run out of the room is my first question and why EVER are you crying Eric?"said Maria.But before I could say anything,someone screamed in the distant,a real frightened scream.

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Calista We all jumped and turned toward the noise, "What was that?!" Maria asked. "I have no idea...." I said "Lets go check it out". I started walking towards the noise.

Farheen Eric and Maria looked terrified."What!" she exclaimed."What do you-how can they..."her voice drowned because of a loud noise.......it was so loud,that we had to shout to hear one another(but we were too shocked to say anything).....the noise-which seemed like thousands of people were screaming together-grew louder and louder,so loud,we couldn't even hear each other even if we shouted.And suddenly the window just over my head broke...but missed me.....next all the windows started breaking,then the doors came out...and I saw something too scary and dreadful to mention........and I knew Eric and Maria had also seen it, for Eric shrieked and Maria started crying........

Aidyn thousands of roting zombies and demons where flooding the street, destorying everything in their path. with eric and maria at my side, we ran as fast as we could to get out of that town.

♥ Alexia -Team Malec ♥ he nodded, "Your right. Run." we dashed past the supernatural creatures and the screaming citizens, not looking to see the damage done to our once beautiful town. Eric tripped and a zombie Jumped on top of him, "Eric!" I yelled and threw a nearby brick at him, the zombie rolled off of him, and i was shocked to find that Eric was okay but just terribly frightened, "M-my knee." He started, and then i saw that he was struggling to get up, "I-i think it's broken." Luckily Eric was only light, being ten years old. and so i picked him up and continued to run after a panicked Maria.

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Ana "I'm scared" cried Eric as I ran as fast as I could with him in my arms. "Don't worry Eric, we're going to be okay." I saw Maria making a sharp turn towards the train station and followed her. "Do you think the trains are still working?" she asked breathlessly, before I could answer a train pulled up the platform. "I guess they are" I answered "just get inside when the doors open, we really need to get out of this zombie town".

Madison Sheyenne then the doors opened and we stepped inside, all we saw were zombies. more and more zombies

Farheen we looked terrified..."OH how many of them!" whispered Maria in my ear.Then as quick as lightning,Eric dashed from my lap and out of the train, and that was when a zoombie attacked him.......

Micaela Eric stopped to fight the zombie but after taking one look at it, it reminded him of his friend who had died in a recent car crash...

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Ana I went out after Eric and pulled him away from the crowd of zombies. "Eric! stay with me you idiot!" I shout at him as we jump back in the train. The doors close and the train moves.

Farheen But before the train had moved barely one inch,it stopped.Maria looked out of the train window and screamed.Eric,once again trying to escape,fell down......."What happened?" I asked Maria."The windows,they are turning black.I can't see a thing."
"quick! Towards the door."I shouted.But the door was bolted-from outside-and the windows too."whats happened to it?"asked Maria(shouted,rather)"We are trapped........."

Madison Sheyenne No we can't be trapped Maria said. then a voice behind her said yes you can be...... then all of them turned around and they saw kelly...

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Ana My demon mother sprang at me snarling in an animalistic way and I pushed myself up yelling for Eric to run but Eric was one step ahead of me, he'd somehow wrenched the train doors slightly open. Suddenly, I knew what I had to do. I pushed Kelly backwards with all my strength and she fell back into the the small gap Eric had made, I pushed her further through it. The last we saw of our demon mother was her dead eyes being clawed at by the hungry Zombies outside. "Help me shut it quick" Eric shouts and we slide the doors together.

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Farheen And suddenly there was a bang on that door........."Open!!" someone shouted."Open please or they'll eat me up!!"said that person."Whose there?" I asked."Its me ,Maria!"I was startled,Eric too."No!That can't be! Maria's dead!"I shouted back.And at the very moment,the train started moving........

♥ Alexia -Team Malec ♥ (Why is the train moving and stopping in, like a minute? this story makes little sense...)

Eric reached for the door anyway and I slapped his hand away, "No!" I yelled at him, "I told you-She's dead. She's probably a zombie or something." Eric hugged my waist and started sobbing, "It's okay-It'll be okay, I'll protect you, Nothing will happen..." I crooned and after sitting on one of the seats. He fell asleep on my lap.

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Karlee "What's wrong?" I asked. The little girl had messy brown hair and wore a dirty green jumper. "I can't find my cousin. Do you know where she is?" she asked. "What's your name? And what's hers?" I asked.
"I'm Lisa. Her name is Jasmine."

Madison Sheyenne "Lisa when did you last see Jasmine" I asked."this morning when we played hide and seek" Lisa said.

♥ Alexia -Team Malec ♥ (By the way, how did she get on the train?)

I wouldn't be surprised if her cousin was dead already, so i said. "We'll find her." I promised.
Suddenly she gasped. "Eric?" she said.
I frowned, "Yes, how do you know him?" she smiled, she obviously didn't notice my concern,
"He's in my class." i smiled,
"Oh, yeah. Eric has talked about you." I said.
she smiled, "I know i can trust you now."
Good. We need all the allies we can get.

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"How do we know to trust her?" Asks a voice from over my shoulder. I look up, and a REALLY old man with a long draping beard was looking over my shoulder.

"I think SHE'S the zombie!" The man said, pointing a boney finger at the girl.

"But Eric KNOWS her!" Maria replies roughly.

"N-" Eric begins.

"Yeah! Why should we listen to you? YOUR A ZOMBIE!" I accuse, pointing my finger at him.

"Bu-" Eric tries, but is cut off again.

"You tell him, Eric! Tell his that you know h-" Maria shouts.


"Oh..." I whisper turning to the girl. She grins evilly, showing off pointy, blood stained teeth, and says...

♥ Alexia -Team Malec ♥ (if you read the posts above. we speciffically asked for the girl NOT To be evil. and where did the old guy come from? and MARIA IS DEAD!)

"Too late."
I wake panting. i must've fell asleep on the train. Eric and Lisa were fat asleep. Eric's head was still resting on my lap and i stroked his face to comfort me.

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Ana And the creepy old man was nowhere to be seen. I looked around the train for any objects we could use to defend ourselves in case any zombies approached us when we left the train.
I knew that a hit to the head would knock them down and that they were slow but when they grabbed you there was really no hope since a bite was all that was needed to kill you.

Madison Sheyenne An hour the train stopped and the doors opened and lisa jumped up and i said "Wait there might be zombies" so i got up and looked and there were no zombies.I let out a sigh of releif and said "lets go"

♥ Alexia -Team Malec ♥ (anyway...back to the story)

I woke up Eric and we carefully walked out of the train we were temporarily staying in, and, with me at the front- ventured outside.
"We should be safe." Said Lisa, "They can't come out durin' the day,"
"That's Vampires." I corrected her.
Eric was yawning behind us and Lisa was making sure he was catching up. He did know her, which made everything a lot easier.
"What if there are Vampires, too?" Eric asked,
I shrugged, "Well, it can't be worse than what we have already encountered."

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Alexia -Team Malec :) wrote: "(if you read the posts above. we speciffically asked for the girl NOT To be evil. and where did the old guy come from? and MARIA IS DEAD!)

"Too late."
I wake panting. i must've fell asleep on the..."

((oh. *^^* sorry! I was reading it all, and after ages of getting nowhere I just started skipping through... soz))

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"You jinxed it." Eric muttered.

♥ Alexia -Team Malec ♥ I realized what he meant. standing in front of us was a creature of the night. I gasped, and it smiled. two glistening fangs shone in it's mouth.

Madison Sheyenne Then Lisa said "it must be a costume,cause they can't come out in the daylight" "i said "you tell him that"
as soon as i finished saying that the vampire spoke he said....

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Ana in voice as smooth as silk "Do not fear humans...my kind shall not harm you. In the fight against the recent zombie infestation we are temporarily united"

The hungry look in his red eyes made me doubt what he was saying so I pushed Eric and Lisa behind me defensively, while my eyes searched around looking for anything sharp that I could use to defend us with if the vampire tried anything.

♥ Alexia -Team Malec ♥ The kids were still holding my hands and i stopped as soon as i felt Lisa slip.
She stumbled, trying to get up, and i knew that he had sprained her ankle. as quickly as i could manage, i picked her up and continued to run, with Eric still holding my left hand.

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Madison Sheyenne (wait i thought that eric was hurt?? any who back to the story).... Then out of no where the vampire was in front of us. then i turned around to run the other way and he was there too. then i thought to myself Is there two of them.

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♥ Alexia -Team Malec ♥ "Like i said before, we want to help you."
I step back a few steps and stop as my back bumps into a tree.
"Prove it." I say, teeth clenched.
"Come with me and I'll prove it. I'll swear in blood if i have to-Just come."
She pondered this for a second...

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Ana As much as she hated to admit it, they didn't really have any other options but to go to where the vampire wanted to take them. They could still hear the distant groans and shuffling footsteps of the zombies coming towards them.

"Okay" she said slowly "but i swear if you try anything. I won't hesitate in staking you" she said as she picked up a rather sharp looking branch of the floor.

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